The name She’s Grace came to me about a year ago after I left my Corporate job and decided to pursue more soul-led contribution. I was on a personal retreat by the beach on the South Coast of Sydney, and with a clear mind and body I began to sketch out what I had been visioning in my imagination and dreams. 

I was seeing a life for us that looked very different to how we live today. I was seeing women as strong pillars of warrior like power, full of fierce love and radiating from the inside out. I could see these woman were a tribe, a community and I could see they had a clear mission to make some big shifts and ripples of change in the world. 


There was something interesting about what I began to draw, two distinct sides to the picture were taking shape… 

On one side, the women were firmly planted on the earth as a ‘tribe’ almost hand to hand; on the other side the women were connecting upwards toward the sky, drawing, what I interpreted as, energy and guidance from the light of the universe. When I looked at what I had drawn, it felt like Grace - the grace of communing with a source larger than our individual selves. I knew this feeling, because it had been my experience. These women were part of a movement, they were doing something with this guidance - they were opening to it and acknowledging it within them, and then acting on it. They were ready for something big and to accept that there would be work to do on the inside to get free, to open their hearts wide and to radiate their transformed self into the world.

I took my focus back to the original side I had drawn, and the word 'SHE' popped into my awareness. To me 'SHE' feels strong and courageous, and when you seperate the ’S’ out, you get ‘HE’. From there I noticed the masculine element of the word SHE, which represented the feminine to me - and there were both sides here, the yin and the yang, the masculine and feminine.

I immediately felt the words GROUND, LOVE and CLAIM come into my space. I was paying attention now...

I realised the two sides I had sketched represented the statement SHES GRACE, which I intuited as having the core elements of GROUND, LOVE, CLAIM, and, OPEN, RECEIVE, RADIATE - it felt like a message of a future movement to come from a collective tribe.

Since I was working on the development of my own work and business, I knew from this moment that this was the name, the logo, in its infancy. It felt uncomfortable because I didn’t know how it would yet evolve and come together. It simply felt right, and I was trusting that the evolution would take place from there. I knew I wouldn’t come to know each step in my business creation, like I would have in my past professional marketing career, it was going to come very differently, and it has...

I’m re-writing my website in September 2017 (in fact on the 17/17 at 5:51am, ummm!) and it's only now looking back at this experience I can see my work in the world more clearly. I can see the greater constellation of what I’ve been sitting with and creating space for. This is how the universe has been working for me since I declared this vision. I've been experiencing what I had dreamt and created when I sketched my dreams on my personal retreat. I've been experiencing what it is to embody the vision and medicine of SHE’S GRACE. This was so necessary for me to piece together the transformation I needed to have, the trust I needed to build, the love I needed to embody and the level of openness I needed allow, to ultimately serve you authentically - from my deepest and most original perspective.

Now its time to radiate and draw in the She’s Grace tribe in a much bigger way, so that we can get to creating this NEW WAY, that feels utterly liberating and full of excitement and passion. 


She’s Grace is a collective vision, of a new way to live and be, that is anchored in Inner Freedom.

Inner Freedom to clear decades of painful experiences and stories

Inner Freedom to speak truthfully from a clear perspective

Inner Freedom to make necessary change toward your joy and most importantly - toward your unique purpose

So like me and so many others, you can break through to new possibility, pivot with your intuitive guidance and access more light and grace than you can currently imagine. 

To feel alive like never before. 

Now, the next question might be, “Ok Amy, but how do I feel this? What do I do next? How can I be involved and transform my life so I can feel more free?”

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