Are you ready to free yourself from anxiety and panic and to become resilient and powerful instead?

Are you ready to finally be done with depression that sticks around, and to learn how to master your emotions in a totally natural way?

Is it time to be done with giving up on life, and to instead find your sustained passion and excitement for living?

I have a solution for you, one that will free you from being stuck in the quicksand of pain and suffering - for good.

I have suffered severe anxiety for many years and can honestly say that Im now recovered thanks to her beautiful work. I took the 2 month journey package and already started seeing results after my first session as the anxiety attacks went from daily to non existent.
— Client: Veronica


Perhaps you’re in a relationship that no longer serves you, or worse - it could be really hurting you. You might be climbing the corporate ladder, seeking that dream of ‘success’, because you thought that would bring you into your power, perhaps its not. Maybe you’ve made mistakes in your life, like me (and most people I've met), and you're ready to own and accept them and move forward.

Perhaps you're the mother of a teenage daughter that is struggling to be perfect, to manage her anxiety, to combat bullying and to just enJOY being a kid. 

Whatever the reason, whatever the story, this journey to Inner Freedom is an experience that will bring you (or your daughter, friend, colleague or sister) closer to who you really are - as long as you're willing to do the work. I invite you, if this resonates, to explore the alternatives, especially if you are at a loss for what will bring you or your loved ones, the freedom you desire.

This journey is so special, and sacred, and it's for a particular person that's willing to get to the core of the issue that keeps you from your freedom and joy. 

The Inner Freedom Journey is for you:

If you want to free yourself from anxiety, depression or overwhelm, and become a master of emotions instead

if you are ready to make this the last time you give up on life and instead find your passion for it

If you're ready to shift your lifelong insecurity and silence, and find your confident and clear voice

If you're ready to free yourself from trauma or abuse, receive the gifts and move forward

if you want to escape your crippling confusion, and step into clarity and inspired action

The Inner Freedom Journey is not ideal for you, and your investment, if:

You're not willing to take full responsibility for yourself, meet your edges, and trust

If you are looking for a guru, a saviour - I'm human and just like you, I'm just a little ahead in my journey so that my experience can serve you


Believe it or not, your greatest pains are your gifts, and it's time you really knew that. I'm here to guide you to clear your vision so you can take action toward your true potential, and free your pains - for good. It's powerful, swift, and totally transformational. If you have read this far, than this is most certainly for you. 


Choose your Inner Freedom Journey

The Inner Freedom Journey is a 2 or 4 Month, fortnightly experience of Energy & Soul Medicine, a system of whole-being healing that creates sustainable transformation across the 5 aspects of the being, including emotions, mind, body, spirit and energy. 

It's dark & light, sensual and spiritual, practical and scientific.

In person and online sessions, equally as potent.

Each Energy and Soul Medicine experience within the journey can last anywhere between 60 mins to two hours maximum, and looks like a combination of the below, while you lay on a massage table or connect via phone, skype or zoom.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Healing


Chakra Healing

Chinese Meridian Release Work

e-MOTION Embodiment Experience

Energy Medicine

Soul Medicine, Purpose & Past Life Regression

Earth Medicine with Essential Oils

Free Movement, Yoga & Body Awakening

Meditation, Mindfulness & Visualisation

All of the above, via Phone, Skype or Zoom

Choose your adventure below!

Activate Your Inner Freedom Blueprint - 2 Month 1-1 Journey

You, beautiful human, are ready to activate change in your life. You want more and are ready to explore and identify the healing that is required, to shift you into your personal power and to clear your path toward inner freedom. 

You're ready to activate your true desires, and ignite your hearts potential. 

This program is designed:

  • To create a potent, safe space of presence, to meet your true self 
  • To bring balance, healing & harmony to your whole being so you can realise your potential, purpose and passion
  • To identify the core pains and limitations (think old stories and deep wounds) that are in the way of you manifesting exactly what you desire to create in your life
  • To claim your personal power and co-create the blueprint to shift into your radiance and freedom
  • To anchor in self worth like never before, for real!

Your investment: $629 or 2 instalments of $315 (15% discount applied off original session price of $185)

Gorgeous woman - full of wisdom, warmth, light and grace that’s here to help women rise. I adore Amy and highly recommend her.
— Penny Walsh - Naturopath, Astrologer & Psychic Channel

Actualise Your Inner Freedom Journey - 4 Month 1-1 Journey

You mean business, and you already trust the process and desire to accelerate your awakening. You're ready to dive in and not only heal whats preventing you from inner freedom, you're ready to draw your spirit into the here and now. You desire to freely radiate, and you want the whole world to witness you. You want to see what you're truly made of, and create your desires from that place. You're ready to awaken your spirit, and to create the abundant potential of your soul. 

This program is designed:

  • To bring the gold of the 2 month journey to you're unique awakening
  • To learn how to create and manifest the abundance of your soul, in all areas of your life
  • To learn how to work with your soul to draw up the biggest learnings, gifts and visions to catapult you into your radiance and freedom
  • To actualise your radiant, integrated, embodied and powerful soul self into the world - to be free from the inside

Your investment: $1110 (25% discount applied off original price of $185), to be paid in two instalments of $555