Client reflections on wiping the slate clean

I absolutely love working with my Energy and Soul Medicine clients.

We go deep in our inner journeys together, somewhere in between a dream and awake state, but we talk throughout the experience. This is how I guide them to meet their edges, imagination and deeper truths.

Tuesday was a particularly special day. 

It was a day made of miracles that were potent and transformational for every client. 

One of my beautiful clients just finished a maintenance journey of three sessions over three weeks, so we had a consistent container to keep dropping in and going deep.

This was her final session of the three, and the 9th session we had completed together.

Originally, this woman came to explore this work to move through potential autoimmune disease, fatigue, and stress. Now, she is talking about creating a book of her life experience and story. She is talking about her purpose, her worth in creating her life the way she desires, and her connection and contribution to the earth. 

What came through so effortlessly in our session, was the truth that this Energy and Soul Medicine work she's been committing to, this deep dive into her self and her soul has been guiding her to create her work of art in the world. 

Her life is now unfolding as her greatest creative project. 

Now, she can give from a full cup of knowledge, that she has uncovered within herself.

She shared something so profound that I just had to pass on.

At the end of our 90-minute experience together, she reflected on how her experience felt. Here's what she said:

"I felt like I was giant, I was so big, my wrists were like tree trunks.

I wonder if that's what it feels like when you die? 

I felt so fulfilled, so cleansed and like being wiped clean.”

Samuel scrims @samscrim

Samuel scrims @samscrim

What my client was explaining, is the profound experience of renewal that's available on the other side of letting go of the old pains that held her back - this is a feeling of rebirth and aliveness that comes after a 'dying off' of the old ways that kept her feeling stuck.

What I'm learning is we are either dying to something or bringing new life to another, and this allows us to really learn and experience the cycles of life in all its shades, and to accept the wholeness of this.

My client continued to reflect on how she felt..

"I started blowing up and expanding out, I became so big I was able to give back to the earth, I have all of this energy now to give something back!”.

Yes, yes yes! A million yes’s!

My beautiful client had reached a new place, through her pain, limitation and, stuckness. She was experiencing her energy as expansive and powerful and was finding that the natural next step was to share her learnings with others. She was experiencing anoverflow of energy that was creating the drive and passion to begin her purpose work.

This is one of my favourite phases of my programs because it shows them the beauty of their pain, the clarity of their confusion and the depth to their soul. It makes life much juicier when we realise it's natural cycles are absolutely here to serve us.

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