Welcome to She’s Grace, a community of women waking up, freeing their anxiety & expanding their potential.


This community is for awakening women under 35 who struggle with making the necessary change toward their true potential, and who would like to freely and confidently flow with their intuitive guidance.

What separates my service from other healers and coaches is I teach and support women to uncover and identify their unique intuitive communication system, from deep within their own body, so they can trust in their divinely guided messages, and create from the most direct channel of their soul.

Because of this, my clients receive freedom from crippling anxiety, confusion and ‘comparisinitis’ and ultimately become much more connected to who they really are and what they’re here to do.

Best of all, they begin accessing a newfound level of expansive potential, that allows them to create the kind of life they truly want and to make the change to make it happen.

Their internal healing turns into actionable inspired outcomes & an expression of their true self.

When you live your desired life, and your heart is open, you change the lives of others and you move in flow with life. When you come together with other women with open hearts like yours, who genuinely desire to support you into a more inspired state of being - your world flips on its axis (in a good way!). You feel whole, like you were just given permission to be yourself.

This is the kind of life the She’s Grace community is creating, a life that is fulfilling, exciting and life transforming.

Imagine living from your highest possible perspective, that is positive, self honouring and rich with possibility. This is absolutely available for you, you just need some guidance to lovingly release whatever is holding you back from seeing and knowing this within yourself.

The community of She’s Grace can support you in this, the energy available in this space has been cultivated through inner experience, time and deep devotion, to only house love in it’s highest form. You can gently unravel, untangle and let go of your limitations and evolve into your souls essence, right here, with us.

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She’s Grace is simply about experiencing yourself,

at the deepest core level, and then upon meeting that innately powerful you, learning how to liberate her into her personal integrity, trusted inner guidance and truest form of expression - in a real, earthly way.

The vision of She’s Grace is to witness the unfolding of the real you, in all of her light and dark shades, and to support her ultimate transformation so you can dissolve your deepest fears and step into your epic lightness as quickly as possible.



“Gorgeous woman - full of wisdom, warmth, light and grace that’s here to help women rise. I adore Amy and highly recommend her.”

Penny Walsh - Naturopath, Astrologer & Psychic Channel