When you sabotage the good stuff

When you sabotage the good stuff

Do you find you start to get some momentum in your life or health, and all of a sudden sabotage everything you just created?

One of the most common things that drove me crazy about myself, was my endless cycles of destroying my own progress and joy in my life. I was really, really good at this. 

Do you ever find yourself having the best few weeks in quite a while, everything is flowing, your health is strong, you’ve been eating the right things at the right time that make you feel good, you feel confident and are able to connect with people, and all of a sudden you turn that happiness into worry and doubt?

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When your whole mission is freedom and you feel the exact opposite.

This is where the rubber hits the road, the point where you are tested with everything you’ve got and you have to use everything you have learnt along the way, all at the same time, with laser focus and intention just to get through another day..

When I was in high school I wrote an English paper on the song “The Climb” by No Doubt. No Doubt was my favourite band, it was my first album purchase. I remember getting it on Christmas Day from my parents and just listening on repeat for days. I still love that album.

That song represents everything about my journey, and so many others right now that are becoming awake, releasing the veils, and actually going for their dreams. At times the journey can be swift, flowing, rocket like. At other times you feel like you might actually die, like you are out of breath, out of juice, out of inspiration and like you are attempting to pioneer something that you’ve totally overestimated how long it would take to make real. 

You go all the way in the opposite direction, and then slowly but surely you climb back. 

Like the lyrics of the No Doubt song:

Step by step I come closer to reaching the top
Every step must be placed so that I don't fall off
Looking down to see about how much higher I am
Another cool wind comes through, brushes my skin
Oh, the harder I push the tension does grow
I gather my thoughts the further and further I go
With some luck I just might keep on climbing
So better to climb than to face a fall (face a fall)

So high the climb (So high the climb)
I can't turn back now
Must keep climbing up to the clouds
So high the climb (So high the climb)
Can't turn back now
Must keep climbing up to the clouds

Says it all really. This may seem dramatic, but I know you, I know you get me.  

So, about a week ago this was my experience - feeling the opposite of free felt like the perfect sensation of anxiety, tightness in chest, lack mentality on repeat, stuck-ness, rejection, feeling unseen, invisible, and a total lack of connection. Almost like I was not actually in my life. I was observing, yet this was the experience. 

In every area there was something. It wasn’t just money, it wasn’t just relationships, It wasn’t just my body, it wasn’t just my emotions, or the sense of insecurity or lack of confidence. It was everything. The entire spectrum of how I look at Inner Freedom had seemingly imploded on me. It was as if I was about to have the biggest reckoning of my soul yet, like now I was going to see what I was really made of, what my healing capacity could alchemise. How was I going to turn this hot mess of an experience into gold, just like I do with my clients?

Every aspect of me was shaken up and cracked apart. It left me so stuck, so out of control. So I processed, and cleared, let go and processed some more - and the penny dropped. I was still playing victim to my life circumstances. Victimhood is an archetype many of us wear as a way of blaming something other than ourselves for what happens to us in life. 

I know my capability as a co-creator of life. I know it is all up to me, yet I was experiencing the polarity of this. The exact opposite.

The essence of the work that I want to bring to the world is a whole new paradigm of empowerment that reinstates our place on earth as master co-creators of our destiny. This is what I know in my bones to be true and real.

We are, I am, master creators. We choose what happens. 

This got me thinking, what really is healing anyway? I asked myself the question and what came was the juice that got me through.

Healing is changing one form, into another. 

Healing is being able to recognise when you are in the thick of a catalyst that can bring you alchemy i.e. changing the makeup of the particular pattern, behaviour, cycle that is playing out on the movie screen of your life - into what you really desire or your higher potential and possibility.

This begs the question, what do I want to change the experience to?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to actually claim what you desire in your life? To really name it? Have you noticed that it becomes a lot easier once you know what you do not want in your life? How do we know what we don't want? We've likely just experienced it. When we have the awareness to take that life experience and direct it toward evolution and growth, we start to get how we can create our desires, how to manifest.

What I learnt was I was being tested to actually name, claim and express ultimate freedom as the desire for myself, my soul clients and the wider community. I know that my higher/eternal/soul self was gifting me (my human/ego self) the experience of knowing the total opposite across every area so that I could be crystal clear on what I am not available for, what is no longer acceptable in my sphere and further how I could bring the most juiciest experience to my clients that I myself intimately have gone through. 

