Part Two Reflections from the Collective: An Immersion for the Soul


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Hello! My name is Alex.

Here are some more of
my reflections, on what I learned about connection and intimacy since attending the Liberation Immersion with Amy...

The retreat environment was perfectly set up to foster true connection; we were in a supportive space where every opinion was respected, every voice important, every emotion encouraged, to blossom. Whether that be crying, laughing or simply sitting in silence.

We were free to let our hearts fling wide open without fear.

Emotions that had been repressed deep within us were finally able to move through our body, and we could choose to fill up this new space with love, joy, and possibility.

In just 4 days I established some really amazing connections with a group of people who I had only just met - pure, deep soul level connections.

But this wasn't something I just slipped into as soon as I arrived...

What I found was, I couldn't create a connection of this depth if I was not first connected to myself.

This was one of the most important lessons for me to learn.

Connection has always a struggle for me.

I believed I wasn't worthy of being seen, or heard, or loved.

Instead of looking within and choosing to love myself first, I wanted validation from everyone around me. I yearned for love, I yearned for connection, but I ignored the yearning in my heart to connect to who I truly am, to my soul.

Upon arriving at the retreat, I had every intention of bringing my whole self into the experience, but the disconnection I felt within myself prevented me from opening up to the group.

I was fully committed to bringing my whole self into the experience, but subconsciously I was not.

What I found on the retreat was that we were all able to connect so deeply to one another because we had first connected with ourselves. We had each felt the deep and unwavering love of our soul, and once we were aware of this, allowed it to spill out of us and overflow into each person around us. It was this feeling in which we bathed in throughout the Immersion.

Copious amounts of love, emanating out of our bodies, filling up the space around us.
Sacred unity, presence and mutual understanding of the energetic life force that flows through each of us.

We could access a space of pure potential, free from the constraints of society, liberating us from old stories and thought patterns, allowing us to be completely present in the NOW!

Intimacy is often associated with a physical connection, and before the retreat, I believed intimacy was a state of being that could only be felt in this way or with my partner.

The retreat showed me that the most intimate moments can be felt when two parties are completely open when the facade is dropped and expectation is released.

Energetic intimacy like we experienced on the retreat was not sexual and this has shown me that pure, real, raw love does not have to be sexual either.

Some of the moments we shared on the retreat were the most intimate moments of my life. There is such a deep-rooted love for life within us all when all the veils are dropped, a deep well which we can access when we truly connect with ourselves.

- Alex

P.S The next Immersive Retreat is coming soon (in November this year!), if you would like to put your name down for the waitlist, please email me at There will be a short application process to ensure we are a good fit for each other and for the group, so stay tuned for details coming very soon (or email me directly today to express your interest).

An excerpt direct from Alex’s journal, post-retreat.

Pure, raw, beautiful presence. We stood united- in unity- supported by the strong, wise roots of the trees around us. Mother Earth held us in her arms and as we embraced, so did the aspects of light, dark, spirit, earth, masculine, feminine, past and future. It was ethereal.

Standing completely open, naked, raw and vulnerable.

I have never felt so completely held. We were one. We were whole.

All of our physicality melted away to reveal the true essence of our souls, stark naked, open without fear. Pure light energy, Pure potential.

Everything and nothing simultaneously.

We transcended space and time, completely and utterly immersed in a single moment.

It was the epitome of soul embodiment, of knowingness, of being.

Everything made sense.

There was nothing to do except be.

Simply be.

Simply exist.


I have never felt such liberation, such joy, such real, raw wholeness. It was magic.

We are all one.

What a feeling to truly be seen. What a feeling to make love through energetic connection - there is nothing that can compare to sharing your soul's true unconditional love for yourself, with a group of people.

To see someone flourish and their petals unfurl to reveal the divine, ethereal majesty that is in each of us - to recognise or remember that we are each an aspect of a larger whole. We are essentially the same.

I am honoured and truly grateful.

Part 1: She's Grace Stories and Reflections from the Collective- An Immersion for the Soul


She's Grace is emerging as a collective. The one that I envisioned almost three years ago during a personal retreat on the south coast. What is forming from spending intimate moments with, what was initially a small client base, is turning into a collective and collaboration of like-minded souls that have a pure intention and rich capacity, to bring change to this world.

