My story

My love for essential oils began to flourish almost a year and half ago, I was incredibly unwell, fatigued and stressed in my corporate job, I had been recovering from a parasite and was far from living in a state of balance. I was instantly blown away with the experience of smelling an oil from its bottle, its as if I was bathing in the senses and soaking in unconditional love. I felt peace, at a cellular level. 

The rest was history, I was off to learn and soak in all I could about the power of plant medicine to heal ourselves and the world. Then I found myself completing my yoga training, quitting my corporate marketing gig and becoming a conscious entrepreneur! The power and purity of these oils of mother earth, were such a powerful tool in guiding me back to my truth, and to make divine action in the direction of my souls purpose (read my blog here). More to share on that, but for now, here’s what you need to know…

Who are Doterra and What is an Essential Oil?

Doterra is a conscious network marketing company, built on integrity and love, that is creating huge positive change in the area of wellness. Doterra aligns with my vision to bring us back to a world of graceful living through the gentle process of remembering our essential nature.

Facts that align to my values:

  • An essential oil is the pure extract of the particular plant, which is 50-70% more powerful than herbs.
  • Plants protect themselves to fight off parasites and other harmful threats. This is the immune or defence system of the plant, and is extracted and distilled into bottled form, as an essential oil. 
  • Doterra has an established standard of purity, meaning its quality is of the highest. This is called CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), and each batch of oils undergoes multiple third party tests to uphold this value.
  • Doterra is highly ethical and creating social impact through its sourcing methods, all oils are co-impact sourced, creating beautiful communities in many developing countries. 

What is the best way for me to order?

Opening a wholesale account will give you the best possible price at 25% discount on all products, all of the time. 

Purchasing an introductory kit will help you to get started in integrating your wellness lifestyle. My favourite kit to help get started (and what I first purchased) is the Home Essentials Kit, which gives you the most popular and multi-purpose oils to get started (10 x 15ml bottles). Simply google the name of the oil and doterra (for example "frankincense doterra") to start learning more about each blend.

Watch my 12 min vid here that breaks down the uses of each oil.

The second kit I would recommend is the Essential Collection Kit, which gives you 10 x 5ml bottles (which is about a third of the volume of oil provided in the Home Essentials Kit), excluding a water diffuser. 

Step by Step Instructions for setting up your wholesale account:

1. Go to:

2. Select Local (OTG) Order & Australia to country to ship to

3. Select Wholesale prices to apply 25% discount

4. Complete personal info

5. Search for oils in search bar tab located in middle of the page. If you are ordering the introductory kit search for "Home Essentials Kit" and include the "Fractionated Coconut Oil" for safe dilution. If you want individual oils search for the particular name.

6. Check & View Totals

7. Complete your order

A few things to note..

  • You may not be ready to purchase an introductory kit, if that's the case, no worries! You can order at retail prices by going to the same website above and visiting the "Shop" tab. 
  • If you do have a few oils to purchase and want 25% discount, a wholesale account costs $35 AUD and is an annual cost in exchange for a free oil. If you wish to order a few oils you will need to also add the "Introductory Enrollment Packet" when you get to step 5 above. 
  • The very best way to learn more on the oils and experience them first hand, is to attend a class or consultation. I will be sharing an events calendar very soon, but please contact me if you have interest in hosting a party or attending one.

Work with me!

If you have a sense of curiosity that has gotten you researching like crazy on these oils or the business, then I encourage you to connect with me on facebook and instagram, or better yet to reach out directly! I am currently building my network marketing team of inspirers who are ready to take the unconventional path and leap into their highest potentiality. 

I am equally as passionate about the oils as I am about building teams of change makers, and would welcome anyone that feels the pull to reach out to me and learn more. Curiosity is certainly what go me here, and I am not one to do things half heartedly. I am on this planet to make huge waves of change and know that making change together will create much more impact, much more quickly. And will be sooooo much more fun!

There are three levels of play in this beautiful business:

1. Use the oils and integrate a wellness lifestyle :-)

2. Share the oils, and get yours for free!

3. Proactively build a business for you and your family, and supplement or replace your income! :-)

Feel into which one appeals to you, and know that I am open for any conversation, no matter the level. I am here to serve and share my love and passion for these gifts with you, so please reach out with any questions.