I'm coming out of the spiritual, soulFULL, sensual closet right NOW (new website!)

I'm coming out of the spiritual, soulFULL, sensual closet right NOW (new website!)

My heart beats so hard, and heat rushes over my skin as I realise I’ve gotta go deeper and shine brighter so people can feel me more.

I start to sweat, but I'm not running anywhere. I'm staring out of my living room, at the sky, feeling the absolute burn of fear melting the core of me. 

Fear that I won’t be able to make my dream real. Fear that I won’t be able to survive if I ditch my soul and go back to corporate. Fear that I have nowhere to go but through. Fear that I’ll not be able to feed myself. Fear that if I give up, hundreds and thousands of souls won’t get to experience specifically what I can bring them. My unique offerings. 

I heard yesterday this idea about being in the ‘spiritual closet’ - hiding your real 'spirituality'. I've come out of the ‘spiritual closet’ in many ways, but my oh my - there is more to go, and I can’t hold it in anymore (thanks Rebecca Campbell!).

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5 learnings to living soulFULLy - Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my biggest learning, Gentle is the new strong.

Here's part 2 and my next 4 learnings...


Less trying and striving, more being  

Even if you don’t practice yoga, you can BE it. I meet people all the time that don’t practice the ‘asana’ (the yoga moves) yet have a deep sense of presence and space around them. Yoga to me is about a way of living peacefully and connected. Anyone can do this. You don’t need to be ultra-spiritual!

The truth is, we have access to the innate flow of life force energy that is running through us, all the time. Yet if we are stressed, undernourished or stuck in undesired belief systems, have emotional heaviness or unresolved trauma - it's almost impossible to reach the source of vitality, creativity and abundance that is waiting on the other side.

Beware the resistance, make it your friend

After a couple of days of Prana Vinyasa Flow (of taking the gentle approach), I found it incredibly easy to drop into being-ness and presence. At first, it felt like resistance, oh my - was there resistance. Resistance can look like distraction, judging the value of the person or program, denying that you could learn something or attaching to your good feelings so as to block the experience of going deeper inside.

My experience is, the resistance comes, when something AMAZING is around the corner. I’ve learnt to acknowledge the resistance as a dear friend, because it leads to the outcome I’m after or better!

How can you check in with yourself, and notice if you are resisting the very thing that is going to allow you peace and freedom?

If you were not resisting anything, what would you do to just BE yoga. How can you relax into what it is to LIVE yoga?

Perhaps, if your new to it, you can start with learning some simple breath techniques, meditations or attend a yoga class?

If you are a yogi, is there an opportunity to deepen your yoga as you walk down the street, greet people in the office or in how you hug your mum?

No matter how many times I drift away of my yoga practice, Im guided back to the simplicity of the ancient, ancient wisdom of yoga. Simple being. This was the essence of the week spent with Shiva, re-membering how to BE. 


If you have a stiff body, you likely have a stiff mind

I’ve always loved music. My parents both have amazing taste and I was brought up loving it too,  I had a huge collection of singles building up in my bedroom. Every time something challenging happened, I would go to my bedroom and listen to a song that would allow me to feel what I was feeling. It’s like the artist really understood me. I think we can all relate to that.

Now I know a lot more about the energetics of music as vibrational frequency. Everything is vibration, and music and sound hold incredible frequencies to bathe us in regenerative tones that NOURISH us at the deepest level. That’s why we feel so good listening to music that reaches our heart. This is why yoga and sound go so well together. NOURISH BOMBS!

One of my favourite things about training with Shiva was her devotion to music and incredible artists. Day after day we were soothed with incredible musical beats, elemental based tones with a sprinkle of blues (holy moly, sound-gasm!). It was some of the best sound I’ve ever heard, and brought me to tears often. I was feeling so much, it opened my heart and allowed me to deeply rest inside and let go of anything that was causing tension within me.

As the week progressed, we moved more into free form movement (called ‘Sahaja’), now things really got fun! To freely move your body in a slow, present way, where your hands feel like they are moving through honey, is incredibly liberating and healing. Letting the body move however it feels has the ability to dissolve the protective walls around the heart, and gentle release stuck e-MOTION. It heals us ands its epic.

