what does a 1:1 session look like?

There are many forms a 1:1 session can take, depending on your personal experience and where you’re at in your process. I use my own experiences to intuitively guide the session and generally it's deep because of my anchored work in Energy & Soul Medicine, and because that’s who I am. I don’t believe in the fluffy, surface level stuff. This kind of work has given me the skill and confidence to work across the whole human being including mind, body, energy, emotions and spirit. This is to ignite the biggest, most pivotal transformation possible.  

My intention is for you to have the mini breakthroughs (and big ones) you need, to create the space for more of who you really are to come through. So when you are ready, you can pivot toward your purpose and passion. I want you to experience what inner freedom feels like, like I have, because I've never felt more alive.

The sessions last anywhere between 60 mins to two hours, and look like a combination of the below, while you lay on a massage table:

  • Coaching
  • Healing
  • Kinesiology
  • Emotional Embodiment 
  • Energy Medicine
  • Soul Medicine
  • Earth Medicine

This isn’t the kind of work where you choose from the list above based on what you think you need. Its the kind of work where you turn up with an open mind and heart, ready to explore what is there for you. So I ask you to trust me and to trust yourself, if you feel called to work with me and with the learnings of She’s Grace. 

Experiencing more of who you really are, and Inner Freedom, is a journey, and so takes time. I encourage clients to have a complimentary discovery session first to see if it feels like we are a good fit, then to look at a multiple session package. In my experience, showing up to myself again and again, was the dedication required to create the necessary shifts in my life toward my desired life. One session simply wouldn’t have cut it. Just a heads up!


pricing and offer

Because I’m in my first year of practise, and to celebrate my new session space, I would like to offer you a heavily discounted rate for exploring this potent work with me!


Special Offer - September 1st to October 31st, 2017

All clients who book an individual session or package between September 1st and October 31st, 2017, will receive 50% discount off the above published and already discounted price!



Referral Discount for She's Grace Clients 

Because of the sacredness of the process, I truly value referrals from She's Grace clients and therefore wish to discount your sessions significantly. Sharing this work with a friend or family member in need is a true gift, and I honour that invitation as a thank you and also as guidance that the right clients are joining the community. Thank you for your support!

She's Grace clients who refer a new client, will receive an additional 25% discount when purchasing an individual session or package, if the new client chooses to proceed. 

Please email introduce me to your friend, family member or colleague, via email at to ensure you receive this offer.