3 months to you. Essential Oils Empowered Living Workshop for Young Women.


Essential Oils Empowered Living Workshop for Young Women.

I've known since the beginning of my Doterra journey that this community I’m building is for a particular person. Its for a person just like me, someone that desperately wants to feel good in their body, to look in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are and not the masks or identities we keep telling ourselves we are.

You want to love yourself but you don’t know how to actually believe it in your cells. To actually feel that you’re worthy of the kind of love that is so solid its unbreakable. The kind of love that allows you to leave behind those past masks, never to return to them again. To propel yourself into the most vibrant and vital life, that is full of energy, vitality and creativity. To allow yourself to actually achieve the kind of brilliance and magnificence that feels like success to you. To move freely and express from the heart of who you are without any need to hold back. You simply want to be you, and 'know' you. I’ve been too afraid to actually reach out to you, who is just like me, out of fear of rejection or being too much, but today is the day I know I need to show up for you.

DoTerra has been the gateway for my heart to explode wide open, and to uncover my souls realness, and strong desire to help women just like me that have been suffering in silence. It might have shown up (or still be showing up) in some form of depression, anxiety, obsession for perfectionism, or simply a closed heart. You might have distorted body image issues, or be trapped in the wrong relationship that is causing you to suffer immensely. You might know you have more to offer but just can’t seem to stop self sabotaging. I hear you. I am just like you, and I'm ready to make change that lasts.

You are sick of struggling with your body getting sick and not running optimally. You might have a specific diagnosis or just feel like crap. You might have an unhealthy relationship with food because its that thing that you can control when all else feels like its a big fat mess. You’re over this, and you just want to feel empowered again. You know deep down that you might be creating this far from healthy state, with your thoughts and self berating talk. You might be going to yoga every day or working out at the gym, but you still keep yourself in check every day, even if ticking off everything on your to do list. You're still not feeling 'good enough', to just move through life in grace and flow, even though thats your number one goal - to feel worthy and ‘good enough’ for the world. You know that's what you want, and how you want to feel, but you just can’t seem to get there. To go there. To feel worth the small changes every day to make lasting impact in your life. I want you to know that I get you. I've experienced real trauma in my life, I’ve been emotionally abused, I’ve been stalked and have had my life and my families life threatened by the instability of someone I’ve been in relationship with, thats caused such a riff in my heart, its scary to keep it open. I’ve blamed myself for experiences like these for long enough. I know I've got a huge heart, thats ready to express and serve, and you do too. Now as a 29 year old woman, I am still uncovering more of this self hate rising to the surface to be cleared. I am just like you.

The possibilities...

What if there was a group of like minded young women that could come together, with a tool of the earth, that connects us again to a strength, and support that is more nurturing than anything we’ve experienced before? Where you can share on how you really feel and just be heard, without anything to fix or change, to just be supported. A space that restores our faith in how we can empower ourselves and how we ‘look after’ and ‘love’ ourselves. What would it mean to you to have someone in your life that feels just like you? That has perhaps held a brave face for their whole lifetime, and that is ready to just be supported by someone that gets them? Someone that isn’t your family, your best friend or your partner? Someone neutral to it all that is just happy to listen and hold the space with you? How would that feel? What would be possible?

The essential oils are that vehicle for us to come together. Literally.

I have space in my life for 20-30 women that are ready to go on a journey of connectedness and self inquiry, into who they really are. Women that are willing to support me while I go on the very same journey. These are the kind of women I want in the She’s Grace heart connected community. Women that know they have work to do to let go of the armour around their heart, but are willing to go there, because they feel safe knowing they’ve got their sisters with them.

know these beautiful goddesses are out there, waiting for the right tools and people to support them coming back home to their bodies. To meet themselves in the mirror and see the magnificence that is right there inside of them.

So here is my invitation to you, you who is still reading (because thats not an accident you have gotten to this point! No matter how scary, weird or numb you feel to it - if you’re here, there is something for you!):


Open to receive DoTerra Essential Oils as your tool:

Introduction, initiation and education into essential oils as an empowerment tool


Weekly online (private and closed) group call, facilitated by Amy

Facebook group, to hold the collective space, share stories and resources

1:1 authentic connection and conversation

To activate the change we must invest in ourselves:

Investing in a DoTerra enrolment kit, and activating your monthly order for the next three months, is what we will do to initiate the space and come together as a group. To really ensure the group includes the most powerfully supportive mix of young women, we will call in the self investment before the 31st of May. This means, we can start the process from 1st June, and the magic can unfold from June to end August. Say yes to love for yourself by welcoming in the earths oils that have the power to anchor your belief in yourself as a powerful healer of your own mind, body and spirit. Just like they continue to do for me..