Free form movement and dance have been huge gateways for my soul to express. How can you find the outlet where you feel safe to explore free movement?

Put on your favourite track, with a slow and sexy beat, and start breathing and moving that beautiful bod of yours, down in your hips, close to the earth. Even if you feel silly! Be curious about what happens. 

NUMBER FOUR: Get on the e-MOTION Super Highway!

If you are human, you have feelings. If you can’t feel, you won’t heal.

I’m so incredibly passionate about unlocking the stigmas and blocks that prevent us from emotional liberation. This is why I’m now in the healing arts, it’s such a swift gateway toward pure freedom. Did you know feeling emotion is like a super highway to your creativity, purpose and peace? When you release emotion, in an intelligent way, you create more space in your body, more lightness across your energy field and more freedom that inspires you! Science is now proving that "energy in motion" (e-MOTION), is basically everything - the answer to our illnesses and dis-ease. There are so many keys with learning how to feel in a REAL way. This is what I support my clients with, and the results are incredible. I had gut issues for 5 years, once I resolved a bunch of emotional baggage, in learning how to heal, viola' gut is healthy and happy! 

Lunar Prana Vinyasa is an excellent example of how to gently release emotion, without the stories. Its effortless, when we move in a slow and meditative way. It’s where our brain and heart begin to entrain with the same rhythm, and the lock down of the normal limitations of the brain (i.e. ego) seem to gentle float away . Because my body was prepared for rest and super relaxation, it became so easy to move through the stuck-ness. Everyone in the room had break-throughs, and insights, and left flooded with ideas and purpose. It was profound!

Just like a stiff neck, once the tension dissolves, the pain does too. You feel free again, you feel in overflow of peace.

This is where, with the right support and guidance, you can go such a long way.

Find the healers and teachers that you feel you can learn the art of exploring e-MOTION, and watch as you revolutionise the possibilities available to you. I've got some exciting things to announce soon, to support you, I cannot wait to share!


Now you’re relaxed, listen to YOUR hearts teachings

When the body and mind is nourished, the most magical thing takes place. Everything goes quiet, peace fills your cells, and you land in the crystal blue waters of your heart. You land in a place of trust and knowing that YOU have the answers inside of you.

Flashes of inspiration flood your world, things you desire and bring into thought, become manifested almost immediately and you start creating your destiny from an overflowing cup. You start co-creating with life, the universe, love. You realise you are totally unique and in a kingdom of possibility and potential, you always were. 

This is when you lose the victim mentality, and you step into true power and potential. You step into your enough-ness and worthiness.  Here is where you can bring a little fire, a little action and 'solar' practice into your life, you can play with the cycles and seasons, because you’re more in tune with whats going on. Maybe a cycle or a nature walk or some giggles with a girlfriend. Maybe you have clarity on speaking your truth, something you are ready to resolve that no longer works in your life, laser like focus to pursue your dreams.

Then, as you feel your cup start to spill, your life force start to drip out of you, you fill up again. You practice gentleness, softness, slowness. You move, you feel the flow, you breath deep and lay on the earth. You notice what you need. You tend to the nectar of life that you know tastes so sweet, that is always there for you.

Nurture the seed and she will grow.

This is where you begin to realise your natural ALIVEness is possible, your kingdom awaits, its already within you. The magic is already within your cells waiting to dance through the world!

Let it BE.

Thanks Shiva Rea for such an epic week of inspiration. The freedom movement is in full force, Im excited!

Resources, in case you missed them, to get started and stay connected:


5 learnings in living soulFULLy - Part 1

I’ve just returned from the most incredible six days spent with Global Yogini, Movement Alchemist and Energy Activist - Shiva Rea, in a yoga teachers immersion at my favourite studio - InYoga, Sydney.

If ever there was a role model for the new world we all are desiring to create - one that is in peace and harmony, she is it! I’m in deep reverence for witnessing and experiencing her wisdom and humanness so intimately. There were so many pearls of wisdom from Shiva, I loved the reference to us humans that have the desire to live authentically, as being ‘messy angels’. That’s what the She’s Grace vision is all about – being Human AF (as Peta Kelly would say) AND being deeply Spirited and at peace with that. That’s why finding inspirations like Shiva, blow my mind and give me such faith of what’s possible for us at this time.

