How to move through your emotions for soul-level success

Today’s blog post is about creating soul level success, and understanding what that actually means.

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful to feel free to go after your dreams, and to live your passions?

Does this feel unattainable for you?

If it does, you are not alone. Many of us feel that there is something blocking us from obtaining enough energy reserves, at this time in our lives, to feel inspired to go after the big dreams - consistently.

So, how do you break the cycle that keeps you stuck, and not believing that you can go after your dreams?

In this recent interview with Brooke from Candour Co, I shared how we can get un-stuck, and more connected to our soul, by tending to the uncomfortable emotion as a gateway to your intuition and energetic expansion (watch full interview here).

In the below 2 min clip, I share how emotions can become a gateway to more of your intuitive self and ultimately, your freedom.

What if tending to, and feeling your emotions, created a soul-level success that feels totally different from society's view of success? A success that is purely defined by your unique inner essence.

It’s so fascinating to watch my clients overcome their limiting and habitual cycles, it feels like a celebration for them.

They have proven to themselves that they can handle the tension of uncomfortable emotion and that the emotion can create an energy flow (‘energy in motion’) that brings them inspiration, passion, and fulfilment - even before anything changes in their external world. Even before they have the dream job, house or partner.

Where do you feel your sticky emotion in your body?

What does it actually feel like? Anxiety in the chest, heaviness or tension? Perhaps a sense of a tremor or vibration across the shoulders?

Take a deep breath, and feel today. Notice what arises and trust that actually meeting that feeling is a gateway rather than a limitation.

We’re growing, we’re coming up against new obstacles and edges all the time. Sometimes this feels like it will never end. When it feels that way, it's time to surrender a little and try something new.

See how it feels to lean in and meet the familiar feeling, with an entirely different, softer, energy today.

You never know what might shift.

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