There's such a clear pattern in the She's Grace collective, of pure-hearted, open-minded souls that become more and more connected to the magic of who they are, and the value that they bring.

Potential actualised, contribution activated.

It's always been there, within their depths, just like it was for me, but now after journeying together for some time, it is on fire.

Now, its becoming clearer - the collective need to share their learnings so the word spreads and the feeling transmits because it's not about me at all, it's about the big, vast, grand vision of connection and unity across the planet.

So over the next few weeks, you'll be hearing experiential learnings and collections of journal entries, self-reflective stories, and insights into the ever-evolving minds and hearts of those within the Shes Grace Collective.

Because they are you, and you are them.

I want you to feel what is possible.

The words from the collective are so potent, and their fresh insights are medicine for everyone right now. After much struggling, commitment and dedication, there is a true blossoming of potential emerging - this is what it's all about when we heal and transform from our preconceived ideas about who we are and our worth. We can truly change. It's happening all the time.

Enjoy part one, from Alex, after her experience at the four-day Liberation Immersion and year-long dedication to her soul, with me as her guide - a true sinking into the soul that created an activation of her impeccable insight into the true nature of an embodied soul anchored in a human body.

Part One: She's Grace Stories and Reflections from the Collective - An Immersion for the Soul


Hello! My name is Alex.

I am 21 years old, I live in Camden and I have been working with Amy for about a year now. I was a part of the She's Grace Liberation Immersion.

Having Amy guide me back to my soul has been nothing short of amazing. I have been in some pretty dark places and I am finally seeing the light.

The change I have seen in myself has ignited a passion to share my experiences so that others can have an insight into what is possible when you truly commit to your soul journey.

Before the Liberation Immersion Retreat, I felt as though I had never been fully present in my body. As though I was not welcome on this Earth.

I was struggling to understand what the purpose of life was.

I was constantly questioning my very existence.

I was miserable and lonely.

I had such a strong desire to figure out where my life was heading, what I could do to help others and promote change. But there was so much I wanted to learn and do for the world that I felt overwhelmed and instead of picking somewhere to start, I did nothing at all.

My lack of inspiration and inability to piece together my future drove me into deep states of melancholy for not only my existence but for the fate of the planet.
I saw around me so many people who seemed to be immune to what was happening around them, and while I was in the thick of it, they were completely numb.

I felt so alone.
I felt separated from the rest of the world.
I had such a desire to help, to heal, but felt as though I did not possess the tools to make an impact - why would anyone listen to me?

I was plagued by feelings of unworthiness that affected every aspect of my life; my relationships (with family, friends and even myself), my sense of purpose and my love for life.
This unworthiness appeared in the forms of depression and social anxiety and it was so crippling that I felt as though I couldn’t walk around properly for fear of constantly being judged by the people around me.

At the retreat, I finally landed in my body. I felt my soul in my body for the first time.
All these feelings of unworthiness, that I had been overwhelmed with my entire life, were lifted. For the first time, I felt comfort and peace and home.

I felt at home for the first time in my body.

The clarity I received once all the negative and crippling thoughts were gone was unbelievable. My mind had been so noisy and now it was so quiet.
I can now see the endless possibilities for my future.
I truly feel as though my life now has meaning.

Thinking about that moment of release still brings tears to my eyes.
I was so so lost and I thought for a while that even though I did feel more connected to myself through working with Amy, that perhaps that was all there was.
Just moving through life. Constantly worried and stressed about why I was here.

Well, now I feel peace.

Now I trust in the flow of life.

I now know I am here for a reason.

I am filled with love and I have so much love for this body - this vessel - that has persevered through all the pain and feelings of hopelessness.
All the pain has been worth it to finally feel safe and at peace in myself.

It led me into such a sacred experience, it allowed me to embody my soul and have its beauty and eternal love engulf my entire being.

It allowed me to experience pure energy pulsating through my body - so much so that I was not merely human, but something so much more.

Transcending this earthly state to something I can only describe as the embodiment of the light of the heavens.

Pure, raw, real.

Something that most people will never experience in their lifetime, I got to experience at 20 years old.