This is an investment I know. Investment of energy, money, time, and showing up as yourself. However, I know this is what you’ve been waiting for - so act on it, act on your knowing, and don't delay or second guess yourself. Trust in your intuition that has been calling out to you for a while now! In the scheme of your whole life, and potential, the investment really is a tiny one. This is about activating life change, that ignites your heart and propels you forward, not just for you, but for everyone around you.

If you know someone who you think should be part of this group, perhaps your sister, daughter, best friend, cousin or work colleague, I would love to reward you for sharing this message. For anyone that connects me with a powerful young woman ready to partake on this journey, I'll gift you a bottle of beautiful Wild Orange oil (the oil of abundance). What a special thing to gift a loved one! All I ask is that you have the genuine conversation with your friend before reaching out to me, they trust and respect your guidance, so that's important. Contact me atamy@shesgrace.org and share this invitation with your beautiful, deserving friend so they can register.

I can imagine us coming together in an online circle, to learn how to intuitively nurture ourselves with oils, and other simple, and practical practices. Mostly, we will share stories, of whats really going on for us, and be held and supported by the other young women in the group. It will be a closed group, focused on education of how to use the oils, and open authentic communication, so you can be liberated from holding everything inside. We’ll have a weekly call, to share, learn and open the heart. To learn how it feels to be in your heart, and to make that your primary residence.

The women that commit before 31st of May, will be rewarded with an essential oil that I choose for them intuitively, with a personal letter that will be mailed to you. This isn’t something for everyone, but it is a powerful space to activate your potential. I can feel how important this is for you, and how desperate you have been waiting for something just like this.

The She’s Grace 3 Months to You Program, is a prerequisite to a larger program that I will run later in the year. The oils have been that precursor of the magic for me, so its time to get them in your life, and make that commitment to you. The monthly order makes this permanent, and the self nurturing will begin straight away.

For the days leading up to the 31st of May, I'll offer calls and Facebook Live videos within the Facebook Group initiated just for you. Access the Facebook group here

You can come here, and check out what its about, feel into my energy, and decide if this is the right time for you. On the call I'll share about my story, give details on how to get set up, and provide time for Q&A. This is a great opportunity for mothers, fathers or friends who would like to share the opportunity, you can come and learn more in this space.

I want you to feel into my heart, and if you can resonate with a program like this, for 3 months, with at least 1 hour commitment of your time a week, as well as commitment to integrate the oils in your life. This is special. Deep but light, and for a select group that feel this. If you jump in and find its not for you, at least you have the oils in your life, and that brings me such joy!

This is a journey back to you, welcome it in and lets make some lasting, magical, change together <3


Head over to the registration page to secure your spot, and to activate your oils initiation!

When the heart hurts, keep it open

Im feeling I'm not alone in this message, it's like its gotta be shared, so here we go!

Life is so interesting, how it shows us 'the way' in its quirkiness and sometimes f***ing frustrating experience. I’ve just come out the other side of a short but intense relationship, that I thought was forming quite nicely, wow did I learn something. Something big, huge actually. In my humanness I diluted my power to seek validation from this person, a responsibility that isn’t his at all. A beautiful friend of mine reminded me that souls enter our lives to activate or liberate us, and this human has come into my sphere of awareness to do both. To activate my awakening of consciousness to a new level, so I can see what we are going through right now. 

Seeking validation from sources outside of our self is not going to lift us higher, its going to keep us small, mediocre, uninspired. I don’t recall too many times in my life where I felt ‘needy’, but gosh - I certainly played that out in the past few weeks of this connection. Its so beautiful to look at this with fresh eyes now and see what an opportunity this is to take more of myself back, to understand myself more and still stay open. 

Something I think we forget, when we get perceivably “hurt” in an intimate relationship, is to stay open in our heart anyway, we tend to retreat back into the security chambers of the heart. The dark areas that feel grey and safe, but cold. I have made a huge commitment to myself, and to the vision and creation of She’s Grace, that I don’t do that. I don’t retreat and hide. I don’t allow the emotions that are so natural and purposeful to overcome me. Emotions like embarrassment, panic and rejection were all welcomed into my space, to embrace, hold and feel, so they can be let go and a new pattern can be formed. My work with energy medicine is weaving this beautiful unraveling and renewing, as these experiences take place in my life - through the process of kinesiology (and so much more) I am able to clear my path, my old stories and belief systems, and step into this whole new way for myself, when in the past I would probably be stuck in the emotion of it all, for days and days! Its serious brilliance and so fun, and what I’m so excited to share with others.

