How would it feel to experience the real, open-hearted, you?

Can you imagine experiencing your soul as a tangible, guiding light in your life, illuminating your path so that you can get to your desires quickly?

More and more people are beginning to experience the soul in this way, in mass awakenings and transformations that can totally shatter everything you thought you knew.

This process, like it was for Amy, is deeply insightful and sacred, yet incredibly challenging and confusing.

Amy’s work has been liberating all kinds of women, from all kinds of backgrounds, but one thing is for sure - pain, undesired emotion, anxiety and trauma, presents her clients with an incredible opportunity to break through to a totally new sense of self, intuitive knowing and personal empowerment - yet unless you know this, it can look like a total train wreck.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself to determine if you might be experiencing an awakening, or catalyst for inner transformation and/or personal healing:

Do you wish you could find a way to stop beating yourself up for your past actions?

Do you notice because you sometimes feel anxious or depressed, you feel as if there is something wrong with you?

Do you find you start to gain some momentum in your life, health, relationships or work, and all of a sudden sabotage everything you just created?

Do you sometimes feel it’s not going to be possible to get past your fears, so that you can get on with just living your life the way you desire to?

Do you sometimes feel like your stuck, paralysed, not good enough or worthless?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place, at the most perfect time.

Now that you’ve qualified you could possibly be experiencing a big call for a change and breakthrough, let’s find you a solution, because

there is simply nothing more important than your life becoming inspired, exciting and filled with love.

You matter, and the world desires you,

and guess what, this is totally possible!

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I have gained so much more mental clarity, self confidence and a strong desire to move forward with how I want to feel and what I wish to create within my life.
— Ruth

| 3 month inner transformation |

(1 session per fortnight for 6 sessions)

Beneficial for every young woman suffering with anxiety, self limiting thoughts, low confidence or self-esteem - who would like to find their power, speak their truth and live a greater light-filled and heart-based potential.

This is the most supportive program to create deep inner transformation, and real life change, fast! It’s for the very serious, very ready, and willing to look inside, women.

In every program, Amy will teach, support and guide you to go inside your own body to collect, untangle and release old anxieties, memories and insecurities, that once freed, allow you to move closer to loving who you are, at the core. From here, you find your own inner guidance, and answers that support you to take inspired action in your life.

In every program, the experience can include: deep relaxation and meditation, emotional healing, energy healing, kinesiology, speaking truth, cold and warm vibrational sensations, lightness and spaciousness, spiritual awakening, heart expansion, soul liberation, earth reconnection, unlocking possibility thinking, transcendence and ascension.

Zoom/online sessions available for women with experience in energy work/healing.

Monthly payment of $333 AUD

Payment upon scheduling session (credit/debit available)

In person location:

Opposite Plus Fitness, 10 Ironbark Avenue Camden NSW 2570


“Amy really helped me understand my emotions, body and mind. She really opened my eyes to such an amazing healing process and I’m truly grateful for what she has done for me.” - Amy

| 2 month sustainable change experience |

(1 session per fortnight for 4 sessions)

Beneficial for every young woman suffering with anxiety, self limiting thoughts, low confidence or self-esteem - who would like to find their power, speak their truth and live a greater light-filled and heart-based potential.

This program allows you to create sustainable change and to continue on if you are loving your progress and want to keep exploring your inner self.

Monthly payment of $355 AUD


“From our first session I felt that a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I suddenly understood that I had stopped experiencing the wonder of life and love and my soul was bursting to tell me!  The 2 months were a rollercoaster of emotions and (sometimes confronting) self-discovery, settling at a peaceful destination of open centeredness.  I have a fresh clarity which feels rejuvenating and exciting.  I have stopped over-indulging in negative emotions and actions, freeing up my energies for the vitality and mysteries of life” - Sandra

| 6 week foundational experience |

(1 session per fortnight for 3 sessions)

Beneficial for every woman just beginning their self exploration and healing, who would like to dip their toe in and explore themselves more deeply.

This program is intended to give you a taster into the healing experience.

$549 AUD up front payment


“I would definitely recommend Amy's services to any women who may be battling with traumas, anxiety and low self esteem, and who feel as though conventional/medical practices are not beneficial in helping them heal and reach their full potential.” - Mickey

Need some additional help choosing the best option for you? Let’s book in a complimentary discovery call!