Clarity comes after hiding, why I'm leaving DoTerra

I've been hiding from you.

I’ve been quiet on social media the past couple of months. Actually, I've been quiet (according to my soul) for most of 2017, because I've been hiding more than I've been playing. This past year turned into a deeeeep internal exploration that made it challenging to be out in social media land like my peers and friends. I had a huge resistance to sharing my message, because the inner world was in such a topsy turvy state that I wasn’t feeling safe and sustained in my energy to build consistency for my audience. This meant I felt like a fraud many times over the past year as I wasn’t able to turn up in the business sense like I had expected to. I mean, my background was in marketing and I could multi-task the sh*t out of those roles, so naturally I went through periods of frustration that now that it was time to create my own business, I coudn't get it done. It meant I would get in flow for a week and then spend the next few weeks healing and integrating whatever shift was taking place within me. It was like my battery had been unplugged or my computer completely turned off, re-wired, and only now do I feel a reboot getting closer. It’s been a potent, rich time of realisation and learning, even though challenging (like, intensely challenging!), but the progress on the inside is going to reap the benefits this year - I feel it.

Interestingly I have just passed through Saturn in my natal chart, and am just in the last throws of Saturn Return feels - and for anyone following Astrology, this is a tumultuous time but one full of learning, realisation and CLARITY. The Saturn Return takes place between 28 and 30, yep - makes sense for me (woah!). It's a time to really honour the cycles, lessons, endings and beginnings. My perception has shifted almost daily and I'm opening up to more of my truth moment to moment. It's pretty trippy and wild at times, but the radiance always comes through. The light gets brighter and the eyes get sparklier. 

This has been my time to retreat into my soul self and cocoon. At times thats been painful, but what I’ve learnt is the extremity of the dark always leads to the most golden, shimmering and pure light. I get this now, in my body. The concept of duality and polarity has become a very real experience for me, rather than a concept, and that is sky rocketing my clients success in their Inner Freedom Journeys (read more on that here). They are feeling their own transformation through mine, and its phenomenal to witness.

When it comes to really understanding and harnessing energy as life force, there is a kind of birth phase that takes place, and for me, this birthing of new energy has come in waves all year long (and probably much longer, like a lifetime). Just like you would imagine a literal birthing experience, sometimes its incredibly painful, slow and fatiguing. Its also a time to be away from the outside world. Right now, I'm in a multiple birth scenario whilst still conceiving my creations. I'm birthing myself as a 29/30 year old woman in her Saturn Return - getting to know who I really am, and integrating all parts of me (including the wild and giggly Amy that has been hiding a bit in the past year and only coming out to unleash every so often - I'm so glad she’s back), I'm birthing myself as a leader in new energies and transformation and I'm birthing my business entity at the same time. This is huge work on so many levels. The level of creation that my soul is capable of is not yet ready to birth through me, and thats why there is a sense of hiding away. Thanks to some clarity from the amazing Penny Walsh who is an Astrology goddess and psychic sister, I’ve got some extra clarity on my path ahead, which is all about structuring myself with some frameworks and commitment to discipline for my next 12 months of building, building, building, so that my creativity and expression can flourish and I can be of even more service, and have fun at the same time (whatttt, spiritual chicks can have fun?!). 

With all of this, has come another change of perception, change of heart direction and also change of business choice...

I have decided to opt out of the DoTerra Business Model in 2018. 

There are many reasons for this, but most of all, this comes back to my declaration to my soul that I made over a year ago. Once I intended to live from my embodied soul, it has become increasingly challenging to be misaligned with the souls plan. My body, mind and spirit struggle, big time. This looks like energetic fatigue, feelings of depression, paralysis and a sense of weak boundaries. Its like ‘computer says no’ or, 'nope - you cannot pass Go'. Once something is not in soul alignment, i.e. not part of the souls desire map or inner freedom model, then its just not happening sister, its gotta go. 