This was an opportunity to realise just how “enough” I am in this world. The way I am, the way I be, the message I share and the openness and radiance my heart desires to express. I'll keep moving forward, with neutrality, kindness and trust. Deep trust, that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Even when it seems like everyone around me is in a relationship and that’s where I should be, I know there is so much more for me, and I don’t need this love until its real, and even then I won't need it - it will be a blessing that adds to my life but is not essential. It feels liberating to actually believe that. 

In my life, I've felt let down by men, tossed aside even. Like I haven’t been really seen for who I am. I can look at this objectively now and realise what this is and that it has served the most magical purpose in getting me to this point right now. My dad left home when I was 14 and there was no communication for a couple of years, and didn’t ever really explain why. I love him, but I felt silence from his side, and silence hurts more than words I think. This has carried out through my life in all of my relationships, and I guess, I recreated the experience, again and again, leaving things unresolved. But now, I can see. I have opened my eyes and I see that I can choose another way. I can choose to walk away when I feel like silence is bigger than connection. I can choose to walk away with a neutral mindset, when the situation doesn’t serve me, or the other person. Without hostility, just with a deeper knowing that Im guided by my intuitive voice and no one elses. Im not going to wait for someone to tell me "its ok, you're accepted and loved and cherished and adored for who you are". I know that in myself right now, and you do too. Because we all are, we are all such beautiful, light creations, here to bring our gifts and truth into this colourful world we are contributing to.

This little story is just another piece of the puzzle, connecting the dots, guiding me back home to myself, so I can best serve the collective, so we can rise together. 

Luckily, I have my soul support system - the amazing essential oils!

Essential oils support us in so many ways, using them as emotional anchors is really my passion. 

Here’s what I’m surrounding myself with today and likely the rest of the week:

When you feel like you’ve been dumped, tossed aside, not seen or heard, or just not appreciated for the magnificent beauty that you are, there’s an oil for that ;-)


You can blend the below together (5-10 drops each in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil), use in a water diffuser or individually. Check in with yourself, and listen for the answer:

Geranium - oil of love and trust

Peace - oil of reassurance

Birch - oil of support

Bergamot - oil of self acceptance

Frankincense - oil of truth

This is really the essence of the message of She’s Grace - shits gonna happen, shit will go wrong and sometimes you will do things that are questionable, because we’re human! 

We always, always, always have a choice, in how we react, how we resolve and embrace it all. The oils are an anchor back into the truth of the situation and the truth of your purity. It is so worth exploring, please reach out if you would like to discuss how we can support each other, lift ourselves higher and look above the present experiences that we might get bogged down in. 

It literally is all good, if you have your breath, freedom and connection to your heart. But! Its a trillion times better with essential oils 😃

Remember who you really are, and feel the freedom in that. We always have a choice, take it! 

Then focus your energy on what you can give, seems to work for me. 

Want to know more about how to get your oils? Click here. 

Want to know more about energy medicine balances? Click here. 

Just wanna chat on how I can support you? please reach out here <3

My new soul biz inviting you to come home & rise.

It’s taken me a little while to step into my power, and truth. You might have read a blog here or there, or checked out my instagram. I've been cautious about what to share, how to share it, and when to share it, as I create my DoTerra and Yoga teaching business and transition away from corporate marketing life. Honestly, I value authenticity so much that I really want you to understand just how much this dream means to me, and that being of service is my life blood. Structure isn't so important anymore, its such an organic unraveling, which is really beautiful. 

I knew my soul had a great plan for me, and the birthing of my real work is now ready to unfold. What a magical and at times tedious journey it has been!

I have a vision, that feels huge, and transformational for my tribe. My tribe of women (and perhaps some men!) that feel the yearning in their heart for something deeper. You will know if this is for you, and if it isn’t that is so perfect. My vision is not going to be for everyone, and I am totally cool with that. I’ve certainly learnt the power of staying true to myself. I know I'm here to serve a specific group, that are just like me, that want more of life, that desire to dive in head first into their potential, that know there is something far greater happening in our universe right now that is tapping them on the shoulder, saying yep - I’m talking to you!

I’m now ready to share with you, darling. You, who wants to explore more change, more expansion and more grace in your world. This is for you x


She's Grace, Come Home to Rise

My business is me, but my vision and real work is in alignment with She’s Grace. I'm just the empty, open and willing vessel to get the word out and the work completed. My vision of She’s Grace is the work my soul has asked me to ‘be’ in this lifetime.

