My grandest soul vision


A transition in life can be incredibly scary, paralyzing, inspiring and magical all at once. Like many of us, I'm experiencing this right now as I make the big move away from successfully leading a corporate marketing team in technology, and therefore a huge part of my identity. I've also sold my high income dependent New York style loft apartment in Sydney’s inner west that is oh so cool and only purchased 14 months ago. I'm throwing in all I have to invest (in a big way) in my soul’s growth without any guarantees of this 'working out'. In true Amy fashion, I’ve gone with the extreme route of doing this all at once. Why? Because I have a burning desire to live my truth right now, so that I can make an impact to our deeply hurting planet earth, and I've come to trust my intuition. What I now understand is to really give my desired life a crack, I must have a crystal clear vision that I make very public, that bares my soul for all to see, that feels so vulnerable that it scares me. This is my first blog post representing my new life, and a declaration of how I will show up in the world, for me, and for you.

My interpretation of a soul vision is a manifestation of what I desire to become true. It’s the why behind what drives me forward, the message that anchors me back into my truth, the reminder that keeps me in check. The vibrant sentence that I feel in my heart when I read or express it out loud. The collection of words that sends tingles all over my body because I have undeniably hit home by intending for it to be so. Before we get to my grandest soul vision, a word on the soul evolution.

For me, this thing we call life isn’t so much a journey, as it is an infinite evolution of the soul. This does require a belief that our soul is absolutely and irrefutably a part of us, and if we lead with our soul’s purpose, we will be actively participating in our unique evolution. When I reflect on my own path, in my 28 years of life here on earth, I can see clearly the pattern of evolution in my sacred stories and in my changing perspective of the world around us. Sometimes the lessons feel harsh, unfair, un-just, but in every case I learn and become stronger. The bigger the lesson, the bigger my soul’s growth and illumination of truth.  My interpretation of the soul evolution is one that leads us toward freedom, compassion, deep love, peace, and connection. Connection to our hearts, each other, nature, and ultimately the source of all – the universe.

I have learned the only way to evolve is to go right through by feeling, surrendering and consciously participating. Not easy, I know! I now understand that this is ok, and it will always be ok. The universe is here for us, in every moment, helping us to see more clearly. We can do this together and participate in our collective forward motion, if we settle into the truth that our evolution and life purpose is infinite in nature. Imagine enjoying the process, knowing it is inescapably moving forward and has no end point. We have no choice but to soften into this and let it go. We don’t wait to be happy or to be further along in life. We are happy when we choose to be and we know happiness is just a passing state, just like grief or sadness. Sometimes my soul evolution is delivered in the harshest of lessons, or in a poor choice that I experience as regret. It really doesn’t matter because I still learn and have forever to try again. Do you feel the peace that comes with this knowing? I do!

Peace comes for me when I don’t fear death and surrender to the process of infinite soul evolution. I believe it’s our purpose on earth to evolve our souls, so I allow it to be just as it is in every moment. To support my evolved life I ask myself what is my desired state of being? How do I want to be and show up in the world? My answer, with Peace and Grace. I can have grace in the darkest of times, just as I can hold peace. It is my constant desired and chosen state.

And so, here we have it, my soul’s grandest vision….

My soul’s grandest vision is to empower the peaceful evolution of our collective souls that illuminates our divine right to live each moment with Grace.

Grace is defined as smoothness and elegance of movement and the originating word from Old French Latin was 'gratus', meaning 'pleasing or thankful' and is related to the concept of gratitude. I think this says it all. We have the profound gift of gratitude in every moment. When we are grateful for all of the lessons and experiences we receive, we are naturally able to live gracefully. Coincidentally, Tony Robbins guided a beautifully simple gratitude practice recently on the Tim Ferris podcast that solidified the potency in this message. If we choose to experience gratitude, we cannot simultaneously suffer and can move naturally with the knowing we are held.

A life lived with grace requires soul connection and without this, we fall stagnant, we lose momentum. We simply cannot do this alone. That’s why I’m making it my choice, to devote myself to a life lived with unwavering grace. I know by embodying this, I will illuminate the same choice within you (but only if we surrender to the potent truth that soul evolution is our purpose and it is infinite).

I imagine a world moving with vibrancy, softness, and momentum. Joy fills our hearts as we see each other more clearly, we spend time in nature, we speak, we touch, smell, sing, move, write, play, create – all in peace, even whilst we evolve and learn the lessons. The world is no longer about ‘work’, in fact the word vanishes. We understand it as co-creation, the dance, and therefore don’t struggle. We literally just be with each other – talking, growing, and playing. We be curious about each other, the unique colour in our friend’s eyes or the way we feel when we’re with them.

I imagine a world moving with grace whilst we evolve, not after we evolve. We sit in the hard, dark spots, knowing they are guiding us, and allow that to be ok. We move with each other and we are aware of the high and low vibrational energy that comes from what we choose to consume or attract, all the while learning what serves us best moment to moment.

We are abundant in our health of mind, body and spirit and realise we always have enough. The universe supports us when we receive our abundance. We let our hearts feel EVERYTHING, and then we let go, and we keep moving. When we connect with those around us living in grace, momentum shoots us higher. We notice, and celebrate, then sit peacefully.

This collection of words has been written to open my sacred story to others that may resonate, so that we can learn from each other and take leaps forward together. I am wholeheartedly devoted to a life of freedom and I know the universe needs me to step into my power in order to receive the riches that I deserve. So, here I am, open to receive, and so excited to see what is around the corner for us all.

To complete this declaration, I will own my truth and share it with the world!

My name is Amy Maree Webb and I am a soul leader who is ok with being a work in progress, a yoga teacher, sharer of mother earths oils, and advocate for a world of Graceful Living. I promise to embody the state of grace, to help you access your divine right to do the same.