5 learnings to living soulFULLy - Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my biggest learning, Gentle is the new strong.

Here's part 2 and my next 4 learnings...


Less trying and striving, more being  

Even if you don’t practice yoga, you can BE it. I meet people all the time that don’t practice the ‘asana’ (the yoga moves) yet have a deep sense of presence and space around them. Yoga to me is about a way of living peacefully and connected. Anyone can do this. You don’t need to be ultra-spiritual!

The truth is, we have access to the innate flow of life force energy that is running through us, all the time. Yet if we are stressed, undernourished or stuck in undesired belief systems, have emotional heaviness or unresolved trauma - it's almost impossible to reach the source of vitality, creativity and abundance that is waiting on the other side.

Beware the resistance, make it your friend

After a couple of days of Prana Vinyasa Flow (of taking the gentle approach), I found it incredibly easy to drop into being-ness and presence. At first, it felt like resistance, oh my - was there resistance. Resistance can look like distraction, judging the value of the person or program, denying that you could learn something or attaching to your good feelings so as to block the experience of going deeper inside.

My experience is, the resistance comes, when something AMAZING is around the corner. I’ve learnt to acknowledge the resistance as a dear friend, because it leads to the outcome I’m after or better!

How can you check in with yourself, and notice if you are resisting the very thing that is going to allow you peace and freedom?

If you were not resisting anything, what would you do to just BE yoga. How can you relax into what it is to LIVE yoga?

Perhaps, if your new to it, you can start with learning some simple breath techniques, meditations or attend a yoga class?

If you are a yogi, is there an opportunity to deepen your yoga as you walk down the street, greet people in the office or in how you hug your mum?

No matter how many times I drift away of my yoga practice, Im guided back to the simplicity of the ancient, ancient wisdom of yoga. Simple being. This was the essence of the week spent with Shiva, re-membering how to BE. 


If you have a stiff body, you likely have a stiff mind

I’ve always loved music. My parents both have amazing taste and I was brought up loving it too,  I had a huge collection of singles building up in my bedroom. Every time something challenging happened, I would go to my bedroom and listen to a song that would allow me to feel what I was feeling. It’s like the artist really understood me. I think we can all relate to that.

Now I know a lot more about the energetics of music as vibrational frequency. Everything is vibration, and music and sound hold incredible frequencies to bathe us in regenerative tones that NOURISH us at the deepest level. That’s why we feel so good listening to music that reaches our heart. This is why yoga and sound go so well together. NOURISH BOMBS!

One of my favourite things about training with Shiva was her devotion to music and incredible artists. Day after day we were soothed with incredible musical beats, elemental based tones with a sprinkle of blues (holy moly, sound-gasm!). It was some of the best sound I’ve ever heard, and brought me to tears often. I was feeling so much, it opened my heart and allowed me to deeply rest inside and let go of anything that was causing tension within me.

As the week progressed, we moved more into free form movement (called ‘Sahaja’), now things really got fun! To freely move your body in a slow, present way, where your hands feel like they are moving through honey, is incredibly liberating and healing. Letting the body move however it feels has the ability to dissolve the protective walls around the heart, and gentle release stuck e-MOTION. It heals us ands its epic.

Free form movement and dance have been huge gateways for my soul to express. How can you find the outlet where you feel safe to explore free movement?

Put on your favourite track, with a slow and sexy beat, and start breathing and moving that beautiful bod of yours, down in your hips, close to the earth. Even if you feel silly! Be curious about what happens. 

NUMBER FOUR: Get on the e-MOTION Super Highway!

If you are human, you have feelings. If you can’t feel, you won’t heal.

I’m so incredibly passionate about unlocking the stigmas and blocks that prevent us from emotional liberation. This is why I’m now in the healing arts, it’s such a swift gateway toward pure freedom. Did you know feeling emotion is like a super highway to your creativity, purpose and peace? When you release emotion, in an intelligent way, you create more space in your body, more lightness across your energy field and more freedom that inspires you! Science is now proving that "energy in motion" (e-MOTION), is basically everything - the answer to our illnesses and dis-ease. There are so many keys with learning how to feel in a REAL way. This is what I support my clients with, and the results are incredible. I had gut issues for 5 years, once I resolved a bunch of emotional baggage, in learning how to heal, viola' gut is healthy and happy! 

Lunar Prana Vinyasa is an excellent example of how to gently release emotion, without the stories. Its effortless, when we move in a slow and meditative way. It’s where our brain and heart begin to entrain with the same rhythm, and the lock down of the normal limitations of the brain (i.e. ego) seem to gentle float away . Because my body was prepared for rest and super relaxation, it became so easy to move through the stuck-ness. Everyone in the room had break-throughs, and insights, and left flooded with ideas and purpose. It was profound!

Just like a stiff neck, once the tension dissolves, the pain does too. You feel free again, you feel in overflow of peace.

This is where, with the right support and guidance, you can go such a long way.

Find the healers and teachers that you feel you can learn the art of exploring e-MOTION, and watch as you revolutionise the possibilities available to you. I've got some exciting things to announce soon, to support you, I cannot wait to share!


Now you’re relaxed, listen to YOUR hearts teachings

When the body and mind is nourished, the most magical thing takes place. Everything goes quiet, peace fills your cells, and you land in the crystal blue waters of your heart. You land in a place of trust and knowing that YOU have the answers inside of you.

Flashes of inspiration flood your world, things you desire and bring into thought, become manifested almost immediately and you start creating your destiny from an overflowing cup. You start co-creating with life, the universe, love. You realise you are totally unique and in a kingdom of possibility and potential, you always were. 

This is when you lose the victim mentality, and you step into true power and potential. You step into your enough-ness and worthiness.  Here is where you can bring a little fire, a little action and 'solar' practice into your life, you can play with the cycles and seasons, because you’re more in tune with whats going on. Maybe a cycle or a nature walk or some giggles with a girlfriend. Maybe you have clarity on speaking your truth, something you are ready to resolve that no longer works in your life, laser like focus to pursue your dreams.

Then, as you feel your cup start to spill, your life force start to drip out of you, you fill up again. You practice gentleness, softness, slowness. You move, you feel the flow, you breath deep and lay on the earth. You notice what you need. You tend to the nectar of life that you know tastes so sweet, that is always there for you.

Nurture the seed and she will grow.

This is where you begin to realise your natural ALIVEness is possible, your kingdom awaits, its already within you. The magic is already within your cells waiting to dance through the world!

Let it BE.

Thanks Shiva Rea for such an epic week of inspiration. The freedom movement is in full force, Im excited!

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