The week with Shiva comes at a pretty big moment for me, a culmination of my personal work over the past few years. I’m in the process of creating my own body of work (yay!), and am up-levelling my ability to serve in the world as a healer and ambassador of yoga embodiment. After many weeks of confusion, challenge and healing - I’ve come to some more clarity about the journey toward living authentically as an integrated and soulFULL human, that is totally anchored in feeling inner freedom.

It's a long one - so I'll post in two parts, first up - the biggest lesson of all:


If we cant relax, we can’t access our potential

 In the world of alternative therapies and yoga, there are many teachings to sink your teeth into. The way I learn best is to experience the teachings within me and decide what works best for my unique body, mind and life, and then to teach from that place to those that resonate.

My style of yoga has been evolving into a synthesis of slower, more replenishing and balancing practices that integrate with how I approach whole-being healing with Energy and Soul Medicine Kinesiology. This past week solidified my devotion to the gentle way even more after experiencing Shiva Rea's style of Lunar Prana Vinyasa Yoga - Lunar Flow for healing and regeneration. Ah, like everything in my life - the perfect sacred training at the perfect time! 

The essence of Luna Prana Vinyasa is in the cycles and rhythms of the seasons and of the moon. How can we start to tap into the intelligence of nature’s rhythms, to connect in and get under the flowing river of life force (vital energy) that is available for us? We are all at different seasons internally and externally, the seasons are changing in our environment and the style of movement and foods and drinks we consume might change too. We might be working in different jobs, using different parts of the brain with periods of study or self inquiry; or going through a period of change, transition or crisis. YOU are your best compass for what season you are in at any given time, although what I’ve learnt is WE ALL could benefit from deeply nourishing our nervous systems more than we think we need to. 

This past year, my body was in a season of going inside and resting. I’ve been learning the healing arts in this time, and going on a personal transformation so that I can really hold a strong space for others - Im proud to say, I am seeing the ripple effect with my clients, and it's so worth doing the personal inner work to see their swift transformation.

However, I struggled with not being able to move like I used to, a lot, because I didn’t feel strong in my body. I felt fragile more than I felt strong. My muscles weren’t being used like they used to in F45 or hot yoga, and when I did use them I felt depleted. 

What I realised was, amongst other things, my nervous system had been recovering, since leaving my high pressure corporate job and lifestyle. It is still recovering. I was also hanging onto trauma from previous relationships, that needed to release too. These things have big impact, and need space to unravel.

I'm not sure we have quite realised the effects of our nervous system stress in the western world yet. I’ve got a real passion to help the younger communities to move through the layers of stress, starting with young women (more to come on that!), so that they can get access to the deeper instincts and wisdom that reside inside them. How on earth can we get to peace when you we  are so incredibly stressed and overwhelmed as a society? The pressure to be perfect is at what feels like an all time high.

If you get sick, if you feel low energy, if you are easily annoyed or angered, if you have no time for your joy, if you are anxious, over or under weight - then chances are your nervous system is compromised (and likely other systems of your body), and this is how disease is formed., its just a fact.

How can you find a way to slow down to the cycle of nature, that is enjoyable for you?

How can you get connected (and even devoted) to the earth and feel her deep beauty i.e get present?

How can you begin to listen to the whispers of your heart, rather than the demands of your head?

Some suggestions:

  • Lay your body on the earth - one of my favourite things about the week in Lunar Flow was getting my whole body on the earth, the traditional name for this is a 'prostration' and we practiced this simple but revolutionary act, often. It was incredible.

You don't need to be at yoga to do this, lay on woods, grass, sand or soil – breathe deep for at least 5 minutes, as often as you like

  • Find support in healers, life coaches and mentors, and specifically people that have lived through and transformed their lives. People with integrity, realness and compassion can support you greatly to move gently towards changing your life
  • Be touched – touch is an incredible healing tool, find opportunities to receive hugs, massages, or yoga assists (yes, you get massages at yoga!)

