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Hi there, I'm Amy, and I'm a deep soul with big dreams. I’ve always been this way, but life occurrences have certainly helped me to see things differently along the way. I grew up in a small town in NSW, studied marketing at Uni and spent my career in IT Business Development, leading Marketing Strategy roles. I thought that was what would get me ‘there’, make me ‘successful’, win me the awards and most importantly earn me the cash. I thought I wanted the nice things, the life that society said I wanted. I found my teenage years pretty tricky, my parents divorced and I struggled with my relationship with dad early on. We love each other unconditionally, but gosh that was hard! It shaped who I was in relationship with others, on so many levels. 

I struggled with my self worth and sense of being ‘enough’ from very early on. When I was 5, I learnt that my sister was the wild and naughty one, but so loved for it, and in my innocence, saw myself as the good girl - developing a real thing around being ‘perfect’, like that was the way that I would be loved. Only ‘if’ I was perfect. So silly, but these are the stories we create, right? I chose relationships that didn’t serve me, and ones that landed me in really traumatic experiences. Each time I experienced a little more trauma, I learnt something - and I think that’s the key. I realised recently what my dream has been all along, to be completely comfortable as my self, walking on the earth, doing my thing, making my own decisions and taking responsibility for them. I can really see how this has played out in my life, and now as a 29 year old woman - I know I am worthy, and I am enough. I am totally free to make any decision I like, and I don’t need to be concerned with what anyone thinks. Thats pretty liberating. 

So, how did I get here, to this realisation and cellular understanding of my own place in the world?

I practiced yoga and completed teacher trainings, I learnt how to breath, I explored essential oils, I invested in programs and courses and retreats that would light up my soul, I absorbed what those I inspired were doing and I took divine and actionable steps toward what I wanted - to be my self. I decided to give a f*ck about my life and what I was capable of. The best knowing is, this is an eternal journey, the learning goes on forever, so why not enjoy the whole ride!

I’ve realised that this comes with the understanding that we have to take responsibility for our lives, and claim what we desire and then, take the small steps in that direction. 

Life feels like a tapestry now, of miraculous unfolding just following the rhythm and seeing where the wind takes me. Its epic. 



My dream has certainly been to be my full self, but what I realise now is that’s the work that allows the real dream to come alive - to change the world, to impact someone so greatly they see themselves for the first time, to transform this whole life thing for another human, is what I’m meant to do. My heart sometimes feels so big, I actually find it hard to endure, the soul desire to serve other humans is deep in me, and now has been activated with the work of She’s Grace. She’s Grace is the container to allow the magic that guides us back home to ourselves, through the modalities of yoga, essential oils and now a newfound gift I'm currently practicing around Energy & Soul medicine - a new paradigm of how we remove the lingering residue of core pain that stays stored in the body and mind to limit our thinking and potential - now things are really getting fun!

Even though this might sound a bit crazy or out there, I'm really passionate about keeping it simple and relatable. What I know through my own journey is we need to get out of our head and come back to the heart (simple, but tricky!), and I know many of us resonate with this. We need to surrender a little, let go a bit more, and open up to what is truly possible for ourselves, a huge part of this is learning how to relax - I think we forgot how!


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Essential Oils

The gift of Doterra Essential Oils acts as a vehicle for sharing the message of She’s Grace, and therefore my passion. When you come to an event to learn about the endless ways the oils can serve you, you really are invited into an opening within your heart that anchors you into truth, and grace. Its a potent, powerful experience and way of learning, and I love spending my time doing this!

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For the yoga teachers, business owners, team leaders, mums, groups of friends, anyone really - I’m loving creating integrated nourishment experiences with yoga, oils, breath and meditation (head massages included!). You can see some of these events on my website here. Get in touch if you would like to create something with me, or host something for your crew. Anything is possible really!

Energy & Soul Medicine

I am currently practicing the art of taking clients through an energy balance (using tools like Kinesiology), to clear core pains and reach new levels of opening and expansion. It is truly magical. If you would like to work with me, and assist me on my journey of learning and becoming, I would love to chat with you!

Book a complimentary discovery session here (Select 'Explore She's Grace Intuitive Coaching and Kinesiology) or email me at amy@shesgrace.org

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