My gut health issues taught me healing powers!

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It seems these days like so many of us have, or are currently struggling with, Irritable Bowel symptoms (IBS) or other gut health concerns, it’s a biggie in our world right now.

For years, I had gut problems. I caught a parasite in Bali and then another on my second visit two years later.  I was so bloated, felt sick and uncomfortable all the time and was in so much fear about what to eat, when to eat it and how much of it to eat. I had sent myself crazy in trying to get the food and drink intake right that I became further away from the solution, further away from connection to my body.

When my gut was in its worst condition, I was working in corporate, and now looking back I realise the incredible stress I was experiencing. I had begun my healing journey, but had only scratched the surface and there was much I was about to learn about my gut and body.

The more I learnt about my body, the more I realised how disconnected from it I had been. Yoga connected me with my body much more deeply than ever before, yoga earthed me and reminded me to be present to her. She slowed me down, calmed my breath and allowed me to feel comfortable inside of her, inside my one and only house. I will always shout the praise of yoga because it created the foundation of feeling my feet on the earth, and I believe this is one of the absolute keys to changing the mass disconnection we see in the world today, that manifests as mis-managed anxiety, depression and even worse conditions.

Disconnection can come in many forms, it can look like binge eating, numbing out, watching tv, partying to escape, having sex to escape, working all the time, anything to escape the house we live in, right? Anything to escape ‘dealing with’ our stuff…

It was 6 months after leaving corporate that the truth really started to settle for me,

My stress was creating my dis-ease, period.

I was stressed because I was choosing to live a frantically busy lifestyle where I could avoid myself, because I thought that was my only option. I was choosing to not take full responsibility for my discomfort, and rather to carry it around with me blaming every other thing for its cause. Until one day, I was ready to do the deeper work, and to delve directly inside the pain that was calling me to pay attention in my tummy.

You know that feeling like you have a knot in your stomach, that feels so tight and so messed up there is no way you’ll ever be able to untie it? It hurts like hell doesn’t it? Sometimes that was caused by food choice for me, but after I had exhausted my possibilities around food, supplements, medications, doctors, I realised the only placed left to look was my emotions and inner pains. What I believe now is that extreme knot is emotion trapped in the body, ready to be unleashed and dissolved, for good. 

I believe that’s our gateway, our body is continually speaking to us, through its sensations, waiting for us to actually realise what’s going on.


What are you currently going through in your life that FEELS stuck, trapped, contracted or just downright painful?

Does it FEEL a lot like the way your gut feels when its in pain?

What is stopping you from going with the flow, literally?

If we think of the body in its natural flow, it moves just like the trees in the breeze, it is nature, we are nature, we dance like nature. When we stuff down our emotional truths, they build up and create dis-ease in our body. They jam us up, and jam up our bowels too!

Our gut is our source of power at an energetic level, its where our will to get things done comes from, our deep passion and ability to see new possibilities. When our power is diluted, there is no fire, and we become weak. We then start to believe we are a victim to life instead of the creator.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, are you diluting your fire?

How can you get that fire going again?

What is ready to be resolved deep inside? Where is the knot that once untied, could be the answer to so many of your problems, not just your gut problems?

Because deep down, you know there is so much more for you, once you acknowledge your beautiful house, your incredibly powerful body, freedom will arise. 

What I know now, after years of perfecting my diet and over analysing myself, is I'm allowed to sometimes choose the not so healthy thing, I'm allowed to go easy on myself if it means Im happy and in flow with my body and mind. If my emotions are flowing, my body will flow too.

Don't get me wrong, the low hanging fruit, the step one, is to eat as close to nature as you can. We have so much incredible information out there about eating well, and nourishing our bodies, but I want even more for you, I want deeper freedom, where you make the connection that your body and your emotions are your key to a whole new level of empowerment within. Where you get to create your reality.

So, beauty, is it time to feel and heal?

This is exactly what I do with my clients, I've got endless experiences that I weave into my knowledge of energy and soul medicine kinesiology to guide your transformation. I'm seeing it happen in my clients and I want more people to receive this experience. I'm convinced I've got things I can share with you that will bring you deep clarity and joy.

You work with me to heal your self, it's beautiful and it's necessary. 

If you would like to work with me over the next few months, I'm inviting you into that right now. I won't be taking as many private clients after this, as I have grand plans of speaking and working with groups, but right now, I am keen as a bean to work 1:1 with as many as possible, so take the opportunity while its ripe and jump in if this resonates!

Learn a little more about Inner Freedom Journeys here, and take action to tend to your inner truths right now. Don't hold yourself back any longer from receiving the gifts that are inside you. It is time, for all of us. Just like it was for me when I began this journey.

I would love to know if this resonated for you, leave me a comment below or reply by email!