She’s Grace is the powerful force of a revolution, that brings you home to your essence so you can rise in true grace and soul flow.

She is a women of sovereignty, ready to claim her place on earth and stand in her power. When she opens to her highest self and the higher universal source, magic happens. There is a co-creation of moving through life in grace, embracing and opening to the eb and flow of healing and becoming whole. 

To live gracefully is to move through life gently, releasing limiting stories and beliefs, and physical, mental and emotional pain, to birth ourselves as pure love and joy. When we are in this place we access an inner freedom that expands our radiance to all corners of the earth. We communicate clearly, we dance in the experience of life, we love deeply and feel safe to hold powerful yet soft boundaries. We become deeply embodied in our power. She. 

When we combine the force of our integrated selves, we decide to take our place as human on the earth, to speak our authentic word and to live and be that. That deep connection allows us the safety to know, see, feel and trust in the higher universal energies that are infinite and full of endless possibility. We create from the essence of who we are, accepting our whole selves and the intuitive guidance that flows freely to our hearts. Radiance ripples out into our lives, we become the light that we want to see in the world. Grace. 

How do we open to and successfully embody this state of graceful living? She’s Grace.

I know, see, and feel in my cells, that my soul work is to share this message and movement through the modalities of alternative energy & soul medicine therapies (currently becoming a certified practitioner!), yoga, meditation, breath and my beloved essential oils. These modalities are the specific tools that I've experienced in my own personal transformation up until this point. 

These tools have enacted the courage and wisdom within me to claim my power, to open and receive my intuitive guidance and act on it, and to embody and be the light essence I want to see in the world. 

Its powerful, and its my responsibility to share it. 

I’ve realised that my journey and approach to DoTerra’s business model will be different to what I first expected, because I know these oils are here to allow this transformation to happen for a collective group, the tribe of She’s Grace. Those that connect with me, will be transformed in the process, and they will form my soul clients and soul mates. Of course, it can start with a physical issue to work through or a deficient sleep pattern to rectify, thats just a sign that healing is imminent. My education on the oils will come from my experience with them, that’s the only way I can authentically educate. I will teach you how to use the tools for personal health and wellbeing, and then I will offer you more - more opening, more truth, more alignment, more expansion. 

Are you ready to make the change courageous one? Are you ready to see, feel and experience the essence of who you really are? Are you ready to blow all ideas of what is possible for yourself? Are you ready to see the magnificence of all that you embody?

Here is what I know to be true..


When you make the choice to try an oil, you say yes to your curiosity. 


When you make the choice to invest in the Home Essentials Kit, you say yes to positive change in your life. 


When you choose to activate your monthly rewards order (LRP), you say yes to your own sacred personal transformation, and you say yes to you. 


When you choose to say yes to sharing these gifts oF mumma earth with others, you say yes to the movement of She’s Grace & DoTerra. You share because you know its going to serve someone else’s much needed transformation, and you know intuitively that is what you are here to do, irrespective of the financial gain or your own limited beliefs or fears of judgement (which we all have, darling, so forgive yourself). It merges with your purpose, or simply how you want to feel in the world. 


No matter what you choose, you will be universally supported by the vision and soul of She’s Grace. You decide what you allow into your life, with your ability to open, and receive. This takes serious courage, but if you are still reading, just know you can do this. I believe in you and I am here, ready and waiting to support you whole heartedly. I know you, you are just like me, and we are going to create MAGIC together. How epic might that just be?! Allow yourself to feel the unlimited potentiality...

There is no mistake that you are reading this, and that you feel that warmth in your heart, here is your first opportunity to notice and act on your intuitive guidance. Because you already know, trust in that. 

If you would like to have a complimentary one on one call with me, to explore this process of self transformation with DoTerra Essential Oils as the vehicle, you are so welcome to contact me here beautiful. In doing so, you are completely safe to simply explore how this feels, with absolutely no expectation. I honour you for dipping your toe in, because I know how confronting honouring your soul and self can be, believe me!

First, feel into what you really want to change in your life, and make it a full body yes. This will activate the work we do together. What I’ve learnt is - energy with intention is everything. 

If you already have your oils, but haven’t yet taken them out of the box, this is perfect. You are just a little ahead of us. Please reach out to me, I would so love to connect with you and support you on this journey gorgeous. 

3 months to you...

There will be a second part to this blog series, that will invite you into a very magical three month program, focused on you. This will coincide with the launch of my official She's Grace business. Its all coming! This is a really special initiative that is flowing from my soul and the essence of She's Grace, designed to bring you home to your essential nature, your natural state, your magnificence.

It’s so exciting, and feels full of abundance and possibility for us all!