I came into the week of yoga feeling totally anxious with building a business and the financial stress was really burdening me. After a week of Prana Flow Vinyasa training with Shiva, I was in deep peace, like a gentle river of healing was flowing through me, my trust in life, was and still is solid. My skin felt hydrated, my head felt soft and clear, my muscles soft. We were practicing yoga for 3-5 hours a day in the slow regenerative flow, we were working our body from head to toe, yet I was in the most relaxed state, feeling the most alive yet. I felt incredible strong, on the inside.

Can you imagine how good that feels?

If you can learn to restore your nervous system, and then prioritise it, you will be strong and able to move with the cycles - in strength and ease. That's where you'll meet your soul, when your body and mind are well rejuvenated. 

Part two, with the next 4 lessons in living SOULfully, will be yours tomorrow.

If you'd like to get started you can access my free three part audio series here: http://shesgrace.org/meet-your-soul-free-audio-activation-series/ 

With love, Amy 

Some more resources to get started and stay connected:

Have more questions? Email me at amy@shesgrace.org


When your whole mission is freedom and you feel the exact opposite.

This is where the rubber hits the road, the point where you are tested with everything you’ve got and you have to use everything you have learnt along the way, all at the same time, with laser focus and intention just to get through another day..

When I was in high school I wrote an English paper on the song “The Climb” by No Doubt. No Doubt was my favourite band, it was my first album purchase. I remember getting it on Christmas Day from my parents and just listening on repeat for days. I still love that album.

That song represents everything about my journey, and so many others right now that are becoming awake, releasing the veils, and actually going for their dreams. At times the journey can be swift, flowing, rocket like. At other times you feel like you might actually die, like you are out of breath, out of juice, out of inspiration and like you are attempting to pioneer something that you’ve totally overestimated how long it would take to make real. 

You go all the way in the opposite direction, and then slowly but surely you climb back. 

Like the lyrics of the No Doubt song:

Step by step I come closer to reaching the top
Every step must be placed so that I don't fall off
Looking down to see about how much higher I am
Another cool wind comes through, brushes my skin
Oh, the harder I push the tension does grow
I gather my thoughts the further and further I go
With some luck I just might keep on climbing
So better to climb than to face a fall (face a fall)

So high the climb (So high the climb)
I can't turn back now
Must keep climbing up to the clouds
So high the climb (So high the climb)
Can't turn back now
Must keep climbing up to the clouds

Says it all really. This may seem dramatic, but I know you, I know you get me.  

So, about a week ago this was my experience - feeling the opposite of free felt like the perfect sensation of anxiety, tightness in chest, lack mentality on repeat, stuck-ness, rejection, feeling unseen, invisible, and a total lack of connection. Almost like I was not actually in my life. I was observing, yet this was the experience. 

In every area there was something. It wasn’t just money, it wasn’t just relationships, It wasn’t just my body, it wasn’t just my emotions, or the sense of insecurity or lack of confidence. It was everything. The entire spectrum of how I look at Inner Freedom had seemingly imploded on me. It was as if I was about to have the biggest reckoning of my soul yet, like now I was going to see what I was really made of, what my healing capacity could alchemise. How was I going to turn this hot mess of an experience into gold, just like I do with my clients?

Every aspect of me was shaken up and cracked apart. It left me so stuck, so out of control. So I processed, and cleared, let go and processed some more - and the penny dropped. I was still playing victim to my life circumstances. Victimhood is an archetype many of us wear as a way of blaming something other than ourselves for what happens to us in life. 

I know my capability as a co-creator of life. I know it is all up to me, yet I was experiencing the polarity of this. The exact opposite.

The essence of the work that I want to bring to the world is a whole new paradigm of empowerment that reinstates our place on earth as master co-creators of our destiny. This is what I know in my bones to be true and real.

We are, I am, master creators. We choose what happens. 

This got me thinking, what really is healing anyway? I asked myself the question and what came was the juice that got me through.

Healing is changing one form, into another. 

Healing is being able to recognise when you are in the thick of a catalyst that can bring you alchemy i.e. changing the makeup of the particular pattern, behaviour, cycle that is playing out on the movie screen of your life - into what you really desire or your higher potential and possibility.

This begs the question, what do I want to change the experience to?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to actually claim what you desire in your life? To really name it? Have you noticed that it becomes a lot easier once you know what you do not want in your life? How do we know what we don't want? We've likely just experienced it. When we have the awareness to take that life experience and direct it toward evolution and growth, we start to get how we can create our desires, how to manifest.

