When you're a sensitive soul, and feel EVERYTHING.

I know what it’s like to feel sensitive. To feel like you are personally being impacted by world issues, collective pains, your friends, your family, your pet. The deeper I’ve explored what it is to be sovereign, the more this sensitivity becomes real. Having grown up thinking I was quite strong and independent it’s been difficult to acknowledge my sensitivities at times, but the last 18 months has allowed me to really know in my cells, its a gift and a weapon of love.

There is so much more than meets the eye when you start to delve into understanding your whole being. When you begin to realise who you are, your immense multi-dimensionality and your responsibility to heal, things will never be the same. I believe many of us are being activated (i.e. 'waking up') right now, and may have no idea what the hell is going on inside. 

After Oz Day I went into a bit of a cave, watched endless hours of reality TV and ate a whole tub of ice cream (eek!), which is a BIG sign of my numbing what I was really feeling. On Saturday morning I felt like I had a hangover without having drunk any alcohol, and I knew what it was about but chose to ignore it for a couple of days, I felt totally exhausted. In the moment it felt ok, it didn’t feel like a big deal, but at the stage I'm at in my personal transformation, it was something to look at. When you start to master yourself and your energy field, these kind of blunders need to be looked at because they are actually the gold. The seemingly epic fails - are the catalyst for deep insight. That's why they keep taking place, sometimes the medicine comes in the most random ways. We also had the intense Supermoon in the mix last week, which for me, amplified any of the illusions that needed to be let go of for the new to enter, so its been a pretty hectic time and can feel like being in a washing machine!

Declaring my vision of a new paradigm of full sovereignty for myself and those around me, has meant that anything that isn’t in alignment with true freedom eventually will be cleared and transmuted within me. Leaving the DoTerra business was an example of this.

Lately, I've been looking at the soul in two ways - the souls purpose or souls work and the soul as a woman (or man) in this present moment. In some ways, its been easier to make the adjustments for my soul work than it has been to acknowledge my souls woman. The woman I am desires to be in alignment across every level of her energy field, in order to be fully here on earth and to make this life real. To merge her soul/spirit and human self permanently means we have to look at all of the illusions at play. The soul is the infinite, all knowing source deep within, it already knows, and it takes practice to commune with her. This is what my clients have been mastering lately and it's the essence of the vision of She’s Grace. This is where we question everything, softly. The familial and societal conditioning, the key events of this lifetime (and past ones), the core behaviours and patterns and so much more. That’s if true freedom is important to you, like it is for me. 

This brings me to the idea of collective Repression. As a practitioner of Energy and Soul Medicine, I regularly use this medicine on myself, we call it a 'balance'. I use specific acupressure points from the Chinese Meridian system to understand the emotions at play. The organs of our physical body relate to core emotions and I use Kinesiology to check in on what is going on in the moment. Around Oz Day, I balanced myself and the organ causing stress was the Gallbladder, ah! No surprise here, gallbladder relates to the emotion of feeling 'repressed'. It wasn’t my personal repression that was the issue, it was the collective repression. I knew this because when I checked in intuitively and asked specific questions, my body reacted in hot flushes to the understanding of the whole rather than my personal experience, I had goosebumps all over, and an un-mistakable wave of energy rushing through my system (you know the saying, 'the body doesn't lie'?..). 

Energy and Soul Medicine Kinesiology involves looking at the whole picture, and not leaving anything out. The morning of this balance, following Oz Day, I burnt through collective shame and guilt of the repression of the Indigenous land owners. Now, I will be the first to admit, the divine action for me has been to become much more educated around what I’ve been taught as a child and adult, living in Australia. I now, at 29 years old, desire to strengthen my relationship with Indigenous elders, I want to talk with them and hear their stories. I had been denying an aspect of the truth that I ‘feel' within me, and downplayed its impact on myself and the country. When you start to move into the feeling state, your intuition kicks in and you just know when something is not what it seems or doesn't align for you. It is always fascinating to see the connections when we dive into these spaces, I see it in my clients all the time. What is being experienced on the surface can be completely different once you move through the layers of the subconscious. 

One of my patterns has been a tendency to be overly-responsible, and when that over-responsibility goes on for too long, to go to the opposite end of the spectrum! There was a belief system running that I am responsible for the repression of the indigenous. In this lifetime, I haven’t done anything directly to repress the Indigenous, but understanding the complex web of interconnected energy, family lineages and ancestry, I know that celebrating on the day of mourning sends a mixed message to the universal field. When we send mixed messages through our thoughts and actions, we get a pretty mixed up outcome. Thats where the denial comes in, and we don’t get what we thought we wanted in life. Our actions aren't congruent with our truth and therefore what we get back isn’t our ideal, integrated, outcome. Now, I've done a lot of personal work over the years, and this is just an example of where my soul relationship is at, we're all at different stages, and will have different insights and healing catalysts to play with.

This is an example of how healing on the inside reflects what we see and do on the outside. Kinda like a microcosm of the macrocosm, or a laboratory where experiments are created and then taken out in the real world once the testing is done. The resolution is shared externally. This is how I see the healing and clearing process working. We are the universal experiment, creating ourselves moment to moment.

Once I sat with the burning truth of this collective soul trauma, the fire dissipated and there was space to bring through something new. This is what happens when we collaborate at a soul level, we witness and transmute the pain, and then we anchor in the true sovereign intention that amplifies itself externally once being dealt with internally (you can check out more about my work here). 

Now, its not all doom and gloom, once we acknowledge what we really feel and move through it, we can embody a whole new level of grace and light within our beautiful human temples. This is the fun part where you know you’ve just welcomed in a whole new level of clarity and potential. It's self mastery. 

You have taken responsibility for your self in a complex web of connectivity with those around you. 

So, once dissolving the repression, I welcomed in a new template of peaceful, radiant self expression - oh yeah! Immediately, my whole field upgraded into this space. It felt like lightness, a glowing from the inside, pure intentional truth and love. Authenticity. 

I share this message to articulate how you can use your amazing whole being and human self, to collectively heal, you are that powerful. You can learn the tools that will enable you to swiftly move through the stuff that holds you back, and to feel safe and secure enough to actually call in your truth.

You can feel like what seems out of this world weird, can actually be seen and heard for what it is. You can create gold from your pain. 

You can normalise healing. 

If you are like me, and you feel so much moving through you right now, just know you are not alone. Sometimes its not about you at all, but you feel it as if it is. Sometimes you’re learning something about your work in the world, your purpose or the community around you. Take a deep breath, acknowledge what you honestly feel, and take the necessary action to dissolve the old and make way for the new, knowing that you are worthy of receiving it all. Knowing you are worth it. 

If you would like support to anchor into your freedom, and play with creating self mastery, you can visit my website here or email me at amy@shesgrace.org. I would be honoured to collaborate with you in creating this movement to freedom and sovereignty!