Hi, I'm Amy!

Hi, my name is Amy Webb and I’m an expert in healing and transformation. I work with GEN Y & Z women, who struggle with feeling stuck, anxious, and not good enough; and constantly think about expressing their truth, but struggle to speak it out loud.  

What separates my services from doctors, psychologists and other healers is I teach, support and guide these women to go inside their own body to collect, untangle and release old emotion, memories and insecurities so they can free their own pain, and shift their perspective back to love. This bits crucial, I don’t tell or push them to do, think or be a certain way. I guide them to unlock their uniqueness, and love it.

Because of this, they experience themselves as incredibly powerful, capable and insightful, and quickly learn they have had this power inside of them all along, they even start thinking about how they can help others with their newfound knowledge! This brings them incredible comfort, peace and confidence to be done with their old ‘stuff’, see and act on their wildest possibilities, and speak their truth out loud! They become renewed, re-born, re-energized. It's really breathtaking to support them to this place.

A little bit of backstory..

I grew up in a small town in NSW, studied Marketing (Bachelor Commerce) at University and spent my career in IT Business Development, as a Marketing Strategist. I thought that was what would get me ‘there’, make me ‘successful’, win me the awards and most importantly earn me the cash. I thought I wanted the nice things, the life that society said I wanted. 

I found my teenage years pretty tricky, my parents divorced and I struggled with my relationship with dad early on. We love each other unconditionally, but gosh that was hard! It shaped who I was in relationship with others, on so many levels. I struggled with my self worth and sense of being ‘enough’ from early on. When I was 5, I learnt that my sister was the wild and naughty one, but so loved for it, and in my innocence, saw myself as the good girl - developing a real thing around being ‘perfect’, like that was the way that I would be loved. Only ‘if’ I was perfect. Silly of course, but these are the innocent stories we create, right?

I chose relationships that didn’t serve me, and ones that landed me in really traumatic experiences. Each time I experienced a little more trauma I learnt something big - now I know that’s the key. I realised not long ago what my dream has been all along, to be completely comfortable as my self, walking on the earth, doing my thing, making my own decisions and taking responsibility for them. I want to have fun being alive and in my body. I've always loved a party, but what I'm here for now is something deeper, more potent and pure.

I'm here for true ALIVEness. True FREEdom on the inside, that ripples out into the world, and changes things.

What I've learnt is to really feel ALIVE, we must challenge our comfortability. We've gotta dance on the edges in every area of life, if we really want to become liberated. Now I know I create whatever I CHOOSE, in every moment, for one reason or another. I choose my worth, my enough-ness, my decisions, my job, my man, my friends, my adventures AND I CHOOSE my suffering, sabotage, lessons, dark nights and pain. All of it is sacred, all of it presents a gateway of opportunity. We just need to learn how to step into our self transformation and mastery. 

The stuff to be proud of. 

Over the past five years I've changed almost every aspect of my life. I ended a long term relationship because I knew I needed to tend to loving my SELF first. I studied Yoga Teaching and now have over 500 hours of training completed with InYoga and Shiva Rea, and teach regularly as a resident teacher at One Big Heart Yoga. I left my eight year long successful career in IT and sold my converted warehouse apartment in Sydney, to become an entrepreneur in the movement to inner freedom, and most recently became a pioneer of Melissa Sandon's Energy & Soul Medicine science - that qualifies me in the field Alternative Therapies as an Intuitive Coach, whole-being Healer and Transformation expert. I moved from beautiful Bondi, back to my roots in the country coz' my soul said so, and I honour her whispers. I continue to make the change that brings me closer to my soul, and to the inner FREEdom that I advocate and believe in. Because I deeply desire to walk my talk. I deeply desire everyONE to walk their talk. 

Biggest realisation yet - I'm a Healer, I'm living from my soul AND my human, and I've mastered whole-being self transformation, and I'm gonna make some big change. 

I've learnt so much about what it is to live from soul, embody soul, be supplied and resourced from soul and to radiate from the inside out. Nothing will ever be the same, and I am beyond grateful for my Spiritual Mentors, Healers, Mystics, Coaches, Body workers, Practitioners and Yogi's that guided and supported me to this place. My oh my, does it pay to invest in your self and to stay open. 


Working with me, and She's Grace.

My dream has certainly been to be my full soul self, now I realise that’s the work that allows the real dream to come alive - to change the world, to impact someone so greatly they see themselves for the first time, to transform this whole life thing for another human. My heart sometimes feels so big, I actually find it hard to endure, the soul desire to serve other humans is deep in me, and now has been activated within the entity of She’s Grace. If you've read my vision for She’s Grace, you would know it's the container to allow the magic that guides us back 'home'. That's why I've brought together my skills and training in Energy & Soul Medicine, Yoga Teaching and years of personal development work to create the Inner Freedom Journey - a whole new paradigm of transformation and whole-being healing and the essence of how you can work with me today. 

Read what lights me up on my blog and subscribe for email updates, I would so love to share my musings with you and to connect at the heart level so you can get to know me, and this work. 

It's time. Let's do this.