The hard times between the light times

Oh, the feels!

It’s certainly interesting times over here at She’s Grace! There are magical and highly unique experiences taking place in my client sessions, it’s astounding! Women are experiencing huge energetic shifts, feelings of filling up with light like a balloon, and becoming so present to the potential that’s inside them and all around them that it dissolves all fear and worry in the moment.

Women are invoking more of who they really are whilst we are together, activating huge soul level intentions, and reinstating their sense of wholeness. The knowingness that they are at the right place at the right time.

Then something happens.

They go home, start their day, and find themselves in feelings of grief, anxiety and even panic as the shadowy experiences start to roll in.

After many experiences like this in my personal healing and with my clients, I assure you that this is so normal, natural and genuinely powerful.

When we are guided by our soul at that core energetic level, we are called to clear and empty out the old in the moment. In this place where you feel really expanded, you are accessing a kind of vortex that allows you to experience possibility that feels endless. You are thinking from your higher mind and not from your ego. It feels ecstatic. Naturally, we want more of this feeling.

As you come back down onto the earth, you start to feel the density of the body, and realise that even with a shifted perspective, there is work to do.

That’s the truth, there is work to do. We cannot shift our perspective into pure potential and possibility, and align our whole being to this new potential (body, mind, spirit, energy, emotions) without working through what has kept us from it in the first place. We have to learn how to stay in this place, to live from this place and make it a sustainable experience.

You are supported

I’ve been guided to share with most clients in the past few weeks, the incredible universal guidance that surrounds them, not just during our sessions together, but in their life.

Like Gabrielle Bernstein says, “The Universe has got your back!”, literally. Can you feel that you are supported in a much, much more divine and higher way? Can you release the need to take all responsibility on as your own, and to hand over your healing and clearing to your own personal support system in the higher spiritual realms?

You are not doing this all on your own.

You are part of a highly interconnected web of light that is shifting the entire planet.

Can you play with getting on board with the team of light beings that are here to support you?

After all, you are the stars! You are an energetic being having a human experience. Naturally, you are connected to everything and everyone. You couldn’t possibly be doing this in isolation.

Be curious about the world beauty. Curiosity brings a sense of light heartedness to a potentially highly challenging experience of life. Be curious about the tunnels and gateways you are travelling through right now. Stay the course, loosen the holding on, and trust yourself.

You could even ask your spiritual guidance for support, you could ask..

“dear universe, please support me to heal and clear all that is in the way of me living my potential. I trust you, thank you.”

Be curious about what you haven’t been able to see, yet....


Here are some tips to move through the feels that might be impacting you right now:

  1. Notice where you feel the heaviness, tightness, throbbing or trembling

  2. Experience the fullness of the sensation that is most dominant and breathe with it (like flowing water)

  3. Ask for support from the universe, your guides and/or angels, to move through the feeling, not to avoid it, but to move with it (like a downstream of water)

  4. Journal what you feel, what comes up, what guidance you are receiving in words, feelings or colours (even if it seems totally crazy, this is perfect)

  5. Stay with yourself a little longer than feels comfortable, wait until you feel a breaking through sensation (lightness, energy flowing, visuals of doorways opening, clarity, sound out of your mouth)

If you are experiencing emotion, sensation, confusion that you don’t feel you can move through on your own (or want to accelerate the process), I am here to support you, it is very beneficial to work with someone who has experienced these challenges and moved through them - it will change your whole experience. Email me at to arrange a 15 min no obligation discovery call and we will find the best way to support you. Alternatively, you can visit my website here.

Inhale, and exhale.

Love, Amy