What is Inner Freedom?

What really is Inner Freedom?

To me, its space for all parts of me (that I currently know about) to have their time on the stage to dance and be wrapped in compassion. Inner Freedom means diving, leaping, into mystery, trusting I'll be held. It means being brave enough to acknowledge what is really going on, on the inside and then receiving the liberation after the deep dive. 

For years, I had gut problems.

I caught a parasite in Bali and then another on my second visit two years later. It took me about five years to resolve these issues. It wasn’t until I dove into my own being, until I saw the different aspects that make up me, that I took ownership of the emotional lessons and insights my body was showing me. I had to go deeper and deeper inside to uncover my truths again and again. It’s as if the lens you are looking at life through expands out and gets clearer, you start to see the periphery and gain more crystal clarity on what you see in the centre. Everything becomes more vivid.

Like most of us who want to treat an illness, I started with my health. I went from eating like the typical person to cutting out refined sugars and processed foods. What was going in my mouth? How much was I drinking? What was I consuming in excess? I consumed Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ books (of course, perfect timing!) and was already well into my yoga. Then I combined what I knew about yoga with my newfound knowledge on food and gut health. However, there was a long way to go...

I hadn’t tended to my past relationships and intimacy issues. 

Interestingly, only recently, I had an Astrology Session that cleared a bunch of things up. I learnt that one of my main reasons (and core values) for being here is to have healthy relationships - human, normal, intimate relationships. So, it was a good place for me to start, to assess my previous challenges and to assess who I was in relationship with my self and those around me. 

If I wanted to become more free on the inside I needed to make some serious decisions about my intimate relationship at the time, which I did. I ended my relationship, and chose to focus on myself after three years together and living under the same roof. 

Then I needed to have some adventure, to let my spirit be free within me. After all, my ache for relationship meant I hadn't experienced what it was like to be single as an adolescent or woman. I went travelling through Europe, and let loose - like really let loose.

When I returned I got the clarity that having an Intuitive connection was also one of my core values. Having that felt sense be expressed was really important to me, and this started developing really early in life but was enhanced when I practiced yoga and meditation. Amazing how spirit works, a big party and wild adventure somehow brings me to a place of newfound clarity, every time! I knew after yoga teacher training that the ‘BodyMind’ connection was absolutely real and that anxiety and stress needed to be address in my work place, ya know, the place I spent most of my time (makes sense right?). 

I wanted more for myself. I wanted to feel vital, vibrant and abundant. When I completed yoga teacher training I was cracked open emotionally. There was more space to acknowledge and deepen my awareness of my emotions, more space to let go of a few more layers and masks that were seemingly keeping me ‘safe’. After returning from yoga teacher training, my previous identity in the workplace as a killer multi-tasker and marketing leader, began to crumble. It wasn't me anymore. It no longer made sense to stay in the corporate environment. It was making me sick, hang on, no - I was making myself sick by being there. 

Once I left, still the gut was playing up but by then I had found even more natural support in Essential Oils and passionately followed the inspiration there, but still I needed to go deeper. 

My emotions were the gateway into freeing my body. They were the most important key

For me, I realise emotions aren’t time bound like we know time. Some things just wouldn't pass with time, the old saying of "don't worry, time will heal" wasn't always working. There are points in my life that caused either extreme elation or critical trauma. They are all present day opportunities. 

Once I began to leverage the learnings of energy medicine and emotional healing, BOOM, a whole new level of freedom began to enter my being and change my life. 

From here, I met my soul.

When you are courageous enough to continue to peel back the layers, you have the most sacred experience of meeting your soul and realising your true value as a soul in a human body. It is really the most magical experience. We all know we have a soul conceptually, but have you met your soul? Has she whispered words to you? Is she totally stifled and locked away? Its ok if she is, be kind to yourself, our human and child conditioning has kept us in a cage. But not for much longer, not once we know the hidden secrets within. 

This is where this incredible container of She’s Grace comes in. When you start to dive inside, to swim in the waters of your true hearts yearnings and sacred soul signs and symbols, you’re whole being will ignite in a new level of lightness and freedom. You will be able to express who you really are in the way you move, the way you create, the way you intend your future into reality. In your relationships, in your work. You will get that you are here to enjoy being who you are. Its that simple, yet its infinitely complex. 

We hear often - “just be you” , "be happy", but I know its not that easy is it? If it was, I don’t think we would see the decay we currently see in the world. 

Its a process, and awareness of the processes available to you can totally change your life. 

If you would like to explore more of your true Inner Freedom with me, you can read more on the journey here. Make a commitment to swift, sustainable change this year. Have it be there the year you just go there. Most of us have trauma, it’s so normal. Most of us have a fear of actually going for what really lights us up, its part of our human ride. Release the judgement on yourself and decide to gift yourself instead. 

I've had to go through this gnarly journey, and I've gathered what I believe to be a genuine path to Inner Freedom. Its not me fixing you, its you leveraging your intuitive guidance and committing to yourself. Believe me, you will benefit from the blood, sweat and tears I've endured. You will receive the magic, if you choose to. 

Lets do this guys!