So, then begins the alchemy, the changing one substance into another from a place of power, sovereignty, soulful intelligence. 

I remembered once again my innate capacity to heal myself.

I remembered once again that the biggest hurdles take me closer to my true potential on the fastest path possible.

I remembered I am not a victim, and instead I am power-full.

What happens next is like magic. The burning rush of fire-like action moving through my veins. Time to get creating, time to express once more, time to stand out loud and proud UNAPOLOGETICALLY. 

Fear turns into passion.

Doubt turns into conviction.

Unworthiness turns into unconditional love. 

Victimhood turns into sovereignty. 

I’ll be getting deeper into the topic of healing, and how we can really master our reality, at a free info night this Saturday. This is your opportunity to learn about how I create healing for myself and my clients. You will get to understand why healing is no longer a hippie, woo woo, niche experience. You will get to learn that it is simply your time to make change in your life for yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. 

It is time, there is no question. 

Join me Saturday at One Big Heart Yoga, 5pm. To lock in your spot for the free event, go here for more details


If you feel the call to get started now, if you feel you know there is something big bubbling up in you and you feel like I could support you in that, visit my Inner Freedom Journey work here.

Make it your time. Take back the power. 

Love, Amy x

3 months to you. Essential Oils Empowered Living Workshop for Young Women.


Essential Oils Empowered Living Workshop for Young Women.

I've known since the beginning of my Doterra journey that this community I’m building is for a particular person. Its for a person just like me, someone that desperately wants to feel good in their body, to look in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are and not the masks or identities we keep telling ourselves we are.

You want to love yourself but you don’t know how to actually believe it in your cells. To actually feel that you’re worthy of the kind of love that is so solid its unbreakable. The kind of love that allows you to leave behind those past masks, never to return to them again. To propel yourself into the most vibrant and vital life, that is full of energy, vitality and creativity. To allow yourself to actually achieve the kind of brilliance and magnificence that feels like success to you. To move freely and express from the heart of who you are without any need to hold back. You simply want to be you, and 'know' you. I’ve been too afraid to actually reach out to you, who is just like me, out of fear of rejection or being too much, but today is the day I know I need to show up for you.

DoTerra has been the gateway for my heart to explode wide open, and to uncover my souls realness, and strong desire to help women just like me that have been suffering in silence. It might have shown up (or still be showing up) in some form of depression, anxiety, obsession for perfectionism, or simply a closed heart. You might have distorted body image issues, or be trapped in the wrong relationship that is causing you to suffer immensely. You might know you have more to offer but just can’t seem to stop self sabotaging. I hear you. I am just like you, and I'm ready to make change that lasts.

You are sick of struggling with your body getting sick and not running optimally. You might have a specific diagnosis or just feel like crap. You might have an unhealthy relationship with food because its that thing that you can control when all else feels like its a big fat mess. You’re over this, and you just want to feel empowered again. You know deep down that you might be creating this far from healthy state, with your thoughts and self berating talk. You might be going to yoga every day or working out at the gym, but you still keep yourself in check every day, even if ticking off everything on your to do list. You're still not feeling 'good enough', to just move through life in grace and flow, even though thats your number one goal - to feel worthy and ‘good enough’ for the world. You know that's what you want, and how you want to feel, but you just can’t seem to get there. To go there. To feel worth the small changes every day to make lasting impact in your life. I want you to know that I get you. I've experienced real trauma in my life, I’ve been emotionally abused, I’ve been stalked and have had my life and my families life threatened by the instability of someone I’ve been in relationship with, thats caused such a riff in my heart, its scary to keep it open. I’ve blamed myself for experiences like these for long enough. I know I've got a huge heart, thats ready to express and serve, and you do too. Now as a 29 year old woman, I am still uncovering more of this self hate rising to the surface to be cleared. I am just like you.

The possibilities...

What if there was a group of like minded young women that could come together, with a tool of the earth, that connects us again to a strength, and support that is more nurturing than anything we’ve experienced before? Where you can share on how you really feel and just be heard, without anything to fix or change, to just be supported. A space that restores our faith in how we can empower ourselves and how we ‘look after’ and ‘love’ ourselves. What would it mean to you to have someone in your life that feels just like you? That has perhaps held a brave face for their whole lifetime, and that is ready to just be supported by someone that gets them? Someone that isn’t your family, your best friend or your partner? Someone neutral to it all that is just happy to listen and hold the space with you? How would that feel? What would be possible?

