Magic, awakenings and Liz Gilbert

A defining moment in my life was when I travelled to Goa to support an IT Conference for my sales team located there, it was the 2nd of November, 2015. I used to regularly travel in my last few years of my marketing job. This was my first trip to India, and my connecting flight from Sydney to Goa was delayed by 6 hours. I went searching for a book to keep busy (there was absolutely no entertainment or open cafes in the airport, and I had no internet!) and found Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book at the time, “Big Magic”.

I think I read the entire book in a couple of days, and mostly at the airport. At the time I was in my peak in my corporate career. I had been promoted multiple times, and was growing my team rapidly and the company was really starting to accelerate with a big impact from the work my marketing team was creating.

I should have felt on top of the world, but I didn’t.

In India something happened to me, something had changed on the inside. Prior to India I had seen an incredible healer, who helped me to literally see the light. I was supported to internally transform and everything began to spin sideways from there. I didn’t know where it was all going, I had experienced about 2 years of gut inflammation from a parasite and would find myself in such dark places, so overwhelmed with my responsibility in my job and I just couldn’t get out of the funk. I practiced yoga almost every day to tend to my fried nervous system and anxiety, and this was sparking something within me and deepening my desire to learn about energy. Something deeper was calling me.

I was asking questions like..

How could I get my energy flowing more effortlessly?

How does energy work in clearing the mind and freeing emotions?

What is the impact of my stress on my energy?

I became really curious, reallllly curious.

When I read Liz Gilbert’s book in my stressed state at the airport, I was reminded that we are all powerhouses of creativity, we can literally create anything we wish to create, we have moment after moment every single day to do this. At this time, I didn’t even see myself as creative even though I was in marketing - ha, go figure!

As I read her book, my cells were changing, I knew it was true, that I was going to create something of my own, that I had BIG MAGIC to bring through even though I had no idea how or what or why this was coming through me.

There’s a passage in the book that still gives me goosebumps, and thanks to Facebook memories, I was reminded of this moment in time 3 years ago. Here it is for you:

Elizabeth Gilbert - BIG MAGIC

Elizabeth Gilbert - BIG MAGIC

This is the power of transformation for me, I had begun to have clear visions in my meditations, and this time, I recall seeing a huge lionness, she felt like red hot COURAGE. It scared me at first, to see this huge great being almost speaking to me. Giving me a sign that I was on the right track, and that things would change and I could handle it.

I returned from Goa, and within the month had signed up for yoga teacher training, and begun in February 2016. Well, then things really got interesting.

My experiences with energy healing continued, I was having awakenings after awakenings, kundalini experiences, shakes, sweats, tremors through the heart and endless internal shakeups. I became immersed in spiritual ascension, teachings on the soul and was so inspired to create more wellness in the workplace. I wanted to contribute to releasing the pain I was seeing around me.

Now, as I witness others transform and guide them into understanding their own internal fire and light with Energy & Soul Medicine, I totally get this.

We all have BIG legacies to live, we all have DREAMS to make reality - and they’re all so unique. I remember writing and writing about what I was experiencing and really curiously piecing together the visions, epiphanies and desires coming through me. I kept writing in my journals, and learnt to trust this inner guidance more and more. I learnt to act on it, rather than resist it and inflict pain on myself.

What I was experiencing internally, has now manifested itself externally, I now have proof in the symbology, symbols and direct messages that comes from inside of me. This is essentially what I help others to see and to trust within themselves and its incredible to say the least.

In fact, it is the co-creation of MAGIC. We get to access the realms that provide deep insight and potential, and pull it through into this 3D existence to manifest on the earth - what it is you really want.

Do you sometimes feel that you’re cracking wide open to something that feels equally mysterious, scary and exhilarating within you?

Perhaps it just feels plain scary?

Do you sometimes struggle with the visions and ideas that come through you when everything is quiet and there’s nothing to distract you? Do you find it overwhelming?

Do you feel like somehow it’s a mistake that the ideas come to you? Almost like you’re not worthy of the big idea or the change that it could represent in your life?

This is exactly how I felt, and still do struggle with this as I reach higher and higher levels within my work, creativity and relationship with my infinite self.

How would it feel to receive guided support as you awaken and draw down new ideas? How would it feel to trust in your internal wisdom and messages?

I would love to support you through this incredible time of awakening and creation of the life that you really want.

Email me at to arrange a completely no obligation 15 min ‘Get Acquainted’ call, so I can get to know you more deeply. Alternatively pop over to my work with me page for private healing experiences.