Self Development or Compassionate Self Responsibility? 

The self development world is one that seems you're either all in or all out. I started to question, is self development the most appropriate way to explain my personal growth journey, or could it better be described as "compassionate self responsibility?".

I've been interested in personal growth since I was a kid, wanting to learn new things, be the best at it, and teach others to do the same. What I realise now, for me to live the kind of creative, expressive and fulfilled life that I know is my birthright, I have to take full responsibility for how I 'be' in the world - inwardly and outwardly. 

The past two years, I’ve been on a pretty intense self growth journey (for those that know the term, 'Saturn Return' - safe to say, I'm there!) that has led me to deeper places within myself than I knew were possible. I have gone there, through many spiritual and very practical practices, with tools like pure essential oils by my side, because I know it is necessary to clean up my inner world so that I can reflect the love that I wish to see outwardly and magnetise toward me.

I have meditated, practiced every all type of yoga, learnt to teach yoga, practiced kundalini and sacred dance, delved into the teachings of energy medicine, emotional embodiment and now emotional/brain integration; worked with chiropractors and NET specialists, religiously used essential oils, journaled (a lot!), expressed my truth in public forums, quit my corporate job, sold my chic converted warehouse apartment, given myself the space without jumping into new romantic relationships, created a heart led business, and actively presented my big vision. I have literally treated myself like an artwork that I am tending to each day. It’s been bloody challenging, but the upside…….. Wow - its pretty special. 


Why do I do all of this, really?

Because I know I am here to serve the greater good of all, now more than ever. 


One of my highest values is to live from soul, from that guided intuition. That has become easier and easier as I continue to add to the tapestry of my artwork of self. My intuition, soul calling, soul guidance, lets me know if I'm on the right track in many ways - but always through my system or field, meaning - my body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit are gateways to me creating, changing and simply obtaining what I desire in this life. In the past year, that has felt like extreme pain in the body, gut health issues, head tension, memories being recalled and cleared from my childhood, stuck emotions being cleared from my cellular memory, taking responsibility for my past mistakes, and most of all - having compassion for myself as I ride the cycles, so that I can let go and move through to a more liberated state that feels really good for me.

Its like looking at your whole field from a birds eye view, and choosing what to keep and what to clear out because it longer fits.

So for me, I don’t think of self development work as only for a few, I believe it is for all of us, and it is more about 'compassionate self responsibility’. If we choose to clean up our own ‘ houses', i.e. our inner world, we literally shine and light up the outer world. We become lighter and more able to access our confidence, conviction and creativity. Our power. 

For me, this is the new frontier of ‘Self-Love’, and what the vision of She’s Grace is all about - devoted and compassionate self responsibility. 

This isn’t to say that you need to go on an intense unraveling experience like I did. My hope is that I can simplify it and provide stepping stones for the subtle change to ignite within you, to help you to benefit from some of the things I've learnt. For example, to welcome the energy of DoTerra into your heart and it’s pure essential oils into your home, is to say yes to ‘compassionate self responsibility'. It will invite you to the gateways of change within your field and system, into a new kind of self-empowerment. By connecting to a community like She’s Grace, we take it that bit further day by day. More tools and practices to accelerate your desires being drawn to you, more stories to share on how to become emotionally free, more guidance to actually create your dreams, more passion to live and ‘be’ in an easeful, natural and graceful way. 

She’s Grace is a vision that has come to me in my dreams and intuition, and it’s not me - it’s much bigger than me. So I’m coming along for the ride too! We are in this together, and I'm deeply thankful for those that have said yes to this fun, miraculous adventure and for those yet to come! 

So, are you up for some compassionate self responsibility, to create the kind of life most only dream of? Hell yeah! 

Let’s do this.