The essential oils are that vehicle for us to come together. Literally.

I have space in my life for 20-30 women that are ready to go on a journey of connectedness and self inquiry, into who they really are. Women that are willing to support me while I go on the very same journey. These are the kind of women I want in the She’s Grace heart connected community. Women that know they have work to do to let go of the armour around their heart, but are willing to go there, because they feel safe knowing they’ve got their sisters with them.

know these beautiful goddesses are out there, waiting for the right tools and people to support them coming back home to their bodies. To meet themselves in the mirror and see the magnificence that is right there inside of them.

So here is my invitation to you, you who is still reading (because thats not an accident you have gotten to this point! No matter how scary, weird or numb you feel to it - if you’re here, there is something for you!):


Open to receive DoTerra Essential Oils as your tool:

Introduction, initiation and education into essential oils as an empowerment tool


Weekly online (private and closed) group call, facilitated by Amy

Facebook group, to hold the collective space, share stories and resources

1:1 authentic connection and conversation

To activate the change we must invest in ourselves:

Investing in a DoTerra enrolment kit, and activating your monthly order for the next three months, is what we will do to initiate the space and come together as a group. To really ensure the group includes the most powerfully supportive mix of young women, we will call in the self investment before the 31st of May. This means, we can start the process from 1st June, and the magic can unfold from June to end August. Say yes to love for yourself by welcoming in the earths oils that have the power to anchor your belief in yourself as a powerful healer of your own mind, body and spirit. Just like they continue to do for me..

This is an investment I know. Investment of energy, money, time, and showing up as yourself. However, I know this is what you’ve been waiting for - so act on it, act on your knowing, and don't delay or second guess yourself. Trust in your intuition that has been calling out to you for a while now! In the scheme of your whole life, and potential, the investment really is a tiny one. This is about activating life change, that ignites your heart and propels you forward, not just for you, but for everyone around you.

If you know someone who you think should be part of this group, perhaps your sister, daughter, best friend, cousin or work colleague, I would love to reward you for sharing this message. For anyone that connects me with a powerful young woman ready to partake on this journey, I'll gift you a bottle of beautiful Wild Orange oil (the oil of abundance). What a special thing to gift a loved one! All I ask is that you have the genuine conversation with your friend before reaching out to me, they trust and respect your guidance, so that's important. Contact me atamy@shesgrace.org and share this invitation with your beautiful, deserving friend so they can register.

I can imagine us coming together in an online circle, to learn how to intuitively nurture ourselves with oils, and other simple, and practical practices. Mostly, we will share stories, of whats really going on for us, and be held and supported by the other young women in the group. It will be a closed group, focused on education of how to use the oils, and open authentic communication, so you can be liberated from holding everything inside. We’ll have a weekly call, to share, learn and open the heart. To learn how it feels to be in your heart, and to make that your primary residence.

The women that commit before 31st of May, will be rewarded with an essential oil that I choose for them intuitively, with a personal letter that will be mailed to you. This isn’t something for everyone, but it is a powerful space to activate your potential. I can feel how important this is for you, and how desperate you have been waiting for something just like this.

The She’s Grace 3 Months to You Program, is a prerequisite to a larger program that I will run later in the year. The oils have been that precursor of the magic for me, so its time to get them in your life, and make that commitment to you. The monthly order makes this permanent, and the self nurturing will begin straight away.

For the days leading up to the 31st of May, I'll offer calls and Facebook Live videos within the Facebook Group initiated just for you. Access the Facebook group here

You can come here, and check out what its about, feel into my energy, and decide if this is the right time for you. On the call I'll share about my story, give details on how to get set up, and provide time for Q&A. This is a great opportunity for mothers, fathers or friends who would like to share the opportunity, you can come and learn more in this space.

I want you to feel into my heart, and if you can resonate with a program like this, for 3 months, with at least 1 hour commitment of your time a week, as well as commitment to integrate the oils in your life. This is special. Deep but light, and for a select group that feel this. If you jump in and find its not for you, at least you have the oils in your life, and that brings me such joy!

This is a journey back to you, welcome it in and lets make some lasting, magical, change together <3


Head over to the registration page to secure your spot, and to activate your oils initiation!