I am so humbled and eternally grateful to have been a part of the retreat, to be able to share this experience so that others may find home within their own skin.

There is nothing more beautiful than coming home to yourself.

I hope that sharing my story will allow others to feel as though change is truly possible - what you think is the ending is only the beginning.

We are all destined for love and happiness.

The way there is not always easy, but it is so so worth it.

- Alex

P.S My offerings are changing, as I make my move to the Sunshine Coast, and my schedule is now full for 1:1 Energy and Soul Medicine journeys in August. However, if you would like to connect in and have a get-acquainted call at no cost, we can get to know each other, and put you on a waitlist when I begin online/in-person journeys later in the year.

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Are you accessing your true possibilities?

Today's blog is about accessing possibility.

One of the core drivers for me hosting the first client Liberation Immersion in Noosa was to tend to one of the core challenges I see many clients facing, that is the epic challenge of accessing the multiple possibilities, ideas and options they have in front of them.

There typically is a sticky 'fogginess' or lack of clarity that prevents people from us all, at times, from seeing what is truly available to us.

I've noticed a trend over the past couple of years working with clients privately, at first there is a desire to connect more to themselves and their soul.

With consistent session visits, the client begins to meet their essential soul-self and the curiosities begin flowing in...

Do I want to change my career path?

Are my values changing?

Is my current relationship serving me?

Is it time to move to a new city?

Is it time to invest in learning a new course?

These questions almost always arise, in some way, because as we get closer to ourselves, we actually listen to our truth.

Once you start listening to that truth, the next step is to acknowledge and prioritise it. This can take weeks, months or even years.

It took me over a year to answer my souls calling to leave my corporate job and move back home with my mum. I resisted, and that's totally ok, it's part of the process, however, part of the reason we cannot see, feel and know our possibilities is because we live in a time of immense stimulation, overwhelm and pressure, especially if you're in a big city or work in an intense environment.

What I found on our Liberation Immersion, was a flinging open of possibility, because we practiced over a four day period, what it is to unwind and unravel from the stress that's based on survival - at a core cellular level.


When all we're thinking about is how to get through the stressful day, we cannot flick the switch to seeing the endless possibilities in front of us.

Once you give yourself consistent space, time, and replenishment (at a soul level), you begin to rewire your brain to possibility and higher thinking. This is the front part of the brain known as the 'prefrontal cortex' (close to your forehead).

When we're stressed, lacking soul connection and feeling disconnected, we are literally living in the past and drawing possibilities from the limited constructs of what we know, rather than from the endless options in the space we don't yet know (i.e. the mysterious, uncertain spaces).

Possibilities are accessed from our higher energetic and brain states, and immersing yourself in soul healing work is highly transformational in making this possible.

This doesn't mean you need to take yourself away from life for four days (although I recommend!), but I would like to plant the seed for you to think about ways you can prioritise your soul's nourishment, so you can begin to untangle from everyday survival stress that prevents your true liberation.

How can you change things up?

How can you spend more time in nature?

How can you spend more time playing with your dog, basking in the sun or writing in your journal?

How can you invest in your own energetic and soul upgrades?

How can you put yourself first by tending to what holds you back in accessing more possibility for yourself?

These things might seem like nice to have's, but I would argue that this is THE most important thing if you want to become free - soul comes first.

Find what works for you, to prioritise your soul nourishment, so you can begin to access your possibilities as soon as possible.

You deserve it, and it is possible.

P.S I'm moving to the Sunshine Coast in September, so please get in quick to arrange your get acquainted call here if you have been curious about exploring Energy and Soul Medicine sessions as a way to deeply nourish your soul. Believe me, you will not regret it.

The Liberation Immersion that changed everything

Today's blog is about the Liberation Immersion Retreat I facilitated at Noosa last weekend, with 6 incredible souls, clients and now - family.

My oh my, how to find the words to truly articulate the beauty, depth, and sacredness of this experience.

It'll be a challenge!

I would like to express some of this experience to my community, to inspire and uplift you this Saturday.

I've been inspired by the idea of Liberation for a long time, and even more in this last 6 months after learning some advanced energetic techniques from my Energy and Soul Medicine Mentor - Melissa Sandon.