Since I left my corporate marketing job, I have been practicing the art of Energy and Soul Medicine, with Melissa Sandon, a 12 Month Alternative Therapy Certification Course that provides me with the tools and experience to take another human on a co-created journey into themselves for the purpose of becoming more authentically free (Mel has a new round of practitioner training about to begin, go here for more deets if you feel so called, trust me you will not regret it). It is radical whole-being healing, and its electric! As you can imagine, when you sign up for holding that kind of transformative healing space for another, you are challenged and transformed in the process. It's kind of like buffering a piece of gold that is covered in other debris and rock, it takes time to find that gold and requires patience and perseverance to stay the course, and to trust that the gold is even there! 

I have learnt so much about myself the past year, and so much about my own cornerstone of truth and its dynamic nature. At times, this has been crippling for me, because its meant that the way I live my life looks very different to the norm. It's meant I've felt lonely and like I won’t be understood when I do speak my truth and express myself in my own way. Its been 'real' to say the least!

Being part of the DoTerra family has been such a blessing. The oils, the people, the love - its all magical. I made so many friends and helped over 200 people to invest in natural health that has impacted them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was supported so beautifully by leadership (thank you Anastasia and Zach, you are such incredible souls). DoTerra helped me to feel like I had a safety net when I left my Corporate salary, it allowed me to dip my toe into self employment with the structures and branding already in place to share myself with the world. I felt safe knowing that financial abundance was absolutely a possibility if I put the work in. What I realise now, is my soul has BIG expectations and dreams of fulfilment that are beyond DoTerra, she wants me to stand on my own two feet and bring my healing gifts to the world in a big way. This understanding of my healing capacity is really landing now, I know the space I hold is truly incredible for my clients, I am witnessing miracles right before my eyes and its f*cking amazing. Naturally, I'm nervous about the growth and building part of my transformation business, but this is what my sassy soul desires so I’ve gotta follow her and value her vision.  

As time progresses, I will share more of my revelations around the DoTerra business model, what I learnt, and how DoTerra formed a huge part of my souls growth in 2017. For now, I just wish to share my most genuine gratitude to everyone that supported my business in 2017 and for bringing the gift of these oils into your home. I will continue to order and use my oils because I believe in them whole heartedly. Thank you to everyone that attended my events and also to those that hosted events to support me, I am beyond grateful. You helped me to really make a mark and to not skip back to my easy, high income path, you helped me to believe in myself. So much love!

I don’t look at this next phase as a failure, its purely a stepping stone to more abundance, more truth and more freedom. With that comes more courage, more strength, more truth telling and more creation - eek! My vision is to lead by example, when it comes to being our real, wild, honest selves. I couldn't possibly continue on a path that I didn’t feel was 100% aligned for me, and expect others to be making change toward their purpose, potential and passion. So this is me demonstrating what it is to follow your heart and soul, and surviving to tell the tail! This is ok, I have become liberated through the experience, and encourage everyone that feels out of alignment with their unique truth to take a risk and take the small steps toward real inner freedom.

January feels like a time of incubation for me, of preparing my creative energies and getting ready for some huge change, prosperity, aliveness and joy this year. 

My priorities are to activate more lightness and fun as the woman I am, and to devote myself to my sassy soul client sisters (and brothers) that I no are already out there waiting for me to welcome them in. 

I’ve gotta tell you, it has been an honour to hold this juicy, transformative space for my clients and I'm so excited to share more about my tribe and the radical radiance they are now experiencing.

What am i up to now?

Inner Freedom Journeys

I am guiding my clients into the activation of their unique Blueprints of Inner Freedom, to support them onto the path of their souls potential, passion and purpose. This takes place over the course of 2, 4 or 6 months and is outcome based, over Skype or in person. The basis of the work we co-create is anchored in Melissa Sandon’s Energy and Soul Medicine Certification of whole-being transformation and I weave in other tools (like essential oils) and modalities I have integrated over time.

Whole-being transformation allows someone to meet their soul at a deeper level. To complete
old emotions, energies, patterns, beliefs and soul lessons that are ready to released in order
for the individual to claim their power and rise into their highest potential. It’s here they
begin to channel the qualities of the soul: connection, opportunities, possibilities, grace and
universal riches. 

Some may know this work to be similar to Kinesiology, but my oh my, it offers so much more.

I am so excited to shift into this new phase of growth, creation and transformation. If you resonate with this and would like to work together, check out my website here and let's co-create some magic together!