Is it time to say YES, to you?

Come home to rise, beautiful.

Amy x

Why my heart burst wide open at DoTerra's Convention

It’s completely impossible to truly share with you the experience of being in community with the tribe of essential oil inspirers that are DoTerra. I’ve just returned from a four day experience of being with 3,000 people of the most divinely genuine intention to serve our planet and each other. For four days, I have cried tears of pure gratitude and joy, I have been inspired by every single speaker and every day human that has graced the stage to share their raw authentic human journey (and every one of them was courageous enough to bare all). I have realised that I am so accepted and loved for my weirdness and heart, I have realised that all the time I struggled to find my mentors in my professional life, they have all been here, waiting for me, patiently. 

As every executive from the US corporate team spoke to the crowd, my heart exploded. These people really care. They deeply care at their core, to make real rippling impact in the world. This is not about money, as in sales figures, but it is about receivership. The ability to receive is in direct correlation to our ability to give and serve in the world. These humans understand that, more so, they innately know it and are doing something with it. They are acting, and expanding, and our earth is drawing up her oily gifts to be carefully sourced and extracted, for us to make the choice to heal ourselves from the inside out. 

My biggest takeaway was a newfound understanding of the depth of truth behind the companies real mission to change people forever. To gently, with the oil as the vehicle, use the innate wisdom of the human heart connection to open the heart of another. The duplication of this, the crumbling of old walls and stories and the unity of the pure heart, is what is really going on here. This is Authentic Network Marketing, and it isn’t anything to be afraid of. It is a blessing in its own right, and its here for all of us if we can be courageous enough to allow its truth in. 

To me, this isn’t a business, it is THE CAUSE, it is the movement, its the whole bloody point! Its the people here, banding together, to change everything and to dance in the joy of that. My fears of when I would replace my high income I had earned in corporate, would I be able to support myself, what will people think of me, when can I buy another house, all seem utterly stupid now. Because I can make real lasting impact here, and I can do it right now and be rewarded for it, to keep that inner and outer expansion going. I can have my dream of not ‘working' a day of my life in what I thought work was, I can touch and open hearts every day, I can be of service. I can share just how deeply I care for people, and I can connect on what I really feel inside. 

The science is there, to support the understanding that pure essential oils, sourced with the highest intent of purity and care for therapeutic benefit, can impact the wellbeing of every single human on this planet, and thats the goal here - to have an oil in every single home. How unbelievably blessed am I to have found this adventure and to be part of a cause, a movement, that genuinely expands to provide inner freedom to everyone as its first and only priority. To guide us back to our heart from the dwelling of our head. 

Embracing DoTerra is embracing the community of DoTerra, the heart of DoTerra, and that can open up to you and your family the gift of life purpose and freedom. Its not even a case of whether I can do this anymore, its a case of how fast I can get the message out there, so that I ensure as many people experience this as possible. Whether its experiencing one oil or embracing and acting as part of the cause, you will be touched, you will be opened and you will be changed for good.           

If this resonates, if you want to change your life in any small way, if you want to take responsibility for opening your heart and the hearts of others around you, if you want a real adventure thats worth waking up for, if you want to experience true joy and grace, - please reach out to me, share this post, do your own research on DoTerra, connect. You will not regret it. If you repel this, thats ok, its not your time, but it may be later, and you can always come back when you’re ready. This heart led revolution isn’t going anywhere, I know that for sure. 

Check out this page for more Essential Info, darling. Enjoy x



2 0 1 6 - The Year of Transformation



To say 2016 year has been quite the journey is an understatement. This was a year of absolute unravelling, decluttering, awakening to truth, shedding of old beliefs, and learning from my mistakes. It has been a year of accepting my humanness and honouring my soul, and integrating those two worlds together. This is a journey that I feel will be ongoing and renewing me daily. It’s been firey and purpose filled, and yet sometimes paralysing. I have felt so connected and yet so alone, overwhelming gratitude and yet regret, joy and sadness, expansion and restriction. I have felt my world through the collective pains that we humans share. I have cried more tears than ever before, endured the most physical pain and sickness that I can remember and have expanded my understanding of the world more than I knew was possible.

Growth has always been important to me, from as little as I can remember I wanted to learn, excel and progress. I always knew I would go to university for that very reason. I was passionate and curious, and took responsibility for myself. I wanted to live a big dream life, not one of mediocrity. I wanted to have the nice things and fall in love. I wanted to live a big life. My oh my, its funny how things turn out.

