Do you wish you could find a way to stop beating yourself up for your past actions?

Do you notice because you sometimes feel anxious or depressed, you feel as if there is something wrong with you?

Do you find you start to get some momentum in your life or health, and all of a sudden sabotage everything you just created?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re working to an unattainable goal of perfection, but can’t stop yourself?

Finding you want to speak up about something important to you, but can't seem to get the words out?

I've been there, many times, and so have my clients, beautiful woman. You are not alone...


My name's Amy Webb, and I’m an expert in healing and transformation. I work with GEN Y & Z women, who struggle with feeling anxious and not good enough, and constantly think about expressing their truth, but struggle to speak it out loud.

What separates my services from doctors, psychologists and other healers is I guide them to go inside their own body to collect, untangle and release old emotion so they can free their own pain, and shift their perspective back to love.

Because of this, they experience themselves as powerful, capable and insightful, and quickly learn they have had this power inside all along.

This brings them incredible comfort, peace and confidence to be done with their old ‘stuff’, and begin acting on the new possibilities they can see for themselves. They begin to live their greatness - for real.


Perhaps you’re in a relationship that no longer serves you, or worse - it could be really hurting you. You might be climbing the corporate ladder, seeking that dream of ‘success’, because you thought that would bring you into your power, perhaps its not. Maybe you’ve made mistakes in your life, like me (and most people I've met), and you're ready to own and accept them and move forward.

Perhaps you're the mother of a teenage daughter that is struggling to be perfect, to manage her anxiety, to combat bullying and to just enJOY being a kid. 

Whatever the reason, whatever the story, this journey to Inner Freedom is an experience that will bring you (or your daughter, friend, colleague or sister) closer to who you really are - as long as you're willing to do the work. I invite you, if this resonates, to explore the alternatives, especially if you are at a loss for what will bring you or your loved ones, the freedom you desire.

I have suffered severe anxiety for many years and can honestly say that Im now recovered thanks to her beautiful work. I took the 2 month journey package and already started seeing results after my first session as the anxiety attacks went from daily to non existent.
— Client: Veronica


The 'Inner Freedom' System

Finding Inner Freedom is a process and system I've developed after seeing many clients catapult their transformation, by following a number of steps. It's like building blocks to sustainable change, and us humans, love steps, so here they are!

Step 1: BODY - Calm your body & mind - learn to deeply relax your nervous system (it’s stressed!) through guided meditation that is completely personal to you, meditation allows you to access your subconcious mind and this is crucial in creating inner freedom

Step 2: E-MOTION - Safely feel what you feel + free your emotions – gain understanding of the importance of being inside your body to gently feel your physical sensations, (e.g. tightness in chest, heaviness on shoulders, headaches etc.) and move through the intensity of the feeling. 

* Once you learn to sit with, and move through your feelings, you free them, and begin to identify and untangle your unresolved core pain (‘energy in motion’) - also known as ‘emotional embodiment’. You gain wisdom, insight & clarity here.

Step 3: MIND - Restore your ‘higher thinking’ mind – learn how to re-calibrate your brain from survival based (i.e. sabotaging) limited thinking, to higher (possibility based) thinking i.e. gain the clarity and mental space you desire and put a stop to the negative self-talk spiral!

* Note, must be combined with step 1 and 2 to be effective over the long term

Step 3: SOUL - Unlock the secrets of your body by accessing your Intuition (i.e lady powers!) – understand and meet your soul (higher/intuitive) self by untangling the mistruths of your sensitivities (this is where we unlock your heart!), insecurities and life challenges - learn the wisdom from your deepest struggles and become empowered by them

Step 4: ENERGY – Unlock your real voice & the confidence to speak it – unlock the energy of your authentic Expression and Power, through the Energy & Soul Medicine science of the Soul Centres, you will begin to meet the real and powerful version of YOU (i.e. your soul) that is lovingly confident, authentic and capable. 

* By now, your sense of self worth has significantly improved, and this catapults positive change throughout all areas of your life

Step 5: WHOLE BEING – Blossom toward your greatness, shift your default perspective & see your possibilities as real – here is where you get to radiate out as the beautiful, authentic and whole being that you are, from a very different perspective of mastered wholeness. All pieces come together and you begin to explore your soul's deeper purpose, visions and desires by accessing your essential energy and creative mind

FOR VIP (6 month journey) CLIENTS: 

Step 6: SOUL EMBODIMENT – Embody your soul & live your passion – become deeply connected to your soul, inside your body, and begin to download messages, visions and projects from your higher self – this is where you have changed at the deepest, cellular level. Your body chemistry has been altered through the repetition of travelling deep within yourself, and tending to your unresolved emotion. Now, you have a surplus of energy resources to live passionately and from a whole new level of fulfilment. 

