She's Grace is the big vision, the soul work and movement toward inner freedom


The name She’s Grace came to me about 18 months ago after I left my Corporate job and decided to pursue more soul-led contribution. I was on a personal retreat by the beach on the South Coast of Sydney, and with a clear mind and body I began to sketch out what I had been visioning in my imagination and dreams. 

I was seeing a life for us that looked very different to how we live today. I was seeing women as strong pillars of warrior like power, full of fierce love and radiating from the inside out. I could see these woman were a tribe, a community and I could see they had a clear mission to make some big shifts and ripples of change in the world. 

There was something interesting about what I began to draw, two distinct sides to the picture were taking shape… 

On one side, the women were firmly planted on the earth as a ‘tribe’ almost hand to hand; on the other side the women were connecting upwards toward the sky, drawing, what I interpreted as, energy and guidance from the light of the universe. When I looked at what I had drawn, it felt like Grace - the grace of communing with a source larger than our individual selves. I knew this feeling, because it had been my experience. These women were part of a movement, they were doing something with this guidance - they were opening to it and acknowledging it within them, and then acting on it. They were ready for something big and to accept that there would be work to do on the inside to get free, to open their hearts wide and to radiate their transformed self into the world.

I immediately felt the words GROUND, LOVE and CLAIM come into my space. I was paying attention now...

I realised the two sides I had sketched represented the statement SHES GRACE, which I intuited as having the core elements of GROUND, LOVE, CLAIM, and, OPEN, RECEIVE, RADIATE - it felt like a message of a future movement to come from a collective tribe. Not just a movement - its own living, breathing entity downloaded straight from my SOUL. 

She’s Grace is the entity, the container, a collective of energies, of a new way to live and be drenched in the earthly sweetness of real inner transformation.


This is a different kind of transformation and freedom, this is freedom that takes work, freedom that sometimes feels painful, freedom that takes you deep inside to remove the illusions that keep you from accessing your highest, most radiant potential, passion and possibility. Your REAL, EMBODIED light.

It's self mastery.

It's self honesty.

It's pure integrity.

It's real action.

It's vibrancy.

It's love.

This is how I've been living the past few years, as much as I can, and believe me its not for the faint hearted. Its for change makers, and seekers and passionate dreamers. It's not about spiritual bypassing, victimhood or comparison. It's not about being perfect, or boring, or the most godly person on the planet. Its about real, practical change toward living from a soul embodied place - that's where I've found my ecstatic joy and where I believe you can find yours too, we just have to go through some hurdles to get there, some challenges. Life is challenging anyway, why not embrace it! Its about stepping up and showing up, and acknowledging when things don't work for you anymore. It's about acting on your souls calling, purpose and truth, which sometimes (in fact, most of the time) isn't as scary or daunting as it seems. It's about playing the game of co-creation with the universe, and stepping well and truly into your self worth and self love. It's about growing up, into full blossom. Its about dancing and playing, and not taking life so seriously, too. 

Here's where you can break through to new possibility, pivot with your intuitive guidance and access more light and grace than you can currently imagine is possible for you. Here is where you can feel alive like never before. 

She's Grace, is in its infancy as a collective, yet ripe for its community. Subscribe to my writings to stay up to date with her evolution, and jump over to the Inner Freedom Journeys for how to work with me on behalf of She's Grace today. 

Join the She's Grace movement, join the new paradigm, say yes to REmembering who you really are and what you're really made of. 

Inner Freedom Journeys


The Inner Freedom Journey is a 2 or 4 Month, fortnightly experience of Energy & Soul Medicine, a system of whole-being healing that creates sustainable transformation across the 5 aspects of the being, including emotions, mind, body, spirit and energy. 

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This three step (free) audio activation, is for you, sweet soul. I'll guide you toward the knowing that your challenge and pain, is your gateway. The catalyst for a meeting and merging of soul.

Kinda like a deeeep three part meditation.

Meet Amy 


From corporate IT Marketing Exec to Yoga Teacher to pioneer of the movement to Inner Freedom. I'm paving the way in the art of Energy & Soul Medicine. 

I'm a space holder, yogini, friend, daughter, sister lover & seeker.

“Gorgeous woman - full of wisdom, warmth, light and grace that’s here to help women rise. I adore Amy and highly recommend her.”

Penny Walsh - Naturopath, Astrologer & Psychic Channel