My locked down expression is a catalyst for my freedom

Freedom is my jam. I desire to be free beyond measure. Always have, always will. 


That’s why my work is becoming centred around our ability to uniquely be ourselves in any given moment - its what I most need to learn. Having connected with my soul at a deep level, I have become intimate with her. I know some of her strongest desires and I’ve learnt to honour them in my humanness by taking action. However, sometimes the action feels impossible, it feels like my energy is closing in and like the sky might actually concave. Sometimes I lose my voice, sometimes I numb out the soul desire to speak her truth because it just doesn’t feel safe to share the light that is deep within my bones. What if I get prosecuted for sharing truth, what if I’m judged, what if Im misunderstood? All valid human and soul level fears, all worth acknowledging. 

After a session with my incredible mentor, Melissa Sandon, I have connected at a deeper level to one of my biggest catalysts for inner freedom, and that is to fling my heart wide open and share myself with the world, now - to express. That it is time to be unapologetic in my desire to live big and bright and to keep opening even when I don’t feel bright and sparkly - in fact those are the crucial times to do so. 

What I know now, after working with clients on their unique transformation this past year, is I am contracted to fling my heart open into its freedom, not just for myself, but because my sassy soul sisters are waiting for me. They are holding the space for me to shine bright, and so it's no longer a thing for me to sit back and stew on whether I have anything of value to say. 

Its time to be the real me, to birth the real me and to totally luxuriate in being of service to those around me all the while, having FUN as the woman I am. How cool is that, my freedom comes, and therefore my soul clients' freedom will come, when we can joyously share who we are with the world, oh yes!

We all have these core pains and wounds, that can either keep us on the hamster wheel, cycling through and repeating patterns that don’t serve us; or, we can co-create real change by unlocking these wounds like little keys to the doors in Alice in Wonderland. Our body, and in this case, my throat and expression centre, has been teaching me that it’s time to speak up and reach out. It’s time to be radically open

When I felt into what brings me the most freedom and what that would look like, I said to my mentor, “It feels like walking down the street with a huge smile on my face and arms open, saying hello to those I pass, connecting with all kinds of people (including men!) and sharing myself with them”. What I realised in that moment is my ability to share my open, light hearted and joyous woman with others, is directly correlated to my ability to share the work that I do in the world and to attract my soul clients and soul tribe. If I am not able to expand my energy field and embrace all of life with confidence, I won’t feel free and therefore I can’t attract my tribe, loves or clients - they simply won’t see me. 

As this realisation landed, I noticed in my energy field became more connected and anchored into the earth, like a returning to my roots. From there, the energy expanded wide and high into the star system. 

Big. bright. light.  

There is a sense of arrival, a returning and remembering, and a sense of starting life now. Like the previous 29 years were practice, and now the real fun begins. It feels electric. 

So, you will be hearing more from me, you will be seeing my face, you will be hearing my message even in the messy bits, even when it feels too hard. Its time to show up, shine bright and enjoy life. Whose with me?!