My new soul biz inviting you to come home & rise.

It’s taken me a little while to step into my power, and truth. You might have read a blog here or there, or checked out my instagram. I've been cautious about what to share, how to share it, and when to share it, as I create my DoTerra and Yoga teaching business and transition away from corporate marketing life. Honestly, I value authenticity so much that I really want you to understand just how much this dream means to me, and that being of service is my life blood. Structure isn't so important anymore, its such an organic unraveling, which is really beautiful. 

I knew my soul had a great plan for me, and the birthing of my real work is now ready to unfold. What a magical and at times tedious journey it has been!

I have a vision, that feels huge, and transformational for my tribe. My tribe of women (and perhaps some men!) that feel the yearning in their heart for something deeper. You will know if this is for you, and if it isn’t that is so perfect. My vision is not going to be for everyone, and I am totally cool with that. I’ve certainly learnt the power of staying true to myself. I know I'm here to serve a specific group, that are just like me, that want more of life, that desire to dive in head first into their potential, that know there is something far greater happening in our universe right now that is tapping them on the shoulder, saying yep - I’m talking to you!

I’m now ready to share with you, darling. You, who wants to explore more change, more expansion and more grace in your world. This is for you x


She's Grace, Come Home to Rise

My business is me, but my vision and real work is in alignment with She’s Grace. I'm just the empty, open and willing vessel to get the word out and the work completed. My vision of She’s Grace is the work my soul has asked me to ‘be’ in this lifetime.

She’s Grace is the powerful force of a revolution, that brings you home to your essence so you can rise in true grace and soul flow.

She is a women of sovereignty, ready to claim her place on earth and stand in her power. When she opens to her highest self and the higher universal source, magic happens. There is a co-creation of moving through life in grace, embracing and opening to the eb and flow of healing and becoming whole. 

To live gracefully is to move through life gently, releasing limiting stories and beliefs, and physical, mental and emotional pain, to birth ourselves as pure love and joy. When we are in this place we access an inner freedom that expands our radiance to all corners of the earth. We communicate clearly, we dance in the experience of life, we love deeply and feel safe to hold powerful yet soft boundaries. We become deeply embodied in our power. She. 

When we combine the force of our integrated selves, we decide to take our place as human on the earth, to speak our authentic word and to live and be that. That deep connection allows us the safety to know, see, feel and trust in the higher universal energies that are infinite and full of endless possibility. We create from the essence of who we are, accepting our whole selves and the intuitive guidance that flows freely to our hearts. Radiance ripples out into our lives, we become the light that we want to see in the world. Grace. 

How do we open to and successfully embody this state of graceful living? She’s Grace.

I know, see, and feel in my cells, that my soul work is to share this message and movement through the modalities of alternative energy & soul medicine therapies (currently becoming a certified practitioner!), yoga, meditation, breath and my beloved essential oils. These modalities are the specific tools that I've experienced in my own personal transformation up until this point. 

These tools have enacted the courage and wisdom within me to claim my power, to open and receive my intuitive guidance and act on it, and to embody and be the light essence I want to see in the world. 

Its powerful, and its my responsibility to share it. 

I’ve realised that my journey and approach to DoTerra’s business model will be different to what I first expected, because I know these oils are here to allow this transformation to happen for a collective group, the tribe of She’s Grace. Those that connect with me, will be transformed in the process, and they will form my soul clients and soul mates. Of course, it can start with a physical issue to work through or a deficient sleep pattern to rectify, thats just a sign that healing is imminent. My education on the oils will come from my experience with them, that’s the only way I can authentically educate. I will teach you how to use the tools for personal health and wellbeing, and then I will offer you more - more opening, more truth, more alignment, more expansion. 

Are you ready to make the change courageous one? Are you ready to see, feel and experience the essence of who you really are? Are you ready to blow all ideas of what is possible for yourself? Are you ready to see the magnificence of all that you embody?

Here is what I know to be true..


When you make the choice to try an oil, you say yes to your curiosity. 


When you make the choice to invest in the Home Essentials Kit, you say yes to positive change in your life. 


When you choose to activate your monthly rewards order (LRP), you say yes to your own sacred personal transformation, and you say yes to you. 


When you choose to say yes to sharing these gifts oF mumma earth with others, you say yes to the movement of She’s Grace & DoTerra. You share because you know its going to serve someone else’s much needed transformation, and you know intuitively that is what you are here to do, irrespective of the financial gain or your own limited beliefs or fears of judgement (which we all have, darling, so forgive yourself). It merges with your purpose, or simply how you want to feel in the world. 


No matter what you choose, you will be universally supported by the vision and soul of She’s Grace. You decide what you allow into your life, with your ability to open, and receive. This takes serious courage, but if you are still reading, just know you can do this. I believe in you and I am here, ready and waiting to support you whole heartedly. I know you, you are just like me, and we are going to create MAGIC together. How epic might that just be?! Allow yourself to feel the unlimited potentiality...