My intention with this blog is to share with you the place I have come to in my journey. I am in between worlds, and in complete uncertainty. Today, that feels almost paralysing, yesterday it felt magical, ah the polarising experience of living from truth! I am now teaching yoga (and it feels so good!), and building my essential oils business, and I have said yes to the calling of my souls work. However, the 'work', the manifesting of freedom and abundance into a reality, is yet to reach a point of momentum. In my business life, I was moving so rapidly, sometimes I didn’t know if anything I was doing was successful, but it seemed to be working and acceptable.  My perspective was I was moving up financially, and that meant I was reaching status in the workplace, and living 'successfully', the only problem was, my definition of successful looked different now - success felt more like Inner Freedom and I wasn't going to obtain it in the corporate workplace, and felt like I had no choice but to help others to obtain this new paradigm of success. Now, two months after leaving my job, and old self identity, I find myself in unchartered territory oscillating between complete gratitude and a sense of freedom that I don’t have to look at another work email, and the fear of the uncertainty of the journey ahead of me. I feel free, yet confined, and know there is still work to do to reframe my idea of success.

Here's what I've learnt so far, about accessing 'Inner Freedom' and living and leading from truth...



Throughout these amazing, yet confusing times, I have used many healing and clearing modalities to keep me in my state of grace. I meditate every day in some way, and have found myself being quite intuitive with this, it might include some dance, yoga, stillness or visualisation practices, but there is always a practice. I journal and write A LOT. I see my amazing integrated practitioner who physically aligns my spine but also helps me to swiftly clear any emotional blockages through the practice of kinesiology and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) – this has been so transformational this year, I have literally told everyone I know to get their butt over to see Alice at Awaken Life Chiropractic! Seriously!

In 2016, I was sure change was coming, whether I liked it or not, so I decided to dive in and listen to my soul. I completed two yoga teacher trainings, where one of my main goals was to connect to a tribe that could support me in the level of vibration I knew was necessary for me to step up. Wow, were my expectations exceeded! I now have a beautiful group of friends that I would honestly do anything to support. We really learnt what it was to support each other’s growth and to truly allow ourselves to be seen as our essential nature.

I also felt called to take part in a program called Soul Leader School, a 6 month online immersion led by the amazing Melissa Sandon, with 100 other women, all ready to uncover what their soul mission, vision and soul work was and to actualise it. I firmly believe this is the program that will change my life trajectory and put it on the fast track! I also knew this was a place where I could speak honestly, be visible in my truth and be supported with love. Again, my wildest dreams couldn’t have shown me what would take place, but this program and the women in it have changed my life forever.


Last year, more than ever, I listened to my intuition. I have always felt very intuitive but haven’t always wanted to acknowledge it, or listen. In 2016, when I was physically locked down in sickness and not able to move, I heard the callings of my soul more clearly than ever. It may have taken a real slap from the universe for me to wake up, but once that happened there was no turning back. Last year, with all of the beauty that had arisen, there have been some really dark times, I have felt incredibly depressed, and even like I wanted to give up (I even visualised stepping in front of a bus one day on the way to work - sometimes I felt quite the crazy!). What I now know is there is nothing to be afraid of, being depressed is a passing state that is arising so that I can hear my soul once again, and act upon her message. Sometimes we don’t want to admit what we hear her asking of us, and this can lead us down a dark path of realisation, but a necessary one – to come full circle. I’m not afraid of the dark anymore. We’re friends, but sometimes we don’t agree, sometimes I just want to hang out with someone else.

My intuition led me to my amazing life coach that I bumped into at a yoga community event, who supported me over a three month period as I made the biggest calls of my life to date. We co-created with the universe. Something so amazing happens when you turn up for a coaching session, your soul turns up. Many times I didn’t feel like it at all, and sometimes either did my soul, but the days I did show up, my soul was right there, and the downloads from the universe would drop one after the other – this has been such an important part of my awakening, and also my power to manifest what it is I desire to have in my life. What I didn’t realise until this experience, is our coaches, mentors, teachers, are merely our guides here to co-create with us. It is just as much about me showing up and being responsible for my life, as it is about this other epic human helping to guide and support me (kind of like holding the torch as we climb through a dark cave to find lightness at the other end). There is no way out of actually showing up, being accountable, and taking your own divine action. NO WAY, believe me. This meant showing up as a messy human, with human mistakes, and actually realising that accepting ALL of me was necessary to evolve. I am constantly, even with all my learnings and a new year beginning, reminded to love and accept my human self and to not take myself too seriously.


