5 learnings in living soulFULLy - Part 1

I’ve just returned from the most incredible six days spent with Global Yogini, Movement Alchemist and Energy Activist - Shiva Rea, in a yoga teachers immersion at my favourite studio - InYoga, Sydney.

If ever there was a role model for the new world we all are desiring to create - one that is in peace and harmony, she is it! I’m in deep reverence for witnessing and experiencing her wisdom and humanness so intimately. There were so many pearls of wisdom from Shiva, I loved the reference to us humans that have the desire to live authentically, as being ‘messy angels’. That’s what the She’s Grace vision is all about – being Human AF (as Peta Kelly would say) AND being deeply Spirited and at peace with that. That’s why finding inspirations like Shiva, blow my mind and give me such faith of what’s possible for us at this time.

The week with Shiva comes at a pretty big moment for me, a culmination of my personal work over the past few years. I’m in the process of creating my own body of work (yay!), and am up-levelling my ability to serve in the world as a healer and ambassador of yoga embodiment. After many weeks of confusion, challenge and healing - I’ve come to some more clarity about the journey toward living authentically as an integrated and soulFULL human, that is totally anchored in feeling inner freedom.

It's a long one - so I'll post in two parts, first up - the biggest lesson of all:


If we cant relax, we can’t access our potential

 In the world of alternative therapies and yoga, there are many teachings to sink your teeth into. The way I learn best is to experience the teachings within me and decide what works best for my unique body, mind and life, and then to teach from that place to those that resonate.

My style of yoga has been evolving into a synthesis of slower, more replenishing and balancing practices that integrate with how I approach whole-being healing with Energy and Soul Medicine Kinesiology. This past week solidified my devotion to the gentle way even more after experiencing Shiva Rea's style of Lunar Prana Vinyasa Yoga - Lunar Flow for healing and regeneration. Ah, like everything in my life - the perfect sacred training at the perfect time! 

The essence of Luna Prana Vinyasa is in the cycles and rhythms of the seasons and of the moon. How can we start to tap into the intelligence of nature’s rhythms, to connect in and get under the flowing river of life force (vital energy) that is available for us? We are all at different seasons internally and externally, the seasons are changing in our environment and the style of movement and foods and drinks we consume might change too. We might be working in different jobs, using different parts of the brain with periods of study or self inquiry; or going through a period of change, transition or crisis. YOU are your best compass for what season you are in at any given time, although what I’ve learnt is WE ALL could benefit from deeply nourishing our nervous systems more than we think we need to. 

This past year, my body was in a season of going inside and resting. I’ve been learning the healing arts in this time, and going on a personal transformation so that I can really hold a strong space for others - Im proud to say, I am seeing the ripple effect with my clients, and it's so worth doing the personal inner work to see their swift transformation.

However, I struggled with not being able to move like I used to, a lot, because I didn’t feel strong in my body. I felt fragile more than I felt strong. My muscles weren’t being used like they used to in F45 or hot yoga, and when I did use them I felt depleted. 

What I realised was, amongst other things, my nervous system had been recovering, since leaving my high pressure corporate job and lifestyle. It is still recovering. I was also hanging onto trauma from previous relationships, that needed to release too. These things have big impact, and need space to unravel.

I'm not sure we have quite realised the effects of our nervous system stress in the western world yet. I’ve got a real passion to help the younger communities to move through the layers of stress, starting with young women (more to come on that!), so that they can get access to the deeper instincts and wisdom that reside inside them. How on earth can we get to peace when you we  are so incredibly stressed and overwhelmed as a society? The pressure to be perfect is at what feels like an all time high.

If you get sick, if you feel low energy, if you are easily annoyed or angered, if you have no time for your joy, if you are anxious, over or under weight - then chances are your nervous system is compromised (and likely other systems of your body), and this is how disease is formed., its just a fact.

How can you find a way to slow down to the cycle of nature, that is enjoyable for you?

How can you get connected (and even devoted) to the earth and feel her deep beauty i.e get present?

How can you begin to listen to the whispers of your heart, rather than the demands of your head?

Some suggestions:

  • Lay your body on the earth - one of my favourite things about the week in Lunar Flow was getting my whole body on the earth, the traditional name for this is a 'prostration' and we practiced this simple but revolutionary act, often. It was incredible.

You don't need to be at yoga to do this, lay on woods, grass, sand or soil – breathe deep for at least 5 minutes, as often as you like

  • Find support in healers, life coaches and mentors, and specifically people that have lived through and transformed their lives. People with integrity, realness and compassion can support you greatly to move gently towards changing your life
  • Be touched – touch is an incredible healing tool, find opportunities to receive hugs, massages, or yoga assists (yes, you get massages at yoga!)

I came into the week of yoga feeling totally anxious with building a business and the financial stress was really burdening me. After a week of Prana Flow Vinyasa training with Shiva, I was in deep peace, like a gentle river of healing was flowing through me, my trust in life, was and still is solid. My skin felt hydrated, my head felt soft and clear, my muscles soft. We were practicing yoga for 3-5 hours a day in the slow regenerative flow, we were working our body from head to toe, yet I was in the most relaxed state, feeling the most alive yet. I felt incredible strong, on the inside.

Can you imagine how good that feels?

If you can learn to restore your nervous system, and then prioritise it, you will be strong and able to move with the cycles - in strength and ease. That's where you'll meet your soul, when your body and mind are well rejuvenated. 

Part two, with the next 4 lessons in living SOULfully, will be yours tomorrow.

If you'd like to get started you can access my free three part audio series here: http://shesgrace.org/meet-your-soul-free-audio-activation-series/ 

With love, Amy 

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