I'll rise up for my tribe

Having just returned from what has been the most illuminating week spent in nature on second level Yoga Teacher training (seriously, it should be called ‘learn how to live again’ training), with fifteen other change makers, I am reminded of something so simple but so profoundly important – a collective community (or ‘tribe’) that is vibrating at a similar frequency to life, as nature, as mother earth, is powerful beyond words in invoking more love, more trust and more joy into our seemingly individual lives. Especially in times like these…

It’s of no news to any of us that we are in what may be the most confusing time of our generation with the news of Donald Trump taking presidency. Now more than ever, my heart aches for humanity, and for me personally, I’m hurting for women. Even before hearing the news today I felt a constriction in my throat and felt nauseous. I was reminded of the deep pain women of many ages and backgrounds have been feeling for thousands of years through experiencing physical, spiritual and emotional slavery (did you know that human trafficking is one of the most significant human rights challenges of this century, globally? It does help me to see where my energy might be best served). I sense that there is a collective feeling of unworthiness that has again bubbled to the surface for women around the world and I would be lying if I said I couldn’t draw parallels between the Trump situation and the impact on women feeling powerless. However, with the heartache, always comes an opportunity, and a moment to be grateful…

I am in awe of the beautiful people I shared the past two weeks with on Yoga Teacher Training. As we dove into the experience, the level of unconditional love was palpable. At times, I found myself not feeling like I deserved all of it, that I wasn’t worthy of such beauty, divinity and permission to be seen as my true self, but of course - I am! We came together two weeks ago as a group of people that didn’t know each other, and by the end, we were an unbroken unit of complete acceptance and truth. We had revealed our shadows to each other and claimed our radiance in the spotlight. We ecstatically danced and sang, laughed and cried. We laid our hands on one another to provide support and assistance, we shared every meal and thanked our continuously giving mother earth for providing it. We walked with and observed nature in its purity, and felt our human selves merge with it. We filled our cups so full of love and gratitude that we could no longer keep our happy tears contained. We simply felt everything, as we basked in awe of the unique expression of heart that unraveled before our eyes. It was a breathtaking experience.

What was so powerful was how good it felt to support my new friends and see them shine their light as they expressed their love of yoga and life. I experienced a deep understanding that all humans have this, a heart. Underneath all of the conditioned thinking, the hurt, pain or rejection, we all have a pure heart that shines brightly, that radiates like the sun. There were so many shifts and transformations that took place in our little tribe of fifteen that would not have taken place without each other. We blossomed, because we did it together. We left feeling more connected to our own human hearts, because we connected to each other. We felt what it was like to connect without judgment, just with pure love and selflessness. Now, we leave as fifteen humans that can go out in the world and build our own tribes that can too experience the gift of heart connection. 

We may feel powerless when it comes to Trump, but we have a choice to create and contribute to our own tribes that thrive on love, acceptance, compassion and unwavering trust. I see so much beauty in those around me, doing amazingly inspiring things for themselves, their family, friends, community, and for the planet – and it is making a difference, IT IS RAISING THE VIBRATION. I know where I want to spend my time and energy and know how important it is that I honor that and rise to the challenge.

Do you?

I choose to rise up, as a women in the world that has choice and freedom to express her truth. I choose to work on creating a conscious enterprise that empowers women to claim their place on earth and remain grounded here, owning their humanness and radiance. I choose to rise up with light and joy through my interactions on the street, on social media, in a yoga class I'm teaching, within a blog I'm writing or when look in the mirror. I realise that this situation is a HUGE wake up call to own all parts of me, because if I am triggered by this man with power, than I have something to learn. This isn’t to say that I choose ignorance, this is a potent choice to very consciously lead in the direction of trust, love and grace. The only choice I give to myself is to TRUST MORE DEEPLY than ever before, that I will be held by mother earth, the universe, and that I belong here. From this place, I will help to serve myself and then others. I will consciously contribute to the high vibing tribes I am a part of (and so grateful for), and will continue to build my own tribe by owning my leadership role in raising the vibration – that is, to keep the energy clean and buzzing with vitality, so we can evolve.  I believe this is our right here, we are allowed to expand and grow and enjoy this day as our essential nature, in fact that is what I believe the universe is calling us to do right now. Because if we own our human selves, and our ride, with whole hardheartedness, we can consciously give to those that really need it – once we land again on earth. There are so many humans that desperately need our help, and for us to come together in unity – as one big conscious tribe.

I know what I’ll be doing.

And when I feel like giving up, I’ll remember that I am free. I am love. I am light. I am deeply purposeful on my quest to raise the vibration of humanity.

Peace and Love.

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