When you sabotage the good stuff

Do you find you start to get some momentum in your life or health, and all of a sudden sabotage everything you just created?

One of the most common things that drove me crazy about myself, was my endless cycles of destroying my own progress and joy in my life. I was really, really good at this. 

Do you ever find yourself having the best few weeks in quite a while, everything is flowing, your health is strong, you’ve been eating the right things at the right time that make you feel good, you feel confident and are able to connect with people, and all of a sudden you turn that happiness into worry and doubt?

You then find something close by to make yourself feel guilty, ashamed and not good enough, and begin the cycle of negative chatter that says “see, you knew it wouldn’t last, you can’t ever change, you’re not a good person…”

You effectively destroy you’re own good.

Yep, I used to do this too, and it’s a very common challenge my clients face. Why oh why do we do this?! Why do we make life a struggle, and beat ourselves up about it? What I know now is the real core change comes from your ability to ride your sensory experience, to feel your feelings within your body, and to learn to unlock the stories and experiences that have made you feel that you're not..

good enough

worthy enough; or


And guess what, at the very core of our surface level insecurities and endless cycles of sabotage, lies these three core un-truths. 

We've learnt as children and adolescents, through obvious or subtle experience, that we're not good enough as we are, so when an opportunity comes to make us wrong, 'less than' or shameful, we take it. 

We walk around feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel, never able to get off, confused. So confused about life and why we are the way we are. 

The fantastic news is, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. 

You can begin, like so many of us, to understand the medicine that lies within your own body. You can start to explore your bodies intuition, and to retrieve, untangle and free the emotions that somehow imprinted the beliefs that you are less worthy than the person next to you.

This involves the brain big time (as we sabotage with our conditioned thinking and un-serving beliefs), but what's so cool about learning to delve deeper into your own body and feelings, is you drop deep within the language of your body - the subconscious mind. Our subconscious patterns run most of our lives, somewhere between 90% and 95% of our behaviour in fact! Getting very intimate, soft and open with your own body, gives you the ability to digest the information in the spaces that are generally unseen - it’s pure intelligence inside of you. 

Here is where you effectively pluck out your own wisdom and clarity about your situation, and with a little guidance, can restore your higher thinking, your innate power and intelligence; and

you can then begin to change your life, by healing what kept you from it.

Here’s where I come in, I’m an expert at diving deep inside, and this is what I do with my clients. I teach, support and guide them to go inside their body to collect, untangle and release old anxieties, memories and insecurities, that once freed, allow them to love who they are, and to break the cycles of sabotage so they can utilise their energy on creating the kind of life they really want to live.

On Friday 29th June, I’m hosting the second round of “Free your pain, Master your Emotions” - a 2-2.5 hour group experience held at My Yoga Space Thirlmere, for a small group of women who are ready to change, and are willing to look inside for the answers.


How often are your thoughts throughout the day about what you can’t do, can’t accomplish, can’t break free from?

Isn’t it time this old cycle was broken? It truly doesn’t have to be this way. You can begin to see your possibilities as real, and this is a beautiful way to begin.

Join me on Friday 29th June at 7pm, to begin the experience of getting re-acquainted with the wisdom within you, and to stop those cycles of destroying the goodness that you so deserve to feel. 

P.S Don't live close by, but would love to get started on going deep inside?

Download my free three-part soul-embody audio series.

Meditation is a crucial medicine that supports us to drop deeper, and this is what you will begin to practice in this three part series.