When the heart hurts, keep it open

Im feeling I'm not alone in this message, it's like its gotta be shared, so here we go!

Life is so interesting, how it shows us 'the way' in its quirkiness and sometimes f***ing frustrating experience. I’ve just come out the other side of a short but intense relationship, that I thought was forming quite nicely, wow did I learn something. Something big, huge actually. In my humanness I diluted my power to seek validation from this person, a responsibility that isn’t his at all. A beautiful friend of mine reminded me that souls enter our lives to activate or liberate us, and this human has come into my sphere of awareness to do both. To activate my awakening of consciousness to a new level, so I can see what we are going through right now. 

Seeking validation from sources outside of our self is not going to lift us higher, its going to keep us small, mediocre, uninspired. I don’t recall too many times in my life where I felt ‘needy’, but gosh - I certainly played that out in the past few weeks of this connection. Its so beautiful to look at this with fresh eyes now and see what an opportunity this is to take more of myself back, to understand myself more and still stay open. 

Something I think we forget, when we get perceivably “hurt” in an intimate relationship, is to stay open in our heart anyway, we tend to retreat back into the security chambers of the heart. The dark areas that feel grey and safe, but cold. I have made a huge commitment to myself, and to the vision and creation of She’s Grace, that I don’t do that. I don’t retreat and hide. I don’t allow the emotions that are so natural and purposeful to overcome me. Emotions like embarrassment, panic and rejection were all welcomed into my space, to embrace, hold and feel, so they can be let go and a new pattern can be formed. My work with energy medicine is weaving this beautiful unraveling and renewing, as these experiences take place in my life - through the process of kinesiology (and so much more) I am able to clear my path, my old stories and belief systems, and step into this whole new way for myself, when in the past I would probably be stuck in the emotion of it all, for days and days! Its serious brilliance and so fun, and what I’m so excited to share with others.

This was an opportunity to realise just how “enough” I am in this world. The way I am, the way I be, the message I share and the openness and radiance my heart desires to express. I'll keep moving forward, with neutrality, kindness and trust. Deep trust, that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Even when it seems like everyone around me is in a relationship and that’s where I should be, I know there is so much more for me, and I don’t need this love until its real, and even then I won't need it - it will be a blessing that adds to my life but is not essential. It feels liberating to actually believe that. 

In my life, I've felt let down by men, tossed aside even. Like I haven’t been really seen for who I am. I can look at this objectively now and realise what this is and that it has served the most magical purpose in getting me to this point right now. My dad left home when I was 14 and there was no communication for a couple of years, and didn’t ever really explain why. I love him, but I felt silence from his side, and silence hurts more than words I think. This has carried out through my life in all of my relationships, and I guess, I recreated the experience, again and again, leaving things unresolved. But now, I can see. I have opened my eyes and I see that I can choose another way. I can choose to walk away when I feel like silence is bigger than connection. I can choose to walk away with a neutral mindset, when the situation doesn’t serve me, or the other person. Without hostility, just with a deeper knowing that Im guided by my intuitive voice and no one elses. Im not going to wait for someone to tell me "its ok, you're accepted and loved and cherished and adored for who you are". I know that in myself right now, and you do too. Because we all are, we are all such beautiful, light creations, here to bring our gifts and truth into this colourful world we are contributing to.

This little story is just another piece of the puzzle, connecting the dots, guiding me back home to myself, so I can best serve the collective, so we can rise together. 

Luckily, I have my soul support system - the amazing essential oils!

Essential oils support us in so many ways, using them as emotional anchors is really my passion. 

Here’s what I’m surrounding myself with today and likely the rest of the week:

When you feel like you’ve been dumped, tossed aside, not seen or heard, or just not appreciated for the magnificent beauty that you are, there’s an oil for that ;-)


You can blend the below together (5-10 drops each in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil), use in a water diffuser or individually. Check in with yourself, and listen for the answer:

Geranium - oil of love and trust

Peace - oil of reassurance

Birch - oil of support

Bergamot - oil of self acceptance

Frankincense - oil of truth

This is really the essence of the message of She’s Grace - shits gonna happen, shit will go wrong and sometimes you will do things that are questionable, because we’re human! 

We always, always, always have a choice, in how we react, how we resolve and embrace it all. The oils are an anchor back into the truth of the situation and the truth of your purity. It is so worth exploring, please reach out if you would like to discuss how we can support each other, lift ourselves higher and look above the present experiences that we might get bogged down in. 

It literally is all good, if you have your breath, freedom and connection to your heart. But! Its a trillion times better with essential oils 😃

Remember who you really are, and feel the freedom in that. We always have a choice, take it! 

Then focus your energy on what you can give, seems to work for me. 

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Just wanna chat on how I can support you? please reach out here <3