What I learnt was I was being tested to actually name, claim and express ultimate freedom as the desire for myself, my soul clients and the wider community. I know that my higher/eternal/soul self was gifting me (my human/ego self) the experience of knowing the total opposite across every area so that I could be crystal clear on what I am not available for, what is no longer acceptable in my sphere and further how I could bring the most juiciest experience to my clients that I myself intimately have gone through. 

So, then begins the alchemy, the changing one substance into another from a place of power, sovereignty, soulful intelligence. 

I remembered once again my innate capacity to heal myself.

I remembered once again that the biggest hurdles take me closer to my true potential on the fastest path possible.

I remembered I am not a victim, and instead I am power-full.

What happens next is like magic. The burning rush of fire-like action moving through my veins. Time to get creating, time to express once more, time to stand out loud and proud UNAPOLOGETICALLY. 

Fear turns into passion.

Doubt turns into conviction.

Unworthiness turns into unconditional love. 

Victimhood turns into sovereignty. 

I’ll be getting deeper into the topic of healing, and how we can really master our reality, at a free info night this Saturday. This is your opportunity to learn about how I create healing for myself and my clients. You will get to understand why healing is no longer a hippie, woo woo, niche experience. You will get to learn that it is simply your time to make change in your life for yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. 

It is time, there is no question. 

Join me Saturday at One Big Heart Yoga, 5pm. To lock in your spot for the free event, go here for more details


If you feel the call to get started now, if you feel you know there is something big bubbling up in you and you feel like I could support you in that, visit my Inner Freedom Journey work here.

Make it your time. Take back the power. 

Love, Amy x

When you're a sensitive soul, and feel EVERYTHING.

I know what it’s like to feel sensitive. To feel like you are personally being impacted by world issues, collective pains, your friends, your family, your pet. The deeper I’ve explored what it is to be sovereign, the more this sensitivity becomes real. Having grown up thinking I was quite strong and independent it’s been difficult to acknowledge my sensitivities at times, but the last 18 months has allowed me to really know in my cells, its a gift and a weapon of love.

There is so much more than meets the eye when you start to delve into understanding your whole being. When you begin to realise who you are, your immense multi-dimensionality and your responsibility to heal, things will never be the same. I believe many of us are being activated (i.e. 'waking up') right now, and may have no idea what the hell is going on inside. 

After Oz Day I went into a bit of a cave, watched endless hours of reality TV and ate a whole tub of ice cream (eek!), which is a BIG sign of my numbing what I was really feeling. On Saturday morning I felt like I had a hangover without having drunk any alcohol, and I knew what it was about but chose to ignore it for a couple of days, I felt totally exhausted. In the moment it felt ok, it didn’t feel like a big deal, but at the stage I'm at in my personal transformation, it was something to look at. When you start to master yourself and your energy field, these kind of blunders need to be looked at because they are actually the gold. The seemingly epic fails - are the catalyst for deep insight. That's why they keep taking place, sometimes the medicine comes in the most random ways. We also had the intense Supermoon in the mix last week, which for me, amplified any of the illusions that needed to be let go of for the new to enter, so its been a pretty hectic time and can feel like being in a washing machine!

Declaring my vision of a new paradigm of full sovereignty for myself and those around me, has meant that anything that isn’t in alignment with true freedom eventually will be cleared and transmuted within me. Leaving the DoTerra business was an example of this.

Lately, I've been looking at the soul in two ways - the souls purpose or souls work and the soul as a woman (or man) in this present moment. In some ways, its been easier to make the adjustments for my soul work than it has been to acknowledge my souls woman. The woman I am desires to be in alignment across every level of her energy field, in order to be fully here on earth and to make this life real. To merge her soul/spirit and human self permanently means we have to look at all of the illusions at play. The soul is the infinite, all knowing source deep within, it already knows, and it takes practice to commune with her. This is what my clients have been mastering lately and it's the essence of the vision of She’s Grace. This is where we question everything, softly. The familial and societal conditioning, the key events of this lifetime (and past ones), the core behaviours and patterns and so much more. That’s if true freedom is important to you, like it is for me. 

