Is your transformation inviting you?

Each morning, I'm making a ritual of writing in my journal, three pages of uninhibited writing. Ah it feels good.

This morning, like water, out came this beautiful message that may be just for you. 

Have you been feeling crazy, depressed, or like you’re stuck on a path afraid of where it might be leading you? Do you feel pressure, overwhelm and anxiety to make things happen in your life? Do you feel like you need to uphold you’re 'good girl’ image for your parents and family even though its killing you inside?

Who really gets you in your life? Who can you tell the real truth to, unapologetically? Do you feel your intuition, your heart, giving you pieces of wisdom and guidance?

Maybe you’ve started writing down your thoughts but don’t feel like anyone would understand, you feel kinda weird!

Maybe you’re craving some solitude, to go deeper inside even though it scares you, because deep down you know your’e learning something big right now.

Maybe you know its time to make real change in the direction of your peace and joy, because if you don’t, you worry you'll never get up and out of bed again. Maybe you’re at what feels like rock bottom, the end of the road. You can’t see the possibility, yet there is a tiny piece of you that knows it is there. You just need to know how to uncover it. 

Maybe you have no idea what you’re doing in life, whether you want a relationship or not, or whether that job is for you. All you know is you feel like you’ve got nothing left. You feel you’re missing the whole point of life.

You are hurting, and you’re feeling alone. 

I have felt all of this, every single piece, at one time or another. I know what it feels like to be so lost you’re not sure if you can actually make it through another day. 

It can feel totally, utterly, shit.

And what I know now, is these moments are the moments.

They are your awakening.

They are your break through.

They are your life lessons and gifts played out in front of you, your deep wounds. They are your catalysts for change, and an opportunity for

real, sustainable, transformation.

All you need to do is decide to choose you’re awakening. To feel the hot mess you're in, to feel the intensity of it, and surrender towards it rather than away from it. 

Learn how to see the signs and allow.

The signs of a healing crisis could look and feel like intense pain, heaviness, sickness, numbness, agony, fear, overwhelm, sadness or erratic up and downs over the course of months or even years.

A sense of feeling totally out of control. 

So, if you can identify it, if you can become more self aware then yesterday, what then?

You can embrace everything you are feeling, you can write it down and acknowledge it all - even if it feels ridiculous.

You might say ‘but I’ve done that, I’m still lost.’

Then, its time to attract you’re master transformation support team. It could be one person, it might be many. Create the foundations of support you need to actually alchemise you're life. Actually decide you are worth the alchemy. Worth the big, life changing moment that changes the trajectory. 

It's time to welcome the guidance from people you can trust, people you can feel held by, people that are neutral to your life, people that will take you to the depth that is necessary so you can rise into grace and next level radiance. It's time to invest in your self. 

You might be thinking, 'but I'm not into transformation, thats not me.'

My beautiful friend, if you are feeling in crisis, overwhelming intensity or chronic pain,

You’re transformation is inviting you. It is already here. It's time to allow and embrace it.

What I know now after meeting my own transformation over and over again, after welcoming in incredible support, is there is radical beauty, grace and freedom on the other side. Every single time I've been here, and surrendered toward change, the most incredible liberation follows. Its just the way it works. 

Not only that, if you connect with my work or just feel a vibe of resonance, chances are you're a sensitive soul that is highly intuitive and you have some incredible magic to share with the world. You've got a purpose bubbling up, that will bring with it immense fulfilment. 

It's not just about freeing ourselves from pain, its about expanding into our potential. 

We need to be so courageous and let go of all misconceptions, conditioned thinking and judgment. It's just the time. 

I know this journey intimately, and its why I've created the Inner Freedom Journey. I'm devoted to you moving toward your true freedom. I can really hold you in that space, because I've been there. I have experienced it and learned the skills and tools to make the process so incredibly exhilarating for those that feel connected to it and ready to embrace it all. Even if its the first time you have considered 'healing' and transformation modalities. 

Your radical self actualisation is possible, it is already here for you, all you need to do is allow it and say yes to change. 

Then, let the games begin…