Liberation is something that can take place across every level of who you are, and we can also take on the role of the 'liberator', meaning, this can be an experience you feel, and also one you become.

To become the liberator is to tell the absolute truth, firstly to yourself and then to others. This is something I found so admirable in my clients who attended the retreat, everyone committed to utilising this incredible opportunity over four days, to be honest, and share honestly.

From this place, there were moments that were confronting, many moments of silent contemplation at the dinner table and moments of unhindered laughter because things all of a sudden became crystal clear.

There were endless opportunities to share what was on our hearts, as a group, in private sessions and in partnership with another person. This was a mixed gender retreat and it was one of my greatest blessings yet to see men become deeply empowered, by learning to be both strong and vulnerable and to be in support of the women they had just met as if they were in support of every woman on this planet.

We, women, held a container for the men to get to see who they truly are, to see what we see in them and to feel our tender hearts wide open in trust of them. It was revolutionary and continues to unravel me.


Creation was also a key theme and energetic activation. That is, how to become your own creator or creatress in a world that makes you believe you simply cannot.

There were so many layers and veils dissolving minute by minute. Truth-telling was piercing through any illusion that arose, almost instantly.

The truth that we were learning as a living, breathing, expanding organism, was


I am the universe creating itself, as the universe has always done. When you connect with the actual vibration of these words, and you realise you are truly made of the same atoms as this universe we are participating in, everything changes.

By the end of the retreat, there was a knowingness that you could feel in the air. The breath was a breath of choice to BRING IT ALL. For us, this meant, to bring all of what life wants to deliver, all of what the soul wants to deliver, all of what the universe wants to deliver.

The breath out was a sharing of this knowingness back with life. It was a commitment to this life and a choice to participate in all it brings, with the heart and mind wide, wide open.

True surrender AND true strength.

Deeply committed to staying in truth, no matter what.

This is the first of many sharings of this experience, in the hope that it touches you deep in your heart and you get to feel the ripples and faith that change is truly possible for us all.

Here’s a casual conversation with Alex, who shared this experience with me.

P.S I'm moving to the Sunshine Coast in September, so please get in quick to arrange your get acquainted call here if you have been curious about exploring Energy and Soul Medicine sessions, so I can get to know you, and you, me.

Keep going.

For many of my clients, and for myself, life is feeling really intense.

I personally believe we are in the thick of the storm, and if your anxiety and insecurity is intensified at this time, if you don’t know what you feel or think, what step to take next or how to help yourself to be ok with change, I want to offer some encouragement, and also some hard truth.

Life can be hard.

Things aren’t always going to go to plan.

People are going to upset you.

You are going to feel out of control. Maybe even crazy at times and like your going backwards.

Your beliefs, desires and truths will change again and again.

You might not like that.

And yet, you must keep going.

By keep going I mean stand at the centre of yourself and feel the bigness of who you truly are.

Feel the stamina of your heart - it’s strength.

Here’s a short video on the topic!


Why might you be delivered tests and challenges at this time?

In my experience, I have been consistently experiencing a number of challenges, that follows with insight and clarity. It is cyclical, and part of my continual evolution.

Sometimes I feel so fatigued in that challenge that I struggle to get up and show up in my life.

Then I remember that perhaps this challenge has been brought to my attention to support me to step further into myself so I can know myself more. 

The cycles have gotten tighter and clearer, and now it is crystal clear that this is true.

I have surrendered to this, and that feels deeply peaceful.

Even if tired, sad, and uncertain, I will find an energy within myself to propel myself forward. I simply must do that because I value this life way too much to not live it, and it’s just not an option to give up. The only choice is to BELIEVE in possibility.

The best solution to this problem so far - help someone else.

When I feel really stuck in my own personal healing and wounding, I focus even more on supporting my clients, my friends and anyone around me to a space of love.

This opens my heart and reminds me of the bigger picture.

How can you help someone today?

How can you breathe, step forward, and offer your vulnerable open, challenged heart to someone else? How can you make them the most important thing, as a way to make yourself the most important thing?

Every time I step into a space to support a client, I am ALWAYS transformed in the experience. You don’t need to be in the healing space to help someone, everyone has the capacity to help.

Give it a try, see how it feels, and let me know if this inspired you!