This brings me to the idea of collective Repression. As a practitioner of Energy and Soul Medicine, I regularly use this medicine on myself, we call it a 'balance'. I use specific acupressure points from the Chinese Meridian system to understand the emotions at play. The organs of our physical body relate to core emotions and I use Kinesiology to check in on what is going on in the moment. Around Oz Day, I balanced myself and the organ causing stress was the Gallbladder, ah! No surprise here, gallbladder relates to the emotion of feeling 'repressed'. It wasn’t my personal repression that was the issue, it was the collective repression. I knew this because when I checked in intuitively and asked specific questions, my body reacted in hot flushes to the understanding of the whole rather than my personal experience, I had goosebumps all over, and an un-mistakable wave of energy rushing through my system (you know the saying, 'the body doesn't lie'?..). 

Energy and Soul Medicine Kinesiology involves looking at the whole picture, and not leaving anything out. The morning of this balance, following Oz Day, I burnt through collective shame and guilt of the repression of the Indigenous land owners. Now, I will be the first to admit, the divine action for me has been to become much more educated around what I’ve been taught as a child and adult, living in Australia. I now, at 29 years old, desire to strengthen my relationship with Indigenous elders, I want to talk with them and hear their stories. I had been denying an aspect of the truth that I ‘feel' within me, and downplayed its impact on myself and the country. When you start to move into the feeling state, your intuition kicks in and you just know when something is not what it seems or doesn't align for you. It is always fascinating to see the connections when we dive into these spaces, I see it in my clients all the time. What is being experienced on the surface can be completely different once you move through the layers of the subconscious. 

One of my patterns has been a tendency to be overly-responsible, and when that over-responsibility goes on for too long, to go to the opposite end of the spectrum! There was a belief system running that I am responsible for the repression of the indigenous. In this lifetime, I haven’t done anything directly to repress the Indigenous, but understanding the complex web of interconnected energy, family lineages and ancestry, I know that celebrating on the day of mourning sends a mixed message to the universal field. When we send mixed messages through our thoughts and actions, we get a pretty mixed up outcome. Thats where the denial comes in, and we don’t get what we thought we wanted in life. Our actions aren't congruent with our truth and therefore what we get back isn’t our ideal, integrated, outcome. Now, I've done a lot of personal work over the years, and this is just an example of where my soul relationship is at, we're all at different stages, and will have different insights and healing catalysts to play with.

This is an example of how healing on the inside reflects what we see and do on the outside. Kinda like a microcosm of the macrocosm, or a laboratory where experiments are created and then taken out in the real world once the testing is done. The resolution is shared externally. This is how I see the healing and clearing process working. We are the universal experiment, creating ourselves moment to moment.

Once I sat with the burning truth of this collective soul trauma, the fire dissipated and there was space to bring through something new. This is what happens when we collaborate at a soul level, we witness and transmute the pain, and then we anchor in the true sovereign intention that amplifies itself externally once being dealt with internally (you can check out more about my work here). 

Now, its not all doom and gloom, once we acknowledge what we really feel and move through it, we can embody a whole new level of grace and light within our beautiful human temples. This is the fun part where you know you’ve just welcomed in a whole new level of clarity and potential. It's self mastery. 

You have taken responsibility for your self in a complex web of connectivity with those around you. 

So, once dissolving the repression, I welcomed in a new template of peaceful, radiant self expression - oh yeah! Immediately, my whole field upgraded into this space. It felt like lightness, a glowing from the inside, pure intentional truth and love. Authenticity. 

I share this message to articulate how you can use your amazing whole being and human self, to collectively heal, you are that powerful. You can learn the tools that will enable you to swiftly move through the stuff that holds you back, and to feel safe and secure enough to actually call in your truth.

You can feel like what seems out of this world weird, can actually be seen and heard for what it is. You can create gold from your pain. 

You can normalise healing. 

If you are like me, and you feel so much moving through you right now, just know you are not alone. Sometimes its not about you at all, but you feel it as if it is. Sometimes you’re learning something about your work in the world, your purpose or the community around you. Take a deep breath, acknowledge what you honestly feel, and take the necessary action to dissolve the old and make way for the new, knowing that you are worthy of receiving it all. Knowing you are worth it. 

