Signs of an energetic breakthrough

As we continue to up-level, upgrade and transform into our highest light and conscious awareness, we go through cycles of letting go.

Have you been feeling like your inner world is turning upside down, and you're not sure how to communicate that to those around you?

Do you feel a little strange, weird or crazy even?

Do you feel confused with your ‘ups and downs’, and how rapidly your emotions seem to be changing?

I feel you, and I completely understand.

It can feel really confusing, and even terrifying as your world internally starts to shake up, and you start to notice that what you once thought was important, isn’t you anymore, your values start to warp and your perception seems to be shifting on the daily.

It feels a hell of a lot like intense stress and anxiety, or like your heart is going to beat out of your chest.

First, take a really deep breath into your lower belly, with your hands resting there. Then exhale, out of your mouth and feel yourself drop closer to the earth beneath you, remembering that the earth is holding you, she is supporting you. Repeat two more times.

Ok, lets continue.

Energetic expansion is happening at a rapid rate on the planet, and it meets us, in our bodies, in a billion different ways.

It can feel like you’re in a washing machine of emotions, physical trembles, ringing sounds in the ears, feelings of irrational emotion needing to be released, sweats, night terrors or lucid dreams. It can feel like overwhelming insecurity and lack of self worth, especially around your body image.

It can feel like having every emotion under the sun all within one day, or being triggered by everything and everyone, or it can feel like our bones are preparing for a tidal wave of energy to enter.

It can feel like you are well and truly slipping backwards into a dark hole of your own mess, and like you will never get out of that feeling.

Again, I completely feel you. I have been here, I have felt all of this and have experienced this internal reckoning so many times.

What I’ve learnt over time, and especially in my experience with Energy & Soul Medicine, is

the tension point is the gateway.

If you feel tension in your life right now, across any level of who you are, i.e. your emotions, spirit, energy, body or mind; or across any area of your life, especially in your relationships,

this is your moment in time to get really earthed, and really patient.

Something huge is moving through you, a doorway to a new level of potential that can and will change your life if you allow it and accept it into your reality.

Instead of fighting, pushing, controlling, can you soften and melt and lean into your tension point?

In order to break through and intentionally transform from the core of who you are,

Rise within your tension point, don’t try to bypass it.



Its in the gnarly messy moments that we get to receive, by letting go and embracing it ALL.

It does sound counter productive I know, yet its an energetic instruction and can happen in a breath. When you energetically make the choice to be with your experience fully, without trying to break away from it, there is a huge release available for you and a feeling of expansion that can feel a lot like freedom.

Harmony can come from the chaos in this place, and your ability to surrender into yourself is the path to support this to happen.

If you desire to expand your potential, so that you can feel more alive and fulfilled, and more tapped in to your overflowing energy or if you would like the pressure and tension to release, and are struggling to do this on your own, you can book in a 1:1 healing session with me. I work online and in person, so if you feel the call, I’m here to fully support. If you would like to discuss your options in how I can best support you, email me at