Hi, I'm Amy!

Witnessing a woman free her own anxiety, and crippling confusion, to find clarity from deep within herself, is the wildest, most electric and deeply rewarding experience I’ve had.

I work with awakening women under 35 who struggle with making the necessary change toward their true potential, and who would like to freely and confidently flow with their intuitive guidance.

What separates my service from other healers and coaches is I teach and support women to uncover and identify their unique intuitive communication system, from deep within their own body, so they can trust in their divinely guided messages, and create from the most direct channel of their soul.

Because of this, my clients receive freedom from crippling anxiety, confusion and ‘comparisinitis’ and ultimately become much more connected to who they really are and what they’re here to do.

Best of all, they begin accessing a newfound level of expansive potential, that allows them to create the kind of life they truly want and to make the change to make it happen.

Their internal healing turns into actionable inspired outcomes & and freedom to express their true self.


I combine my integrated experience of Yoga and Meditation, with Energy & Soul Medicine Healing, to guide my clients into their own unique and deeply personal inner transformation.

This can look like:

Private Session Experiences

Workshops & Classes

Online Teachings & Guided Meditations

My qualifications & experience

Energy & Soul Medicine Certified with Soul Medicine Academy - IICT Accredited Alternative Therapy

Community Engagement & Lead Trainer of Soul Medicine - Soul Leader School, led by Melissa Sandon

500 hour trained Vinyasa Yoga Teacher - Inyoga, Sydney

Prana Flow Vinyasa Trained with Global Yoga Teacher - Shiva Rea


Amy is both a teacher and enlightener, and has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to work through and overcome previous traumas that were holding me back from unlocking my intuition through a range of yoga, meditative, and healing practices
— Mickey