Do you you compare yourself to others, just a little?

Do you sometimes feel not good enough when you scroll your social media feed or compare yourself to your friends or family? Do you ever feel distant from these people you love, and even disconnected?

Do you notice, that every now and then, you’re pulling back your true words and replacing them with what you think the ‘cool’ or popular ones want you to say? 

How does that feel for you?

I know for me, once I became aware I was hiding who I really was, and turning up for the likes of those I deemed as more popular or worthy than me, my heart sank. I had a pretty strong desire to be validated in peer groups and even by aunties and uncles, cousins, dad and every boyfriend I ever had. I desperately wanted to feel like I was accepted, and if I didn’t explicitly receive that acceptance I wouldn’t feel good enough in my own skin. 

I totally handed over my worth to every other important person in my life.

What I learnt was this unconscious yearning to fit in in order to be accepted and loved, took me further and further away from my authentic self, and further out of my body and power.  When we're driving this human vehicle with unconscious thought that says 'I'm not good enough!', it entices us to compare ourselves to everyone (and now to the highly complex world of social media), and to allow their words and feedback to pierce deeply into our triggered heart. We actually walk around looking for proof that we aren't good enough, crazy but true right? Every time that person you compare yourself to, forgets your birthday, ignores you at school, or makes you feel invisible, you use it to prove that your'e less than! 

What’s happening is you lose connection and intimacy with others and yourself, because you move so far away from your own body and being, in order to fit in. Sometimes, that burning need for validation and acceptance is so much stronger than the need to be ourselves and so we sacrifice our self for inauthentic love and belonging.

This stuff hurts, and unless we acknowledge and own it, it stays bubbling under the surface and we take that icky need to compare into our adult lives in work, in our relationship choices, with our children and in business. 

The truth is, this doesn’t feel like freedom, and I know you want to feel free. It feels like selling out, and it feels like denial of your true heart’s desires for real connection and true expression. When we shut down our authentic voice we get anxious, insecure and our self esteem sucks. 

If this is your experience, please know, you are not alone. These thoughts are with most young people growing up in an ever excessive world of comparison and popularity contests. 

What I've realised is, there is such incredibly rich and potent healing at your finger tips, no matter what level of intensity your emotions are at right now. No matter whether you have experience in yoga, healing or meditation. There is a deep truth awaiting you, that was awaiting me. 




The truth is, you deeply want to belong, but deeper down, you just want to connect. 

You want to be honest, and to drop the facade, and you want people to hold you in that. You know that if you could trust yourself to be vulnerable and open in what you want to express in your individuality, that you would feel a big release inside. 




In my recent 6 week program called Lady Powers, Free your Anxiety + Blossom, I had the absolute pleasure of observing this, in guiding the women in the group, to challenge their beliefs and to start to curiously delve deeper inside their body to uncover what was really going on. It became very clear after a few weeks that these beautiful women had also been holding back their incredibly unique and individual expressions, and one of the key ways we unlocked this was to openly and vulnerably, share our stories.

What happened was magical, the more each woman began to share, the more every woman felt deeply, intimately connected. They knew they weren’t alone in their insecurities, they knew I was right there with them, and as we peeled back the layers very gently, the most radiant, golden essence naturally flowed from each of them. They began to radiate.


I believe women are craving real sisterhood and intimacy with their friends and in their groups or communities. Women don’t want to compare themselves and then shape their voice on how they think others want them to turn up, it’s exhausting. Women are craving intimate and safe spaces to express their pain, and their joy, safely, in non-judgement and WITHOUT giving advice.


They are absolutely aching for someone and something to hold them, as they birth who they really are, and there is no better medicine I’ve experienced yet than the medicine of honest, open women, sharing their honest and open hearts.

No bullshit.

No fakeness.

No fitting in.

No perfection.

No popularity contest.

In this program, I’m completely devoted to creating a space that feels deeply real and pure, where your uniqueness and individuality can be explored. Where all emotions can be felt and where true connection can be harnessed.

Ruth and I talk about all of this and more, in our Facebook Live recently. 



I must say, it’s pretty epic to witness this kind of unravelling, and blossoming. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about, because I see in my private practice, the incredible shifts and transformations that take place for the everyday woman, of all walks of life. Healing is for everyday people, it really is. 

We all have that gold inside, it’s just a matter of being courageous enough to find it.

This 6 week program at My Yoga Space is a place to practice being real, where you feel you won’t be judged, so that when you return back out into the world, you can perhaps start to share that real version of you in other spaces and circles. Until one day, we are all able to express direct from our hearts, like an open channel that flows effortlessly and peacefully. How good would that be!

The next round of the Lady Powers, Free your Anxiety + Blossom’, Program kicks off on Friday 27th July, and I would love for you to join us. It’s for 11 beautiful women, to come together to truly connect, and be held in exploring who they really are. If you would like to arrange a quick call to explore whether we’re a good fit for each other, fill out the form here.

If you’re ready to book or would like to explore more info, go here.

If you’re not local to Wollondilly, the timing isn’t quite right, or if you need some guidance and support right now (at no cost), go to my free audio meditation series here. It’s a great way to get a feel for who I am, how I communicate and the kind of meditative practice will do in the program, and its free!

I hope you've enjoyed this sharing, and have felt my real heart. 

Sending so much love, Amy x

P.S I would be honoured to share the next journey with you, you can read more on what women are saying about the program here.