Throwing in the corporate gig

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It’s funny how quickly we forget how amazing something was when we first got it, like my first corporate job out of uni. I was so incredibly happy and proud when I got that first job. I knew I had broken my comfort zone to get it, I had to present in front of a room of 40 people at a recruitment firm, that stuff at 20, is soul developing! Even though now my choices around my work have changed, in that moment, I had everything. I was fulfilled, it felt good and I had to work to get it! I felt full of POWER and my passion was alite.

In 2016 I left my 8 year career in IT and Marketing to pursue yoga teaching, because that was now my thing, that was what lit me up, that was what got me going.

It got me thinking, what is it that brings us fulfilment in our work?

For me, its inspiration. That’s what drives my ability to get shit done.

Whether I was working in IT or starting a healing movement, I always have been a seeker of what inspires me. Because inspiration leads to passion and possibility.

When I’m not passionate, nothing much can happen, I cannot access my power.


At one point, I absolutely frothed on marketing strategy, I knew my stuff and I was inspired to get creative with it with amazing people around me. Yet, slowly, that inspiration dwindled and I was left only with the need to satisfy my bank account. It wasn’t enough. It didn’t get me going anymore.

This certainly didn’t make it easy to make the choice to leave. After all, I was good at it, I received incredible feedback, I had multiple promotions and seemed to be making mountains move. Yet inside, I was slowly crumbling away. I became depressed and I got sick and my body was screaming for me to pay attention. I was stuck in the fear of not having enough, if I was to give up what I had built over the past 8 years. I would have thoughts like "you've worked so hard to get here, you can't just throw it away now". 

I knew I needed to make a change, not just because my body was crying out for help, but because my intuition was screaming “come on, its time you became a yoga teacher, it's a big doorway for you” at the end of each class I attended. I ignored her (that sweet, sassy inner voice) for at least a year, always finding some excuse to not listen. There seemed to be somewhere more important to be after class then to stay back and ask a few questions of my inspirational teacher.

I kept finding ways out of acting on my intuitive guidance. The more I denied her, the weaker I became, the less able I was to perform in my job. 

With what I know now about alignment and intuition, this really is no surprise. I cannot be powerful, and passionate, I cannot let my fire burn in my belly, without being inspired. It simply doesn’t happen.

Diluting our power can look like many things, it closes down our possibilities, it keeps us fearful and stuck.

It can look like stuffing our face with food, partying, or constant negative self-talk that says

“you couldn’t do that"

"you wouldn’t possibly be able to make that work, you don’t have the skills for it"

"what would people think if you did that instead of this? "

"That’s crazy, just keep doing what everyone says you’re good at. "

"Keep doing what everyone expects you to do, stop rocking the boat!”.

Our ego is so bloody smart at keeping us playing small and pouring a massive bucket of water on our fire of potential. She is just so good!

Until one day, the inspiration is so extreme that you just can’t help but act, the inner voice of your soul too loud to turn a blind eye. This is what happened the moment I found myself in yoga teacher training at Inyoga Surry Hills.

It was the first or second day of our week-long retreat, we were surrounded by nature and silence and amazing yummy food. We started to watch this incredible doco called ‘The Connection’, and it was like the biggest wave of inspiration came over me, I just knew I was someone that could connect others with themselves and help them transform, I knew it all in the matter of seconds.

I was so fired up, I went home and started strategizing on a big whiteboard on how I could make this happen whilst still being in my corporate job. I was only in the first few weeks of my first ever yoga training! My oh my, where was this going?!

We can have big fears that prevent us from even playing with our ideas, but eventually we must answer the call if we desire to become powerful and expansive.

Where have you been diluting your power when it comes to your work?

What is it you would really like to do and earn money for it?

If you could do anything, and there was no fear, what would you do?

Work is always an area of life that will be involved in the process of becoming free, it’s typically such a huge part of our life. Having someone that supports you to ask the questions, and to be courageous enough to listen to your truths, is pretty crucial. I wish I had this, it would have made this so much easier for me. Instead I had to brave the decision alone and sometimes, it was beyond scary. 

If you are under 35 without any family dependants right now, you especially have an incredible opportunity. You can literally try anything you like when it comes to work. You have options, thousands of them. It's just about seeing the possibilities ahead of you, which might not include making a huge transition, but a few minor adjustments in your current work. 

It's not about being centre stage earning millions, I have friends that work in cafe's that absolutely love their work, because they get to be with people and hear amazing stories all day. It really is different for everyone. 

Sometimes we need to feel and heal what is currently in the way of us honouring our truth.

We need to clear the way, for the intuition to flood through.

This is where the Inner Freedom Journey comes in. If you’ve been questioning your work or study, if you need some guidance to get to the bottom of your current situation, if you need clarity, then perhaps the Inner Freedom Journey is for you.

I could have saved myself so much time, if I knew this work existed, I could have honoured my calling much earlier on if I had the tools to do so.

I would so love to share what I've learnt with you, and get you on your path to fulfilling work as soon as possible.

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