Work With Me

If you’ve read my story and the big vision, you would know that my work is about serving the vision of She’s Grace, and its creating itself in a very unique way that is very intuitive and anchored in trust, openness and patience. Its not about me at all, its about you and its about us as a collective She’s Grace tribe. 

She’s Grace is a collective vision, of a new way to live and be, that is anchored in Inner Freedom.

She’s Grace is a Journey, towards this new way. It’s a process, a cycle, a flow, that brings you closer and closer to your true self. The most original and unique version of you. 

Sound fun?

I believe we all have different gateways to access more of who we are, more of that Inner Freedom that comes from what I call, a break through. My gateways and experiences that led to my break throughs have included but are not limited to:

Extreme Pain, Sickness, Yoga, Meditation, Pure Essential Oils, Writing, Quitting Corporate, Soul Work, Kinesiology, Emotional embodiment, Energy Healing, Past life healing, Past self healing, Life Coaching, Group Work, Creating Space, Restoration, Erotic movement, Sacred dance, Soul Birthing, Transitions ...

The list goes on...

I mentioned in my vision that the past year has had me experiencing the medicine of She’s Grace, so that I could learn it intimately and serve from that original place. She’s Grace is a huge vision, and so the learning continues,. The services I share today will surely evolve and morph in the future, but for now - here is how I can best serve this tribe toward Inner Freedom.



As a Practitioner of Energy & Soul Medicine, my intention is for you to have the mini breakthroughs (and big ones) you need, to create the space for more of who you really are to come through. So when you're ready, you can pivot toward your purpose and passion. I want you to experience what inner freedom feels like, like I have, because I've never felt more alive.