How to activate your energy and soul at the gym (inspired by F45)

In today's blog post and video, I'd like to explore how we can use our strength and conditioning training, as a way to activate and ignite a new energy within us! This one is inspired by last nights workout at F45 - I am loving this training at the moment!

Check out the short vid here:


So, how can you connect to your soul and why is that important?

The soul feels like home.

The soul feels like truth.

The soul feels like openness.

This is pretty much the essence of the work that I’m doing with clients when I work with them on the massage table or online. 

In some way or another we’re finding a way to explore through the body, and through your energy field, how to connect to your own soul. 

What I’ve learnt over time is this process happens in different ways for different people, so here’s an experience to simplistically try, to begin working on your connection. Before I do that, I must absolutely reference my beautiful mentor and teacher Melissa Sandon, who has taught me all I know about Energy and Soul Medicine. 

So, here we go:

Step one:

Get comfortable, and breathe - you can sit in a seat, cross legged or in heroes pose for this. Start to get into your body, feel your body and notice it’s sensations.

Step two:

Start to become aware of two centres of your body - your heart and your power centre

Place one hand on your heart, and the other just beneath your naval - and breathe

Close your eyes and begin to feel the subtle pulsation that moves through, allow your palm to slightly move away from your heart and then draw it back toward the heart, like a pulse or heartbeat.

Allow the other hand to begin pulsing too, just off the power centre point beneath the naval.

Feel the quality of the air between the skin and the palm, notice if it becomes thicker, notice its rhythms.

Stay inward, eyes closed. Really feel.

Step three:

Repeat the intention, as if you’re whispering this into the centre of your heart:

I welcome my soul in my body.

Say this a few times, and notice what shifts. 

It may take a little while to drop into this place. 

See what shifts if you change from open palms on the skin, to two fingers pressing into each energy centre (e.g index and middle finger at the centre of your heart, and index and middle finger at the centre of your naval). 

Intention is actually so powerful, by bringing your awareness to what it truly feels like to have the soul welcomed inside you, even if this doesn’t seem logical, you will create a response in your body.

This is an experiment.

You are finding what works for you to come home.

It’s powerful.

Experiment with what this intention means to you, reflect on what it means to house your soul energy, your essential nature, inside the body, play with that. 

See how it feels to welcome your soul here, even in just the smallest way. 

I would love to know how this feels for you, reply back with your feedback and I’ll be sure to answer any questions you have.

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