Part Two Reflections from the Collective: An Immersion for the Soul


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Hello! My name is Alex.

Here are some more of
my reflections, on what I learned about connection and intimacy since attending the Liberation Immersion with Amy...

The retreat environment was perfectly set up to foster true connection; we were in a supportive space where every opinion was respected, every voice important, every emotion encouraged, to blossom. Whether that be crying, laughing or simply sitting in silence.

We were free to let our hearts fling wide open without fear.

Emotions that had been repressed deep within us were finally able to move through our body, and we could choose to fill up this new space with love, joy, and possibility.

In just 4 days I established some really amazing connections with a group of people who I had only just met - pure, deep soul level connections.

But this wasn't something I just slipped into as soon as I arrived...

What I found was, I couldn't create a connection of this depth if I was not first connected to myself.

This was one of the most important lessons for me to learn.

Connection has always a struggle for me.

I believed I wasn't worthy of being seen, or heard, or loved.

Instead of looking within and choosing to love myself first, I wanted validation from everyone around me. I yearned for love, I yearned for connection, but I ignored the yearning in my heart to connect to who I truly am, to my soul.

Upon arriving at the retreat, I had every intention of bringing my whole self into the experience, but the disconnection I felt within myself prevented me from opening up to the group.

I was fully committed to bringing my whole self into the experience, but subconsciously I was not.

What I found on the retreat was that we were all able to connect so deeply to one another because we had first connected with ourselves. We had each felt the deep and unwavering love of our soul, and once we were aware of this, allowed it to spill out of us and overflow into each person around us. It was this feeling in which we bathed in throughout the Immersion.

Copious amounts of love, emanating out of our bodies, filling up the space around us.
Sacred unity, presence and mutual understanding of the energetic life force that flows through each of us.

We could access a space of pure potential, free from the constraints of society, liberating us from old stories and thought patterns, allowing us to be completely present in the NOW!

Intimacy is often associated with a physical connection, and before the retreat, I believed intimacy was a state of being that could only be felt in this way or with my partner.

The retreat showed me that the most intimate moments can be felt when two parties are completely open when the facade is dropped and expectation is released.

Energetic intimacy like we experienced on the retreat was not sexual and this has shown me that pure, real, raw love does not have to be sexual either.

Some of the moments we shared on the retreat were the most intimate moments of my life. There is such a deep-rooted love for life within us all when all the veils are dropped, a deep well which we can access when we truly connect with ourselves.

- Alex

P.S The next Immersive Retreat is coming soon (in November this year!), if you would like to put your name down for the waitlist, please email me at There will be a short application process to ensure we are a good fit for each other and for the group, so stay tuned for details coming very soon (or email me directly today to express your interest).

An excerpt direct from Alex’s journal, post-retreat.

Pure, raw, beautiful presence. We stood united- in unity- supported by the strong, wise roots of the trees around us. Mother Earth held us in her arms and as we embraced, so did the aspects of light, dark, spirit, earth, masculine, feminine, past and future. It was ethereal.

Standing completely open, naked, raw and vulnerable.

I have never felt so completely held. We were one. We were whole.

All of our physicality melted away to reveal the true essence of our souls, stark naked, open without fear. Pure light energy, Pure potential.

Everything and nothing simultaneously.

We transcended space and time, completely and utterly immersed in a single moment.

It was the epitome of soul embodiment, of knowingness, of being.

Everything made sense.

There was nothing to do except be.

Simply be.

Simply exist.


I have never felt such liberation, such joy, such real, raw wholeness. It was magic.

We are all one.

What a feeling to truly be seen. What a feeling to make love through energetic connection - there is nothing that can compare to sharing your soul's true unconditional love for yourself, with a group of people.

To see someone flourish and their petals unfurl to reveal the divine, ethereal majesty that is in each of us - to recognise or remember that we are each an aspect of a larger whole. We are essentially the same.

I am honoured and truly grateful.