What does this full moon represent for you?

[Audio version for you - it's 4 minutes long]

I have started to shift the lunar cycle focus to my own personal contemplation.

I thought you might like to read my personal musings, so you could get the real, uncensored deal, on what it means for me...

It’s become a bit of a thing to follow the movings of the moon, what if you took this inside a little deeper and noticed what you feel? What does this time, this moment, in the wider constellation of our universe, represent to YOU?

Here’s my thoughts:

This full moon is awakening (yep, more awakening), it is the forthcoming of new information into my mind, bones, heart and EXPRESSION. This has become pretty normal for me, there is constant movement in my body and mind, re-organising my beliefs and perspectives and reshaping my body. Life is VERY fluid these days, kinda like a rubix cube...

I know this full moon is an invitation to express the new ‘momentary' me. My soul becoming alive, ready to express her brilliance without the doubt. This moon is my centre, she is showing me my glowing golden light of potential. That it is, in fact, possible for me to be who I want to be. Just like it is for everyone.

We can change, in every moment. In fact we are always changing.

Consider for a moment, how many times you have been forced to fly into some kind of change, like some big hand thrusted you from behind with an epic force, and said "yep, this is your new challenge, get ready! You need to change if you are going to survive this!” Just like that, you are forced to grow. Notice, there isn’t a force anymore. Because you understand the currents, the ups and downs. Phew, that feels good.

I don’t need to wait to be forced by life experience to make the change. I can make it now, with trust that it will unfold perfectly in time.

No more chronic suffering.

No more big messy breakups.

No more traumatic life events.

No more personal and crippling self sabotage.

Those times are over now.

We have so many opportunities dressed as life crisis, that shape the person we become. It’s time we collected those moments up, untangled the mistruths we’ve been telling ourselves, and allowed a lightening of the load, by letting that sh*t go.

Time to shape up, grow up and live our greatness.

So for me, it’s about bigger and better.

A version of me that can create a business AND open up to a new, fun, exciting relationship.

A version of me that can enjoy living in the country AND find some moments to cruise the coast line.

A version of me that can practice feminine 'flowy' yoga and dance AND do some weights training.

A version of me that can pursue speaking on stage at schools AND cuddle up with my kitten on a Saturday night totally at peace.

I want to be strong and soft.

I want to be childlike and wise.

I want to be limitless and normal.

These are the times where we can be brave and clear our stuff by looking directly at it AND we can expand our awareness and perception so far that we pluck the biggest dream out of the sky and make it real by taking even the smallest of action steps towards it.

I wrote down my dreams this morning across three areas - my life, my work and my money.

Within an hour I had a new job opportunity that would give me a hefty dose of money, so I can stand even more in my purpose, and get some things done that cost money - to ultimately fulfil myself and get vibrantly busy.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to land that quick!

Thats the energy we have available right now, instant manifestation, super human powers.

It’s real baby!

What are you wanting to create right now? What is your heart aching for?

Its probably that thing you have put on the back burner, out of site out of mind, for a while now.

Bring that baby to the forefront, and don't try to accomplish it all at once, just take that initial baby step toward it and hold the dream in your whole being, that it is 110% possible.

Watch it grow.


I hope this inspires YOU x

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