If you would like support to anchor into your freedom, and play with creating self mastery, you can visit my website here or email me at amy@shesgrace.org. I would be honoured to collaborate with you in creating this movement to freedom and sovereignty!


Is your transformation inviting you?

Each morning, I'm making a ritual of writing in my journal, three pages of uninhibited writing. Ah it feels good.

This morning, like water, out came this beautiful message that may be just for you. 

Have you been feeling crazy, depressed, or like you’re stuck on a path afraid of where it might be leading you? Do you feel pressure, overwhelm and anxiety to make things happen in your life? Do you feel like you need to uphold you’re 'good girl’ image for your parents and family even though its killing you inside?

Who really gets you in your life? Who can you tell the real truth to, unapologetically? Do you feel your intuition, your heart, giving you pieces of wisdom and guidance?

Maybe you’ve started writing down your thoughts but don’t feel like anyone would understand, you feel kinda weird!

Maybe you’re craving some solitude, to go deeper inside even though it scares you, because deep down you know your’e learning something big right now.

Maybe you know its time to make real change in the direction of your peace and joy, because if you don’t, you worry you'll never get up and out of bed again. Maybe you’re at what feels like rock bottom, the end of the road. You can’t see the possibility, yet there is a tiny piece of you that knows it is there. You just need to know how to uncover it. 

Maybe you have no idea what you’re doing in life, whether you want a relationship or not, or whether that job is for you. All you know is you feel like you’ve got nothing left. You feel you’re missing the whole point of life.

You are hurting, and you’re feeling alone. 

I have felt all of this, every single piece, at one time or another. I know what it feels like to be so lost you’re not sure if you can actually make it through another day. 

It can feel totally, utterly, shit.

And what I know now, is these moments are the moments.

They are your awakening.

They are your break through.

They are your life lessons and gifts played out in front of you, your deep wounds. They are your catalysts for change, and an opportunity for

real, sustainable, transformation.

All you need to do is decide to choose you’re awakening. To feel the hot mess you're in, to feel the intensity of it, and surrender towards it rather than away from it. 

Learn how to see the signs and allow.

The signs of a healing crisis could look and feel like intense pain, heaviness, sickness, numbness, agony, fear, overwhelm, sadness or erratic up and downs over the course of months or even years.

A sense of feeling totally out of control. 

So, if you can identify it, if you can become more self aware then yesterday, what then?

You can embrace everything you are feeling, you can write it down and acknowledge it all - even if it feels ridiculous.

You might say ‘but I’ve done that, I’m still lost.’

Then, its time to attract you’re master transformation support team. It could be one person, it might be many. Create the foundations of support you need to actually alchemise you're life. Actually decide you are worth the alchemy. Worth the big, life changing moment that changes the trajectory. 

It's time to welcome the guidance from people you can trust, people you can feel held by, people that are neutral to your life, people that will take you to the depth that is necessary so you can rise into grace and next level radiance. It's time to invest in your self. 

You might be thinking, 'but I'm not into transformation, thats not me.'

My beautiful friend, if you are feeling in crisis, overwhelming intensity or chronic pain,

You’re transformation is inviting you. It is already here. It's time to allow and embrace it.

What I know now after meeting my own transformation over and over again, after welcoming in incredible support, is there is radical beauty, grace and freedom on the other side. Every single time I've been here, and surrendered toward change, the most incredible liberation follows. Its just the way it works. 

Not only that, if you connect with my work or just feel a vibe of resonance, chances are you're a sensitive soul that is highly intuitive and you have some incredible magic to share with the world. You've got a purpose bubbling up, that will bring with it immense fulfilment. 

It's not just about freeing ourselves from pain, its about expanding into our potential. 

We need to be so courageous and let go of all misconceptions, conditioned thinking and judgment. It's just the time. 

I know this journey intimately, and its why I've created the Inner Freedom Journey. I'm devoted to you moving toward your true freedom. I can really hold you in that space, because I've been there. I have experienced it and learned the skills and tools to make the process so incredibly exhilarating for those that feel connected to it and ready to embrace it all. Even if its the first time you have considered 'healing' and transformation modalities. 

Your radical self actualisation is possible, it is already here for you, all you need to do is allow it and say yes to change. 

Then, let the games begin…