To the T H I R T Y year olds


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To the T H I R T Y year olds, and post thirty year olds still confused about turning 30.

It's my 30th birthday today, and so I wrote this for YOU. Because maybe, just maybe, it will resonate and bring us closer together and help us to transform. 

YOU, my dear, are beautiful beyond, beyond. 

YOU, have gone through a re-birth, you’ve become anew, you’ve blossomed. 

Yes, I know, it kinda feels like the opposite sometimes. It kinda feels like messy, human-ness, and makes you want to cry. 

'Why am I here? Why am I single? Why am I not enough? Why am I not rich in money, love and friendships? Why am I still less than? I told myself I wouldn’t be here at 30, I tried so hard not to be. I wished to not be right here, where I am. Hmm, maybe I wished myself into this place for a reason?...'

Darling, you are more than enough, you are the whole world. You are just getting started, this is your REAL birth, you are starting NOW. Waking up, standing up, showing up. 

YOU have all the time in the world, and your soul is patient. She is plentiful. She is radiant inside and out.

She is celebrating YOU today, and every day. For how far you’ve come and for where you’re going (well, where you’ve already been really).

For learning to be ok with your dark and your light. Learning be ok with your WHOLEness.

Your THIRTY year old just wants to play, she wants wild times and peaceful times, she wants some dancing, she wants some celebration of the imperfections knowing that she is ABSOLUTELY ON TRACK, IN THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME. 

Her birthday request, is that you loosen, no dissolve, the judgement you wrap around her neck.

Right now, in this moment, let the self-judgement go. Trust yourself, you are a woman now. Trust your wholeness is perfect, because it is.


She knows that if she can just let go, on this BIRTH DAY (and every birth day), of the belief that this milestone means you must have completed your LIST that society gave you - you know the one?

The white picket fence, the successful husband that brings home the bacon, the adventure overseas, successful career, baby in your arm, best friends ever, supportive family environment and a pet.. Ya know, that list?

Darling, stop pretending this is all life is. 

Expand your lens.


And further.

And further.

There is magic all around you, waiting for you to notice.

There is big work and LIFE to CREATE, you are creating the best masterpiece you will ever know, on your blank canvas of possibility. 

Open wide to the truth of your existence, your potential is HUGE.

Go on, do it, let go of the judgement and celebrate your messy, human, awesomeness on this day.

Your human is supposed to be messy, grounded in the dirt.

Because when she is anchored, humbled, rooted in her human imperfections - she can FLY!

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