P.S If you are based in Sydney/Camden, I recently shared Im off to the Sunshine Coast in September! If you have been feeling like exploring this work, I encourage you to reach out and book in some time to chat as soon as you can! I would love to support you before I leave the area!

Growth, Moving to Noosa and Love

I find growth fascinating, it happens in so many ways. It bends us and changes us and presents us with opportunities that first feel like deep pain and unfairness. Yet every single time I feel the unfairness, or injustice, or perceivably cruelness of life, I am shown the crystal clarity of its wonder and ability to shift me into a new state of knowing myself and the world.

Every. damn. time.

I know for myself, I’m constantly growing and learning new things. Ever expanding.

Even when I don’t want to.

Even when it feels really nice exactly where I am.

Something shifts, I want more. Well, my soul wants more.

She wants more truth, more becoming, more passion, more intimacy, more aliveness.

My current relationship has been a beautiful example of this.

Closeness with someone you truly love can feel like it almost breaks you, in order to GET YOU to your core, to get you focused on what truly makes you happy, to understand what is absolutely your own responsibility, and to shake you awake to honesty on every level.

She also wants simple.

Love feels simple.

Simple allows for easeful change and effective decision making.

Simple allows for self responsibility and forgiveness.

Simple allows for presence to what is right in front of you.

Simple drinks in gratitude.

Here’s a 5 minute chat from me, that delves into where I’m at a little more (apologies, the end got cut off!)..


So, with all of that, I hope you feel that I’ve been on a journey, one that now feels quite simple.

The next phase on this epic life journey is to move to the Hinterland in Noosa, with my partner, to explore a life deep in nature, and in simplicity.

We want to live light on the earth.

We want to create cool things.

We want to let our love grow.

We want to dissolve meaningless distraction.

I cannot wait.

I have huge soul-led desires, dreams and realities to bring into form AND I’m also ready to move even more slowly and simplistically than ever before.

I wonder what I can create for myself, my clients and this world, from that place?

I recently let my clients know that I’m moving, and shared how incredibly grateful I am for the intimate connection I’ve made in my home town in Camden.  I want to say this AGAIN, because it is the truth - I am BEYOND grateful for every single personal connection, transformation and continuous outpouring of love I receive from the community that has supported my early growth in building a business post Corporate life.

You will never truly know how impactful you have been in my life.

Now, back to the move!

We’re moving to the Sunshine Coast of QLD in September this year, and I have some awesome ideas as to what I would like to create, here’s some off the cuff inspirations:

  • Members area on website for my community to utilise a meditation library, energy activation exercises, and updates/talks from me

  • Weekly Soul Client Cast via ZOOM - questions answered, community spaces to feel connected as you change, to openly share biggest challenges, learnings and life transitions

  • Group online healings via ZOOM and co-creative sessions - spaces to check in and explore your energy from home, with my support, in a collaborative way

  • An app for soul healing - down the track, I would love to create an app that acts as a portal for soul connection, things like how to get out of ‘stuckness’ when it arises, collaborations with other soul living humans, community chat space, event calendar

  • 12 month VIP client journeys - private 1:1 journey with online components as well as in person immersive healing experiences (in Noosa and possibly Sydney)

  • Full day client workshops - one day retreats in Noosa and Sydney

  • Immersion Weekends and Weeks - Retreats in Noosa

  • Speaking on stages around the country

  • Writing a book!

I'll be taking some time off between September and November (not sure of exact timings yet), to spend time in nature, and with each other. This will give me some space to let NEW things blossom within my soul, relationships work and life.

What that means is I would LOVE to call in anyone you may know, within the Camden/Sydney area, to take advantage of having a conversation with me about how I may be able to support you in your healing and life with Energy and Soul Medicine.

I’m still very much focused on supporting women (and now more men) to release anxiety, unlock intuition and expand into true potential. My programs have been expanding and creating almost instant life changes, we are in a gateway of opportunity! If you feel someone needs my support I would love to speak with them as soon as possible to ensure I can support them before the way I work changes, and my location changes.

I have a beautiful free offering that you can access below, and some wonderful recent blogs that you (or someone you know) may love to check out, to get a feel for what I love to share and create with others. You can also email me at

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