Hi, I'm Amy!

I’m totally devoted to guiding women to heal and transform from the inside, out. It’s the wildest, most electric and deeply rewarding experience - and it’s important.

I work with GEN Y & Z women, who struggle with feeling stuck, anxious, and not good enough; and constantly think about expressing their truth, but struggle to speak it out loud.

I work with women who seek to liberate themselves into their true potential, stat.

What separates my services from doctors, psychologists and other healers is I teach, support and guide these women to go inside their own body to collect, untangle and release old emotion, memories and insecurities so they can free their own pain, and shift their perspective back to love. This bits crucial, I don’t tell or push them to do, think or be a certain way. I guide them to unlock their uniqueness, and love it.

Because of this, they experience themselves as incredibly powerful, capable and insightful, and quickly learn they have had this power inside of them all along, they even start thinking about how they can help others with their newfound knowledge! This brings them incredible comfort, peace and confidence to be done with their old ‘stuff’, see and act on their wildest possibilities, and speak their truth out loud! They become renewed, re-born, re-energised. It's really breathtaking to support them to this place.

I combine my integrated experience of Yoga and Meditation, with Energy & Soul Medicine Healing, to guide my clients into their own unique and deeply personal inner transformation.

This can look like:

Private Session Experiences

Workshops & Classes

Online Teachings & Guided Meditations

My qualifications & experience

Energy & Soul Medicine Certified with Soul Medicine Academy - IICT Accredited Alternative Therapy

Community Engagement & Lead Trainer of Soul Medicine - Soul Leader School, led by Melissa Sandon

500 hour trained Vinyasa Yoga Teacher - Inyoga, Sydney

Prana Flow Vinyasa Trained with Global Yoga Teacher - Shiva Rea


Amy is both a teacher and enlightener, and has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to work through and overcome previous traumas that were holding me back from unlocking my intuition through a range of yoga, meditative, and healing practices
— Mickey