* Life gets better and better from here!

Step 7: SOUL ACTION – Make your visions divinely real -  integrate your soul led ideas into your body, and begin the process of mapping out the action plan to make them practical and real across any/every area of your life (work, relationships, self, purpose, money)

* This is where you get down to business in CREATING your own reality, the way you want it - this is true manifestation


I teach, support and guide my clients to go inside their body to collect, untangle and release old anxieties, memories and insecurities, that once freed, allow them to love who they are, speak their truth and see that their wild possibilities are do-able!


'Inner Freedom' Toolkit: sessions will look like a combination of the below

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Healing


Chakra Healing

Chinese Meridian Release Work

e-MOTION Embodiment Experience

Energy Medicine

Soul Medicine, Purpose & Past Life Regression

Earth Medicine with Essential Oils

Free Movement, Yoga & Body Awakening

Meditation, Mindfulness & Visualisation

All of the above, via Phone, Skype or Zoom

or in person

Choose your adventure below!


6 Month VIP Journey

Who is this for? For the Gen Y & Z women that mean serious, soul-filled, empowerement business.

You have had enough of waiting for someone else to do the work for you, you are ready to become who you were always meant to be, you are ready to not just cope with your insecurities and anxieties, but to blossom because of them. You are ready for the depth, and the truth, and the wisdom, to overflow from within you. You are ready to accelerate and amplify your transformation, and to propel your freedom.

What’s included?

  • Fortnightly private 60-90 minute sessions facilitated by Amy Webb over 6 months

  • This program covers the 7 steps outlined in the She’s Grace Inner Freedom System

  • Optional: 2 x BONUS 1 HOUR SOUL GUIDE session (valued at $185 per session) - for soul business, soul projects or soul action plans

  • Take home guided meditations specifically designed for VIP clients

  • Free (and reserved) space at all She’s Grace workshops & events (not including signature programs)

Time period: 6 months

Total Value: $2790 excluding events attended

Investment: $2222 up front (to save $175) OR 3 payments of $799 every second month

- BOOKINGS CURRENTLY CLOSED - email for details on availability.

(Disclaimer: Payments are automatically scheduled to be deducted on a bi-monthly schedule, even if sessions are cancelled, please ensure you email if payment is a concern)

INNER FREEDOM OPTION 2 – (Find your Power)

3 Month Transformation Journey

Who is this for? For the Gen Y & Z women that would like to find their power & speak their truth.

You are ready to blossom into your power, capability and confident expression. You would like to learn the tools to overcome your anxieties and insecurities, and to master your emotions & higher thinking, and to pivot toward living your greatness.

What’s included?

  • Fortnightly private 60-90 minute sessions facilitated by Amy Webb over 3 months

  • This program covers the 5 steps outlined in the She’s Grace ‘Inner Freedom’ System

Time period: 3 months

Investment: $888 upfront to save $111 OR 3 payments of $333 every month

(Disclaimer: Payments are automatically scheduled to be deducted on a bi-monthly schedule even if sessions are cancelled, please ensure you email if payment is a concern)

INNER FREEDOM OPTION 3: (Start your Inner Journey)

6 week Intro Journey

Who is this for? For the Gen Y & Z women that just want to get started, and find this price point more do-able.

This program covers steps 1 to 4 in the She’s Grace Inner Freedom Journey System.

Fortnightly sessions for 6 weeks (3 sessions)

Your investment: $555 (Pay as you go Option of $185 per session)

(Disclaimer: Payments are automatically scheduled to be deducted on a fortnightly schedule even if sessions are cancelled, please ensure you email if payment is a concern)

* I do not recommend single sessions as they don't create sustainable change, however for calculation purposes, a single session is $199 for a 60 - 90 minute experience.

Gorgeous woman - full of wisdom, warmth, light and grace that’s here to help women rise. I adore Amy and highly recommend her.
— Penny Walsh - Naturopath, Astrologer & Psychic Channel