Finally, my two loves. I can’t stress enough the deep healing and expansive impact of my yoga practice and essential oils rituals to keep me aligned to my truth. Of course, I forget sometimes just how important daily yoga is, but I always remember and return. I am in control of my health and wellbeing, and it feels so empowering to say this. In 2016 I was rocked by my sickness, but I really learnt just how responsible I needed to be, and how to deeply love myself with natural solutions that would keep me radiating. Anyone that knows me well knows I constantly smell like a massage parlour, and slowly I see them realising and resonating! It feels so good to have a rested night sleep, to be rid of colds, and to be helping my grandfather manage his emphysema. Essential oils anchor me into my desired state of being. They elevate me. They keep me on track with my focus, inspiration and passion. They literally have consoled me (there is an oil blend called console!) when I have felt really alone and depressed. THEY ARE MY SOUL SUPPORT SYSTEM, AND THEY ARE INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. Little disclaimer, when using essential oils, ensure it is of therapeutic grade and 100% plant extract. I use and build my business with DoTerra.

I knew that I would need to have really strong support around me to actually make this happen, and to feel GREAT and EXPANSIVE about it. My professional career looked very bright, and I was earning more than most people I knew. I bought an amazing apartment in Sydney and sold it within 14 months. I am so grateful for my experiences in corporate and marketing, they have shaped me but I had to get so honest with myself about what felt right, real and true for me.

What I desire in this life is to live in a state of freedom, grace and abundance, so that I can give and serve from this centred place. I desire to teach and share the wisdom of yoga and meditation as a way of life, and to build conscious business that supports me with financial freedom and a place where I can share my gifts and creativity with the world. I desire to fall in love. I desire to heal our world, and to remind us all that we are love. Everything that is in the way of this desire must fall away, no matter how much short term pain I must endure. For me to be in a place of congruency with my desires, I’ve gotta go with what feels right. Is there really any other choice?


When I asked myself this question in December, this is what I wrote...

Today, after all is said and done, I feel thrilled to be taking small steps toward my dream. I feel grateful for the people in my life that believe in me and allow me to really show up as myself, I feel full of more love, acceptance and understanding, I feel spaciousness in my mind and body. I feel lightness. However, I also know there is hard work ahead to continue to create the life I really want to live, but if I could get through all of the last years ups and downs and crazy turbulence, I know I can do this.

Truthfully, here is where I am today:

Today, I am overwhelmed, feeling messy, not good enough, and full of self-judgement. I’ve gotta be honest. I feel like I’m having some big healings, and usually when this happens I fall in a heap. That’s where I am right now. It’s important for me to write about the whole story, and how even though I have felt incredibly expansive and joyful, today I feel totally insecure and unsure of myself. The difference is, I know this will change and pass and I’m in the perfect place for this next round of transition. A year ago, I wouldn’t have known this. I have had an amazing two weeks with many new doors opening, but my old patterns of self-sabotage have shown their head again! Human Amy is out to play and this is another moment to fully accept myself without judgment and most importantly, OPEN TO RECIEVE.

I can’t wait to read this blog in 12 months’ time and see where I have progressed, who I have helped along the way, and how I have built a life of abundance for myself. It’s like creating a big colourful canvas, that is all mine to create. I can take my time, I can shoot through it like a rocket, whatever I want I can do. How beautiful and inspiring is that?

I share this story because I know there are others like me out there that want to make changes toward their desired life. You will be feeling the tug, pull or washing machine of life swirling around within you. I want you to know it is ok to change ANYTHING in your life, I encourage you to have the support around you to make the change happen, even if it looks to be a small change. Take responsibility for yourself and ask for help. This is what has really helped me to actually see through my big decisions and re-alignment. If you enjoy writing like me, go crazy, get a bunch of nice journals that you love and a good pen, and write about everything you are doing, write like you know someone will be learning from this later in life. Right like you are the observer of your life (because you are).

If you would like to connect on this more, and feel a calling to reach out to me, please do. I know that everything I have been through this past year is not just for myself, this is to help other women (and men) just like me to follow their soul and connect more deeply.


In the centre of my vision board I have an intention that reads "I dive into the ocean of my true potential", and that pretty much sums it up. My intention is to be really bold with my interactions with people, to really show up in communion with others, as my true self. That’s my number one.

Doterra Essential Oils - Network Marketing Business Leadership

I am 100% committed to growing my network marketing business with DoTerra, and with my background in marketing, I see the huge opportunity it presents to build a life that supports my souls abundance. I am currently looking for beautiful women who are inspired by my message to build the business with me, if you are interested in learning more about essential oils and how they can help you in your transition, please reach out. I am really excited to bring my mentorship skills to this space, and to lead in a beautifully conscious and nurturing way.

