Part 1: She's Grace Stories and Reflections from the Collective- An Immersion for the Soul


She's Grace is emerging as a collective. The one that I envisioned almost three years ago during a personal retreat on the south coast. What is forming from spending intimate moments with, what was initially a small client base, is turning into a collective and collaboration of like-minded souls that have a pure intention and rich capacity, to bring change to this world.

There's such a clear pattern in the She's Grace collective, of pure-hearted, open-minded souls that become more and more connected to the magic of who they are, and the value that they bring.

Potential actualised, contribution activated.

It's always been there, within their depths, just like it was for me, but now after journeying together for some time, it is on fire.

Now, its becoming clearer - the collective need to share their learnings so the word spreads and the feeling transmits because it's not about me at all, it's about the big, vast, grand vision of connection and unity across the planet.

So over the next few weeks, you'll be hearing experiential learnings and collections of journal entries, self-reflective stories, and insights into the ever-evolving minds and hearts of those within the Shes Grace Collective.

Because they are you, and you are them.

I want you to feel what is possible.

The words from the collective are so potent, and their fresh insights are medicine for everyone right now. After much struggling, commitment and dedication, there is a true blossoming of potential emerging - this is what it's all about when we heal and transform from our preconceived ideas about who we are and our worth. We can truly change. It's happening all the time.

Enjoy part one, from Alex, after her experience at the four-day Liberation Immersion and year-long dedication to her soul, with me as her guide - a true sinking into the soul that created an activation of her impeccable insight into the true nature of an embodied soul anchored in a human body.

Part One: She's Grace Stories and Reflections from the Collective - An Immersion for the Soul


Hello! My name is Alex.

I am 21 years old, I live in Camden and I have been working with Amy for about a year now. I was a part of the She's Grace Liberation Immersion.

Having Amy guide me back to my soul has been nothing short of amazing. I have been in some pretty dark places and I am finally seeing the light.

The change I have seen in myself has ignited a passion to share my experiences so that others can have an insight into what is possible when you truly commit to your soul journey.

Before the Liberation Immersion Retreat, I felt as though I had never been fully present in my body. As though I was not welcome on this Earth.

I was struggling to understand what the purpose of life was.

I was constantly questioning my very existence.

I was miserable and lonely.

I had such a strong desire to figure out where my life was heading, what I could do to help others and promote change. But there was so much I wanted to learn and do for the world that I felt overwhelmed and instead of picking somewhere to start, I did nothing at all.

My lack of inspiration and inability to piece together my future drove me into deep states of melancholy for not only my existence but for the fate of the planet.
I saw around me so many people who seemed to be immune to what was happening around them, and while I was in the thick of it, they were completely numb.

I felt so alone.
I felt separated from the rest of the world.
I had such a desire to help, to heal, but felt as though I did not possess the tools to make an impact - why would anyone listen to me?

I was plagued by feelings of unworthiness that affected every aspect of my life; my relationships (with family, friends and even myself), my sense of purpose and my love for life.
This unworthiness appeared in the forms of depression and social anxiety and it was so crippling that I felt as though I couldn’t walk around properly for fear of constantly being judged by the people around me.

At the retreat, I finally landed in my body. I felt my soul in my body for the first time.
All these feelings of unworthiness, that I had been overwhelmed with my entire life, were lifted. For the first time, I felt comfort and peace and home.

I felt at home for the first time in my body.

The clarity I received once all the negative and crippling thoughts were gone was unbelievable. My mind had been so noisy and now it was so quiet.
I can now see the endless possibilities for my future.
I truly feel as though my life now has meaning.

Thinking about that moment of release still brings tears to my eyes.
I was so so lost and I thought for a while that even though I did feel more connected to myself through working with Amy, that perhaps that was all there was.
Just moving through life. Constantly worried and stressed about why I was here.

Well, now I feel peace.

Now I trust in the flow of life.

I now know I am here for a reason.

I am filled with love and I have so much love for this body - this vessel - that has persevered through all the pain and feelings of hopelessness.
All the pain has been worth it to finally feel safe and at peace in myself.

It led me into such a sacred experience, it allowed me to embody my soul and have its beauty and eternal love engulf my entire being.

It allowed me to experience pure energy pulsating through my body - so much so that I was not merely human, but something so much more.

Transcending this earthly state to something I can only describe as the embodiment of the light of the heavens.

Pure, raw, real.

Something that most people will never experience in their lifetime, I got to experience at 20 years old.

I am so humbled and eternally grateful to have been a part of the retreat, to be able to share this experience so that others may find home within their own skin.

There is nothing more beautiful than coming home to yourself.

I hope that sharing my story will allow others to feel as though change is truly possible - what you think is the ending is only the beginning.

We are all destined for love and happiness.

The way there is not always easy, but it is so so worth it.

- Alex

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