inner freedom journey


You’re here because you feel the stirrings of something new wanting to enter you, a spark of something different that desires to be seen and heard...

Perhaps you’re in a relationship that no longer serves you, or worse - it could be really hurting you. You’re desiring to know what it feels like to love your self (like, really)to feel worthy and enough. Up until this point, you have expected others to bring you happiness and dictate how your life goes, or have expected others to validate who you are. Now, you're ready to take responsibility for your own life and what you desire to create and claim, with or without relationship, you are ready to be you and to heal what prevents you from that. 

You might be climbing the corporate ladder, seeking that dream of ‘success’, because you thought that would bring you into your power, it would bring you strength and financial freedom. Perhaps you fell into it, because thats what everyone does, right? Perhaps you feel like you have no passions, and that’s why you’ve gone for the well paid mediocre option? When you get quiet and listen, you know that's not serving you anymore, and you ache to welcome in more of your spirit, more of that sweet intuition, that is guiding you into uncovering your own gifts and passions to share. Perhaps that looks very different to your current career choice, and that's ok, in fact its fantastic - its a catalyst for change. 

Maybe you’re a yoga teacher, that entered the spiritual path through this amazing practice. You thought this would bring you to freedom, you thought once you starting ‘giving back’, you would start receiving, but you still feel like you don’t have enough time, money or energy. You still feel like your chasing every dollar, just to survive. Your busting your ass to teach enough classes, just to pay the rent, and slowly but surely your energy seeps out of you and you feel like a dried up prune - because your tired, theres nothing left. Now you feel like a failure and a fraud, because you aren’t living the yogi way, you’re not at your optimal health and you feel zero creative juices flowing through you to deliver the epic classes you dream of.

You’ve made mistakes in your life, like me, and you're ready to own and accept them. Perhaps you are ready to forgive yourself and others, and realise the gifts in your deepest wounds. Perhaps its time to have the biggest initiation of your life, into the real you, the multi-dimensional being that is you, the one that is limitless and can accomplish more than you can possibly dream up. 

Whatever the reason, whatever the story, this journey to inner freedom is an experience that will bring you closer to who you really are - as long as you're willing to do the work. I invite you, if this resonates, to explore the options and see what it feels like for you.

How does your energy shift when you visualise saying yes to this journey? Does your body temperature change? Do you feel totally triggered, nervous and scared? Do you feel resistance like nothing else? Do you feel excited like you could jump out of your skin? Do you feel teary, because you finally feel like someone is listening? These are all things I've experienced when I've said yes to my soul. I get you, and I'm here for you. Because you're just like me. 

I'm here to hold that co-created space, that sacred container, for the radiance within you to ignite in your heart and fill all of your cells, to initiate your returning home. Be courageous, beautiful human. If you have read this far, than this is most certainly for you. Jump in!


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Im curious, what does the inner freedom journey look like?

I'm so glad you're still with me, I honour you because this is big stuff, even considering this kind of work is an amazing thing - so go you! Let's get started...

There are many forms the journey can take, depending on your personal experience and where you’re at in your process and life. I use my own experiences to intuitively guide the process and generally it's deep because of my anchored work in Energy & Soul Medicine, a leading-edge certification in soul work, embodiment, creative potential, whole-being healing & erotic power. It is out of this world amazing! I don’t believe in the fluffy, surface level stuff, nor do I believe in a quick fix. This kind of work has given me the skill and confidence to work deeply across the whole being including mind, body, energy, emotions, soul and spirit. This is to ignite the biggest, most pivotal transformation possible, and naturally it won't happen overnight. 

Each Energy and Soul Medicine experience within the journey can last anywhere between 60 mins to two hours maximum, and looks like a combination of the below, while you lay on a massage table or connect via phone or skype:

  • Intuitive Coaching

  • Intuitive Healing

  • Kinesiology

  • Emotional Embodiment 

  • Energy Medicine

  • Soul Medicine

  • Earth Medicine with Essential Oils

  • Body Awakening

  • Meditative Yoga

  • All of the above, via Skype or Zoom

This isn’t the kind of work where you choose from the list above based on what you think you need. Its the kind of work where you turn up with an open mind and heart, ready to explore what is there for you. So I ask you to trust me and to trust yourself, if you feel called to work with me.

Experiencing more of who you really are, is a journey, and so takes time and patience. In my experience showing up to myself again and again was the dedication required to create the necessary shifts in my life, toward Inner Freedom. One session simply wouldn’t have cut it. 

That's why I'm offering a 2 month (4 sessions) and 4 month journey (8 sessions), because I owe it to you to hold space for true transformation, that sticks, and catapults you into your passion, purpose and innate creativity. So you can dive into what makes you feel most alive, as soon as possible!


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I'm In! what are the JOURNEY OPTIONs?



Option One: ACTIVATe & ignite

Activate Your Inner Freedom Blueprint - 2 Month 1-1 Journey

You, beautiful human, are ready to activate change at the level of your soul. You want more from life and are ready to explore and identify the healing that is required, to shift you into your personal power and to clear your path toward inner freedom. 

You're ready to activate your true desires, and ignite your hearts potential. 

This program is designed:

  • To create a potent, safe space of presence, to meet your true soul self 
  • To bring balance, healing & harmony to your whole being so you can realise your potential, purpose and passion
  • To identify the core pains and limitations (think old stories and deep wounds) that are in the way of you manifesting exactly what you desire to create in your life
  • To claim your personal power and co-create the blueprint to shift into your radiance and freedom

Investment is $629 for 4 fortnightly sessions (15% discount applied) to be paid upfront

Email me at for any questions, payment details with be sent once booking. 

Option two: Activate, ignite, awaken & create

Actualise Your Inner Freedom Journey - 4 Month 1-1 Journey

You mean business, and you already trust the process and desire to accelerate your awakening. You're ready to dive in and not only heal whats preventing you from inner freedom, you're ready to draw your spirit into the here and now. You desire to freely radiate, and you want the whole world to witness you. You want to see what you're truly made of, and create your desires from that place. You're ready to awaken your spirit, and to create the abundant potential of your soul. 

This program is designed:

  • To bring the gold of the 2 month journey to you're unique awakening
  • To learn how to create and manifest the abundance of your soul, in all areas of your life
  • To learn how to work with your soul to draw up the biggest learnings, gifts and visions to catapult you into your radiance and freedom
  • To actualise your radiant, integrated, embodied and powerful soul self into the world - to be free from the inside

Investment is $1110 (25% discount applied), to be paid in two installments

Email me at for any questions, payment details with be sent once booking. 

A note on session type - In person or Phone/Skype/Zoom

I recommend a combination of Skype/Zoom/Phone and In Person sessions once you commit to your journey. Both are incredibly powerful and ignite a further layer of transformation when you can hold yourself in your own space. If you do not live close by, Online or  sessions are just as potent for you, if you feel aligned to the work and are willing to invest in yourself, you will receive the outcome irrespective of whether you are able to visit my clinic.