Yoga Teaching

My heart is so happy when I'm teaching, I am teaching regularly and really enjoying creating experiences for my students. I feel home here, and so happy I've found another part of me. I realise I have a gift in sharing intuitive vibrational medicine and am currently working on creating a program for private yoga sessions that integrate energetics of yoga, essential oils and breath work.

Soul Work - integrating & elevating

I will work on birthing my soul work into the world, and this might sound a bit out there for some, but after attending an amazing event led by Peta Kelly, and learning about the soul entity of my soul work in Soul Leader School, I will be working on launching She's Grace, a body of work that will be designed to empower, elevate and expand young women to live from a place of inner freedom so they too can serve in the world and realise their boundless potentiality. She's Grace is how I connect to Divinity, and will be the name I give to the tribe of women I work with in the future who will create the container of collective healing. She's Grace represents my vision that is helping to pave my way! My guiding light.

I will teach what I most need to learn, I feel there is such a potency in sharing as we evolve not years after, so here it is, I genuinely hope this inspires you to move toward your state of grace, freedom and abundance, and that you enjoy a perspective from someone at the beginning of a new endeavour of peace. I'm certainly excited to see what happens!


Remember where you belong

When I was 14...

Between the age of 14 and 15, I felt my world was crumbling. My parents were divorcing and my mums heartache broke my little heart, but mostly, I felt like I didn't belong at high school - that place that seemed like our whole world, right? My best friend (best, best, best!) moved overseas at 12 and I now understand we were soul sisters, and still are. She left just before I began high school, and for both of us it was catastrophic to know we would be doing BIG school without each other. It hurt, bad.

Now I didn't feel popular in primary school, but I had my bestie, so entering high school was scary and I felt so small. Not cool enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough... I remember times when my group of friends would have little fights and it would seem like there would be a flavour of the month, every day, and this is just how little girls are, but it would leave an aching in my chest to think I wouldn't be able to connect with the girls closest to me, I might not be safe. I would worry about this, a lot. I really, really wanted to be accepted and valued. Like, who would I be without my school friends?

One of the regular moments was my morning bus ride and arrival at school a whole five minutes before my group of friends! I used to dread this, the moment of being alone in the playground, feeling separate. So awkward and embarrassing right?! The truth is, I really wanted to be popular, wherever I went, and I never ever did feel "popular" (my ego would tell me, nope, you're just not good enough Amy).

The pain and shear terror of not fitting in was pretty unbearable for me. I think that's why I turned to relationships, where I could be validated and accepted, at least for a little while.

then i remembered...

Last week, and years later, with many beautiful friends and family around me, I found myself feeling that sense of being alone again, it was so familiar. So much has changed and shifted, and my spiritual journey has unraveled the boundaries from my spirit and true self at light speed and continues to every day (its an infinite journey!). I am no longer my corporate identity and have been discovering where I desire to belong in the Wellness Industry. In a recent session with my dear friend Alice, Chiro and Integrated Practitioner, I felt a huge rush of frustration and anger toward a women that I've admired for years, a public figure in wellness. This was coming from a recent interaction I had with her, where I felt really small and like she wasn't interested in speaking with me (my stuff, not hers!). I felt like I was back at school, not popular...

At first, admitting some of this stuff to another human, feels quite confronting, but now, since Alice and I have worked together for a good chunk of time, I know its all part of the process, admitting my stuff and letting it go. After clearing this belief from when I was 15, I remembered...

My worth, my sense of belonging, acceptance and validation, doesn't come from anywhere outside of myself, ever. It is right within my heart, all the time. I just need to go there x

After working through this realisation, I take a few deep long breaths, and instantly feel myself again, I feel truth. Sometimes it takes us a while to notice our patterns and actually free ourselves from them, but it is such a liberating experiencing to learn these lessons as an adult. I become more of me, every single time.

The truth is, this isn't a competition, or a race to the top. Every single human is a unique expression of spirit, and we are all required in this world. The journey of evolution for my soul is a continuous deepening inside of me, it is so sacred and completely unique to me, so how on earth could I compare it to anyone else's journey or story? I belong to me, right within my heart. Its always here for me, ready and waiting patiently. Waiting for me to blossom and share unbounded love with the world.

The scariest thing about being someone else, is not being myself, because I wouldn't exist and my chance at this crazy human experience wouldn't be possible! That's way more scary than not being accepted by the popular girl, right?

Today, this remembrance is all I need. Here, I find freedom in knowing I don't have to be like anyone else. Now, back to being me x

everything in the universe is within you

ask all from yourself.

- rumi