There is no mistake that you are reading this, and that you feel that warmth in your heart, here is your first opportunity to notice and act on your intuitive guidance. Because you already know, trust in that. 

If you would like to have a complimentary one on one call with me, to explore this process of self transformation with DoTerra Essential Oils as the vehicle, you are so welcome to contact me here beautiful. In doing so, you are completely safe to simply explore how this feels, with absolutely no expectation. I honour you for dipping your toe in, because I know how confronting honouring your soul and self can be, believe me!

First, feel into what you really want to change in your life, and make it a full body yes. This will activate the work we do together. What I’ve learnt is - energy with intention is everything. 

If you already have your oils, but haven’t yet taken them out of the box, this is perfect. You are just a little ahead of us. Please reach out to me, I would so love to connect with you and support you on this journey gorgeous. 

3 months to you...

There will be a second part to this blog series, that will invite you into a very magical three month program, focused on you. This will coincide with the launch of my official She's Grace business. Its all coming! This is a really special initiative that is flowing from my soul and the essence of She's Grace, designed to bring you home to your essential nature, your natural state, your magnificence.

It’s so exciting, and feels full of abundance and possibility for us all!

Is it time to say YES, to you?

Come home to rise, beautiful.

Amy x

Why my heart burst wide open at DoTerra's Convention

It’s completely impossible to truly share with you the experience of being in community with the tribe of essential oil inspirers that are DoTerra. I’ve just returned from a four day experience of being with 3,000 people of the most divinely genuine intention to serve our planet and each other. For four days, I have cried tears of pure gratitude and joy, I have been inspired by every single speaker and every day human that has graced the stage to share their raw authentic human journey (and every one of them was courageous enough to bare all). I have realised that I am so accepted and loved for my weirdness and heart, I have realised that all the time I struggled to find my mentors in my professional life, they have all been here, waiting for me, patiently. 

As every executive from the US corporate team spoke to the crowd, my heart exploded. These people really care. They deeply care at their core, to make real rippling impact in the world. This is not about money, as in sales figures, but it is about receivership. The ability to receive is in direct correlation to our ability to give and serve in the world. These humans understand that, more so, they innately know it and are doing something with it. They are acting, and expanding, and our earth is drawing up her oily gifts to be carefully sourced and extracted, for us to make the choice to heal ourselves from the inside out. 

My biggest takeaway was a newfound understanding of the depth of truth behind the companies real mission to change people forever. To gently, with the oil as the vehicle, use the innate wisdom of the human heart connection to open the heart of another. The duplication of this, the crumbling of old walls and stories and the unity of the pure heart, is what is really going on here. This is Authentic Network Marketing, and it isn’t anything to be afraid of. It is a blessing in its own right, and its here for all of us if we can be courageous enough to allow its truth in. 

To me, this isn’t a business, it is THE CAUSE, it is the movement, its the whole bloody point! Its the people here, banding together, to change everything and to dance in the joy of that. My fears of when I would replace my high income I had earned in corporate, would I be able to support myself, what will people think of me, when can I buy another house, all seem utterly stupid now. Because I can make real lasting impact here, and I can do it right now and be rewarded for it, to keep that inner and outer expansion going. I can have my dream of not ‘working' a day of my life in what I thought work was, I can touch and open hearts every day, I can be of service. I can share just how deeply I care for people, and I can connect on what I really feel inside. 

The science is there, to support the understanding that pure essential oils, sourced with the highest intent of purity and care for therapeutic benefit, can impact the wellbeing of every single human on this planet, and thats the goal here - to have an oil in every single home. How unbelievably blessed am I to have found this adventure and to be part of a cause, a movement, that genuinely expands to provide inner freedom to everyone as its first and only priority. To guide us back to our heart from the dwelling of our head. 

Embracing DoTerra is embracing the community of DoTerra, the heart of DoTerra, and that can open up to you and your family the gift of life purpose and freedom. Its not even a case of whether I can do this anymore, its a case of how fast I can get the message out there, so that I ensure as many people experience this as possible. Whether its experiencing one oil or embracing and acting as part of the cause, you will be touched, you will be opened and you will be changed for good.           

If this resonates, if you want to change your life in any small way, if you want to take responsibility for opening your heart and the hearts of others around you, if you want a real adventure thats worth waking up for, if you want to experience true joy and grace, - please reach out to me, share this post, do your own research on DoTerra, connect. You will not regret it. If you repel this, thats ok, its not your time, but it may be later, and you can always come back when you’re ready. This heart led revolution isn’t going anywhere, I know that for sure. 

Check out this page for more Essential Info, darling. Enjoy x